Bambi and the Duke
16 Music box- Part 3
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Bambi and the Duke
Author :ash_knight17
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16 Music box- Part 3

Taking a seat next to his mother, he was served with delicious food that was brought in by a maid.

"We will be having a gathering here tomorrow, Leo. There will be many important guests coming home," Mrs Carmichael stated cutting her knife through the meat on her plate to a thin slice.

"Important?" asked Leonard.

"Yes, darling. Few of the councilmen, the Lord himself and few of our...relatives," at that, Leonard turned to his mother, "When I say, relatives, I mean our cousins, your cousins."

"Will grandpa and grandma be joining us?" he asked her.

"No, they won't be. Both grandpa and grandma have to visit Uncle Patrick who lives in Valeria but they did tell to drop by on their way back home. Leo when I said about cousins, I believe you understand what I mean..."

"It is not I who starts the fight," the boy turned back to his food, keeping his eyes down while continuing to eat.

"I know that but fights can be avoided. You cannot go hitting and fighting people who annoy or irritate you. You need to learn to not to let anyone get under your skin," his mother ruffled his hair gently with less movement in her wrist, "If you behave well tomorrow, I promise to send you to Mythweald once Winter passes," Leonard nodded his head.

"Okay," he answered.

"Okay..." Mrs Carmichael smiled looking at her boy.

Leo wasn't actually difficult to handle as he was always compliant with most of the things she asked him for. At least the ones she knew he followed. She hoped that he would keep his promise as tomorrow was an important day for them, for him. As her husband was a Duke, he worked for the Lord directly, looking after part of the land. In the land of the four empires- Bonelake, Valeria, Woville and Mythweald, each land had one Lord and three Dukes and in the hierarchy, the Duke came right after the Lord.

The next day, people from the theatre were called to play music in the Carmichael's mansion and the best food from their kitchen was served to the guests. Candles were lit everywhere with the maids making sure the guests had their glasses filled with their specific requests. Nicholas who was the deceased lord son had taken the position of lordship immediately. His hair had turned brown from black, with a hint of bronze in it, his movements smooth, and character gentle and soft as he conversed with his subjects. He appeared wise, his intelligent eyes looking at people and not missing anything. All these things, Leonard noticed standing on his father's side. When the Lord met his eyes, he was quick to look away knowing it was rude to stare at someone.

Moving his gaze around the room, he caught sight of his second cousin Christopher who was joking about something to a person of his age. Leonard had followed his mother's word, to avoid unnecessary dispute in the hall today. Going to Mythweald to spend time with Julliard was important compared to fighting with the boy tonight. On instances, they had come face to face and as clear as the day could be in another land, Leo had ignored the remarks of the bigger boy.

With toasts being made by the Lord, the Dukes who had come along with the head council, the soiree continued. Vivian who was a servant was asked to stay in the kitchen and not go to the hall where the elite of the elite people had come to the mansion. With nothing to do, she stayed trying put in one place before she went to the shed to play with Billy, the lamb.

Christopher who had only finished attending the bathroom was walking across the corridors when he caught sight of the girl whom he went to the local fair with Leonard. Stopping by the open window he looked at her pet the animal. Thinking about something, he smiled, twisting his lips at how easy it was to pull his cousin down from his horse. Clicking his tongue, he turned around to walk.

Leonard had excused himself to go to the kitchen. With weeks and months that came by, the boy had grown accustomed to the little girl who was always there during the most time of his hours. Walking through the wide passage he bowed at the guests when he came across them, being polite he dropped to the kitchen with a quick glance to find Vivian but she wasn't there. When he finally did find her, she had tears streaming down her eyes as if there was no tomorrow.

"Bambi?" he called for her to turn and wail.

"L-Leo," she cried, "T-they took him."


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