Bambi and the Duke
44 Lord“s mansion- Part 2
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Bambi and the Duke
Author :ash_knight17
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44 Lord“s mansion- Part 2

Vivian filled the two glasses with the jars of blood and alcohol that was placed at the corner of the room closed the lid of the jar that had blood in it. Humans who worked for the pureblooded were taught not to flinch at the sight of blood in the jars or glasses when served. Because, none of the vampires would take the expressions of the maids or servants lightly when it was something that the night creatures consumed.

Using the thin steel rod to mix the alcohol that poured into the glass, she placed it on the small table.

"Ms Vivian," she heard a familiar voice and she turned with a smile seeing it was Jerome Wells. His curly hair looked shinier than the last time she had seen him and it was very long since they had met.

After Mr and Mrs Carmichael's death, it seemed like Jerome hadn't visited the mansion except for the time of their funeral.

"Mr Wells," Vivian bowed her head before lifting up, "I didn't know you were invited here too."

"I had some business with the Lord and had to see him. Where else to find him but at his mansion when he's free of work. My younger brother works for the Lord of Valeria and needed me to pass some information. And I am as surprised as you are," Jerome answered taking a look at Leonard who looked busy talking to the Lord at the moment, "Did Duke Leonard change his attendant?"

"Ah, no. The usual attendant had an urgent errand to run therefore I cam in his place, it's just for today," she saw him nod at her reply.

"How have you been? I hope you're doing well," he said looking at her with a little worry marking his forehead.

"I have been doing well, thank you for asking. We recently dug the backyard to make room for the new plants," she informed him as they usually spoke about gardening.

"I will be sure to drop by the mansion sometime this week."

"That would be nice."

"You should," came Leonard's voice who came to stand next to Vivian, "It's been a while, Mr Wells."

"Duke Leonard," the vampire offered his greetings, "I heard about your encounter with one of the black witches. Did it go well?"

"It did. Though I did want to pierce the witch's chest with my bare hands," Vivian's eyes grew slightly wide at Leonard's words to which Jerome commented.

"Of course but I am sure the council wouldn't be too happy about it."

"I don't think the council needs to know every little detail. The council has a lot of trusts and wouldn't doubt in my capabilities. A small mishap can always be overlooked," stated Leonard raising his chin.

"You should be careful, my Duke. I have heard of how the council can replace the member with another to fo the job," By now Vivian didn't know why but it felt as if there was something else going on and that they weren't exactly talking about the council or the witches. The atmosphere around them felt tense and she was standing right there not to feel the uncomfortableness that grew right now. To break the ice, she offered the drink she had made,

"Master Leonard, your drink," said Vivian handing over one of the glasses to him.

"Did you make another one for Lord Nicholas?" he saw her nod at his question, "You can go give it to him."

"Yes," she answered, taking the glass along with her she went in search of Lord Nicholas who was talking to a few women who had flocked around him for his attention.

Vivian looked at the Lord wondering how to approach him without hindering the conversation he was having with the women. He was truly a gentleman who made sure to answer each and every question that was passed to him, his face always smiling with a gentle expression no matter how much the females around him would bother him with their questions. It made it that easier for everyone to call him their lord.

As if noticing her, the Lord waved his hand for her to come.

"What are you doing standing there?" he asked her.

"Apologies, milord," she bowed her head as many eyes came to fall upon her.

"I haven't seen her before here," one of the women spoke while the other next to her said, "Didn't she come with Duke Leonard?"

"My, do you mean to say she comes from the household of servants who killed the family," murmured the first woman which Vivian caught loud and clear.

"That is why we are told not to entertain any servants. They are after all beneath our sole who must be kept where they belong," this time it was Lady Shirley to talk from the group. Vivian hadn't realized she was standing here, "Don't you all agree?" she smiled at them in question.

"Everything you said was the truth. What's with her clothes as if she's trying to fit in," one of Lady Shirley's friend who had a drink in her hand out of nowhere decided to throw the red liquid on Vivian's dress, spilling half of it on the floor and the rest that dripped down from Vivian's chest down her dress. The smell of blood and alcohol came out strong from her pale green dress now but that wasn't what bothered her.

It was the unasked humiliation in front of everyone in the room, her eyes began to prickle due to shame and embarrassment.

"She looks much better like this," one of them commented which brought in a group of snickers and laugh, making her feel small.

"That wasn't necessary, Ms Ventress," Lord Nicholas looked at the woman who had thrown the drink on Vivian.

"But milord, don't you think she looks better like this? If we don't convey their status you never know who will be put to rest next."

"She is right, milord. The horrors they are capable of is something we need to be very guarded of," another woman added to Ms Ventress' words.

"I believe it could be conveyed in another way," Leonard came forward, his eyes set on Vivian who had her head down and her hands clasping each other. He could see her quiver in shock.


"That is enough, Ms Ventress. Not only is your approach wrong, but you have also dirtied my floor," Lord Nicholas' words rebuked the flock of women.

Leonard then spoke to Vivian, "One of the maids here will help you clean. Go," there was no emotion in his voice as he spoke to her. Lord Nicholas was quick to snap his fingers to get the butler to take the girl with him from the hall.

The Duke didn't have to know who had pulled the strings from behind for Ms Ventress to throw her drink on Vivian. Lady Shirley stood there with an innocent expression on her face as if she had done nothing and wasn't aware of what was going on.

Who knew that women could be despicable? These were the kind of women he disliked the most. Scheming, lying and a manipulator. Lady Shirley had gone too far.

When Vivian had confessed about the sweater, Leonard hadn't planned to let it slide. It was one of the reasons why he had brought Vivian along with him today. To let her witness something.

He never let anything slide and he wouldn't let this one slide either, especially when it involved his Bambi.


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