Bambi and the Duke
49 Master and the maid- Part 1
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Bambi and the Duke
Author :ash_knight17
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49 Master and the maid- Part 1

On one fine noon when the rays of the sun escaped through the gaps of the clouds continuously, Vivian had only finished feeding the animals in the shed. With her hands covered in a thin layer of mud, she poured water from the small built-in reservoir of water in the shed.

As she wiped her hands on the apron that was tied around her waist she caught sight of a carriage ride through the black gates from afar. From the carriage stepped out Mr and Mrs Easton who was followed by their daughter, Charlotte.

Though less than two months had passed, it felt like years had passed by since she had last seen them. Like many things that had changed, the Easton's like many others steered clear when it came to talking to servants. The current housekeeper of the Carmichael who was a vampire greeted them, Mr Easton's words short before they got inside. The Easton's didn't stay long in the mansion. In less than an hour, they were seen stepping out of the mansion with Leonard who had come to see them off.

On her way, Vivian came to meet them and she bowed her head, her footsteps first slowing down before picking up speed.

If it were before, Charlotte would have come bouncing to talk to her, her bubbliness filling up the room but after her brother Julliard's death, she stopped talking to people. For a girl who was brought up in an environment filled with love and care to suddenly be thrown to experience death in front of her eyes was too much for her. Though she saw Vivian, her eyes drifted away to give no response.

With Mr Easton and Charlotte who had got inside the carriage, Priscilla stood outside to talk to her nephew,

"You didn't change the staff. I was worried your uncle Sulivan changed the entire mansion," said Aunt Priscilla, remembering a few familiar faces around the mansion, "Come to our house when you visit Mythweald," she placed her hand on Leonard's shoulder as she spoke to him, "I heard it isn't that far from the council quarters."

"I will Aunt Priscilla. The new job will require me to travel back and forth. I will be sure to drop by when I have time to spare."

"That would be lovely," she squeezed his shoulder, a smile that reminded Leonard of his mother as she held a close resemblance to his deceased mother.

"Have a safe journey," he waved at them when the horses pulled the carriage behind it, taking them out of the mansion.

Vivian who was previously walking by them stayed behind to see the carriage take off. With Leonard's back turned to face her, she wondered if he was doing alright. It made her heart settle down to know that his family still visited him, to know that there were people who cared for him in his family. After the horrid incident, it wasn't just the servants who were avoided by his close relatives but also Leonard as that was where the episode took place. Some of his relatives steered clear of him, not that he was interested in talking to anyone.

There were minutes in the days when her heart went out to him out of sorrow. Leonard who was a quiet man unless someone poked his temper had turned even more aloof in the mansion. She wished he could talk to her or perhaps lean on her shoulder for whatever support he needed but the man was a stubborn one.

And to begin with Leonard wasn't the kind of person to expose his feelings, he never did. With what she could recollect it was her who always went crying to him while he would pacify her gently when they were children. It was a wonder how his mother understood him without him uttering a word even when he was small. Maybe that was why Leonard felt a deep loss over his parent's death.

Vivian being slow as usual didn't realize she had to get going to continue her work instead of standing behind the main doors staring at the person whom she worked for.

Leonard who turned around to get inside caught his human standing and dreaming about something as she didn't notice him walking towards her. He was about to snap her from her daydreaming when his housekeeper walked towards them with swift footsteps and envelopes in his thin hands. The housekeeper previously worked for Lord Nicholas who was sent to the Carmichael's household to take over the last housekeeper's responsibilities.

"Master Leonard, these are the letters that arrived in the morning," the housekeeper come vampire said handing all the letters except for one which he withheld in his other hand, "Vivian," before the girl could take the letter, Leonard took hold of the letter in his hand.

"Did you forget that everything that comes from outside needs to first go through me, Jan?" he gave a sharp look at the new housekeeper.

"I apologize, master. I will be sure to remember it," Jan, the housekeeper apologized with a deep bow.

"Who is it from?" Leonard flipped the envelope to check who it was and felt his jaw tick while the housekeeper spoke,

"It is from Mr Wells."

Leonard still had his eyes set on the envelope for a few more seconds, wondering what to do about it, he looked up at Vivian who looked like she had been caught stealing cookies from a jar she wasn't supposed to. Calming his voice he said, "I will give this to you once I review it. You can go back to your work."

He saw Vivian purse her lips, wanting to say something but she knew well not to speak on it. Nodding her head she bowed at him. Once she was out of sight, he sent a harsh glare at his housekeeper who flinched ever so slightly as the average vampire kept his eyes on the floor.

"Anything and everything that comes to the mansion should first pass through me. No matter how small the matter is. Is that understood?" he raised his brow for the housekeeper to understand.

"Yes, master Leonard."

Leonard then questioned, "How long has she been getting letters from Mr Wells was there any other letters?"

"To Vivian? No master, it has just been from Mr Wells. This is the first letter of this week," hearing this a frown formed on Leonard's handsome features.

"First letter?"

"Yes, Mr Wells usually send two letters in a week. In total he must have sent seven letters," the housekeeper informed his master. Leonard's loose fist clenched together before he released a sigh. Jan, the housekeeper didn't fail to notice the way his current master kept a closer tab on this particular human maid than the rest of them.

"Draw me a warm bath, I would like to soak myself for some time," the Duke informed, beginning to walk through the halls.

"I will do that right away. Is there anything else you would like?" At the housekeeper's question, Leonard's footsteps slowed down and he turned to look at his servant.


"What would that be master?"

"Send Vivian to help me with my bath today," and with that, Leonard headed to his room.


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