Bambi and the Duke
68 Stranger in the crowd- Part 3
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Bambi and the Duke
Author :ash_knight17
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68 Stranger in the crowd- Part 3

Vivian couldn't help herself but smile as she worked for the remainder of the day, a smile that was faint which only made her that much prettier.

"If you keep smiling like that, the next thing you'll hear is you have gone insane," she heard the maid named Movari speak behind her, who had caught her smiling when the maid was walking across the hall, "What's got you in such a good mood?" asked Movari after looking around to make sure no one was there, after all talking to another maid in the hallways during was forbidden.

"I had a good dream," Vivian whispered with a faint blush which she couldn't keep away from her cheeks. Last night was something she hadn't expected to happen. Not only had she got to see him before sleep but he had stayed with her until morning.

After an errand, she had gone to her room to find an empty room

Movari nodded her head, "I don't remember when was the last time I had a good one. The only one I keep seeing is the damn housekeeper," she huffed making her laugh.

"I am sorry to hear that," she responded back with a smile.

"Don't be. I think it is very natural after all you are," Movari leaned forward, "...bathing him now," hearing this was enough to set her face aflame with embarrassment.

"W-what no," Vivian laughed nervously trying to put off the topic, she really did dig her grave when she let the truth slip out of her lips. Movari was four years older to Vivian but she had also joined the Carmichael household after a few years of Vivian's admission to the household.

Movari laughed before coughing very loudly and hurrying away when Jan appeared through the other side of the hallway with eyes that narrowed when the other maid scurried away leaving Vivian to continue her work.

Vivian didn't wait to make eye contact with the Jan, instead, she turned around to clean the stand on which the vase was kept. As we walked from one corner to the other, on the way she could feel his eyes on her which made her feel small. Recently it seemed like she was getting into uncomfortable situations with him and one or two maids in the mansion.

She couldn't forget what he had said to her yesterday as she left the kitchen after dinner. He had spoken to her nicely yet there was an undertone which made her feel wary about the vampire. Especially not to forget when he was the man who was personally assigned by the Lord himself. She didn't deny that Leonard was closer to her than the rest of the servants but it was because they had almost grown up together. And when it came to working he never interfered in what she did, not unless she broke something, therefore, it would be wrong for anyone to say he was partial to her in that matter.

With Leonard who had gone out to the town, the mansion felt a little empty and so did her chest.

Once in a while, he would give her a quick kiss if he was on his way outside but it was a rare thing but the previous night things went in a different route.

Not only had he kissed her but he had also managed to unbutton her dress which only made blood rush up her neck. Strangely the composed Leo she knew looked a little dazed as he had kissed her. Biting her lip she continued to clean the stand not wanting the housekeeper to pop out which he did after a minute.

As the week passed by Leonard was busy with the council work and in between the week, he had traveled to Woville to meet the Lord there so that they could discuss matters that concerned the humans and the vampire's conflicts there in place of the Lord of Bonelake as he had other things to take care of.

The day when Vivian was about to leave to the local market, Leonard stopped her before she went out, "Vivian," he called her.

"Is there something you would like me to fetch for you in the market?" she asked him.

"Yes," he answered, buttoning up the cuff of his white shirt.

"What would that be?" she asked him as the maid whom she was supposed to bow her head as she left to walk towards the carriage. With no one around them, he answered,


It took Vivian a second to sink what he just said and she couldn't stop but look down at the floor before looking up as black eyes stared at him, "Anything else than that master?" she asked hiding the blush from her face.

"No," Leonard's lips quirked up, "What time will you be back?" he asked her, even though he knew how long the shopping took place.

"In less than two hours. We just have a few items that need restocking in the storeroom for this month. It should take less time," Leonard nodded his head to it as if thinking about something which made her wonder what had got him distracted. His eyes quickly moved to hers then.

"I have been busy these few days. Let's go out once you come back from the market," he said suddenly taking her by surprise, "Okay?" he asked her.

"Okay," she answered her with a smile to which he nodded with approval.

"Go on then," he said smiling himself.

Turning around, Vivian walked towards the carriage schooling her features, she got into the carriage.

Reaching the local market which was as busy as the last time she had seen it, they walked to get the items which were needed. As she approached one of the shops, she caught sight of two men beating each other on the other side of the street. Not heeding attention to it, she went turned her head to speak to the shopkeeper so that she could hurry up and get back to the mansion.


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