Bambi and the Duke
162 Winter's ball- Part 1
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Bambi and the Duke
Author :ash_knight17
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162 Winter's ball- Part 1

Feeling Leo press her between her and the mirror, Vivian felt her body heat up. She wanted to close her eyes but with the way he was looking at her through the mirror made it hard for her to do nothing but look back at him as if she were under a spell which was set for eternity.

When Leo's hand moved to her back to feel the roundness of the back of her lower cheek, her lips parted slightly with her pulse beating in every breath of hers. Her hand came to place on the mirror when she felt him push her hair out of the way which she had opened after coming to the dressing room to see how the dress suited her.

A shiver of desire ran down her spine when his finger trailed down at the expanse of her bareback. His nail dug deeper into her skin, "Did you forget?"

"I didn't," she whispered in a rushed tone.

"Is that so? I saw the male flirting with you while you smiled back at him. Were you not?" his hand ran around her waist while the other squeezed her butt cheek.

"I didn't mean it to be that way. I was only being polite," she answered when she was turned around to face him.

Leonard ran his finger across her cheek, caressing her as she leaned for his touch craving it more and her eyes opened with her lips still parted his thumb ran down her lower lip before dipping it down to stop her from speaking, "You don't have to be polite to every single person walking on these lands. If I didn't know you better I would have taken that you were only trying to make me jealous," his eyes held such fire that had the ability to burn her, "He had his hand on you, touching something that is mine. How do you want me to react?" he left the question of the decision in her hand.

Vivian would have playfully told to kill the man but Leonard wasn't necessarily a playful man. At times her words were taken of great importance that if she uttered those words he would kill the man. When he moved his thumb out of her mouth, she said, "It must have been a mistake. He was only helping me," she said not wanting to cost the male attendant's life with her careless words.

She heard him hum in response, he had been looking down at her lips but hearing her words, his eyes slowly trailed up to straight into those black haunting eyes of hers, "Don't cover the man for what he has done. Do you think he was a gentleman trying to help a human girl? So much of naiveness," he murmured, keeping her in place with her back now against the mirror he continued to speak, "A man like him, touching so closely, hovering around you only means that he wants to take you to bed. He wants to tear out these clothes that you are wearing, to run his hands and fuck you," his sudden use of the crude word startled her.

"I didn't mean to," she apologized quickly not wanting to hear him continue with what he had to say about another man. It made her more uncomfortable than when the attendant had stood behind her, Leo's words sometimes were brash and unfiltered which went straight to her heart. It could either make her heart flutter or break her heart into a million little pieces which she had experienced in the past and didn't want to feel it that way before it would be mended back into a whole belonging. In her defence, she had stepped away from the man and had tried to politely to tell him off, "I didn't."

"I know you didn't mean to, my sweet Bambi. You didn't mean and I am only telling what other men think about doing when they see a woman like you," not letting go of her yet, he continued to speak, "You look truly mesmerizing in this dress. I can't resist taking a bite from you."

Vivian was quick to panic and she pushed his chest away, "Leo! Not here, please," she whispered. When she went to push him further, he caught both her hands in one hand, "Please," she said but Leo had lost all his reasoning.

"Have I mentioned this to you, Vivi. The more you plead and look at me like that. It only turns me on," he spoke to her with a calm voice which scared a little yet excited her at the same time. This Leo right now scared her with the way he looked at her, it was as if she was a prey that was going to be slowly tortured and eaten alive. His nose ran up against the column of her neck, leaving little bite and kiss marks. It wasn't that Vivian didn't want him to touch her but this place, they were outside the mansion in a store for heaven's sake! Though not everyone had a good hearing she would be absolutely embarrassed if Lord Nicholas or any other worker of the store would be standing out of the room. Leo was the kind of man who didn't care about such trivial matters but Vivian did and it only made her more flustered.

Before she could ask him to let her go so that she could change her clothes, she heard him speak, "Won't you allow me to touch you? I need assurance that you are mine," his blank face turned to one which he usually used against her when he wanted something from her or wanted something to be done by her so that she would listen to him.

She looked too alluring that he couldn't resist himself from not wanting to have her here.

Vivian's eyes widened at his words and unsure if she would be able to speak she shook her head which looked as if her body was craving for his touch but her mind was denying from the possible pleasure which was going to be given to her.

"People are going to question us."

"Let them. Once they get to know, word will spread and you will only increase my worry for you when you are away and not somewhere where my eyes can find you," he pushed the blame on her, guilting her so that she would give in.

"They won't if you leave the dressing room now," Vivian's were soft which was losing its resolution as she spoke.

"Are you afraid what people will think?" at his question she nodded her head with worry marring her forehead, "It's okay. Even the man who was touching you so frivolously should know who you belong to and not touch which is not meant for the other."

He played with the side of her hair, twirling and testing it between his fingers as he waited for her. With the way, he looked down at her with a heated expression, her resolve was falling and building. He gave her a smile which dissolved every possible wall she had built to not be affected by his charm. It wasn't sweet and it wasn't polite, it was evil yet filled with mischief which made her gulp.

"I am tasting you," he stated not giving her an option to refuse. She didn't blink but she heard the sudden tear of fabric from the front of the dress that she wore and her eyes almost fell off her face, "It is a beautiful dress but really hard to take out," with those words he descended his lips down on hers, crashing them to press his lips on to hers with such possessiveness that Vivian didn't believe existed.

His tongue slipped into her mouth, hesitantly she opened her mouth for him letting him dominate her mouth as he took control of the pace of the kiss. Their tongues rubbed against each other, dancing in their own rhythm. His lips were rough as they sucked on her making her cry, "You will let the boy know what we are doing if you are so loud. I should perhaps have you in front of that lowly boy to show him who you belong to. To run my lips like this," he dragged his lips and bit into the top of her breast.

Vivian unable to move her hands tried to free herself which didn't sit well with Leo. Unhappy that she wanted to escape he bit harder on her tender to elicit another cry from those delicate pink lips of hers, "Ah!"

She felt his wet coarse tongue run over the reddened skin which had been bitten, "You tore the dress," she spoke worriedly.

"You should worry about yourself and not the dress," he tore the dress further to reveal her breasts completely.

"Don't!" she whisper-yelled at him in horror. Though personally, she didn't know how much the gown cost she knew it wasn't something came by cheaply.

She brought her hands to cover herself chest. Since they had got married, Leonard had started to love her more than before. The way he talked to her, the way he took care of her and the look in his eyes that said how much he wanted to have her though he never spoke a word about it.

For Leonard, it was not about assurance but the need to have her right now and he wouldn't let anyone keep her away from him. The leash around him which he had withheld for so long now had come loose and when he knew she was his, he didn't see the point to hold back how much he wanted to love and worship her.

Placing his hands around her neck he brought her face for a kiss while she still tried to cover her hand with the torn dress which couldn't be mended. He licked her upper lip playfully. He wanted to consume every being of her. The way she looked at him, like a pet that wanted to be taken home, fed and patted, he gritted his teeth wanting to bite into her making his eyes look feral.

Vivian didn't know what had gotten into Leonard but his teasing had gone too far and he was turning his words into reality. God only knew what the store members would think about them and the torn dress, embarrassment fell on her face. Being like this with him in a small cosy room where he could do as he pleased as no one would dare to enter and interrupt what the Duke was doing, a small silver of shiver ran across her body which Leonard noticed.

His eyes looked hooded with passion and she doubted that her words would deter him. They were married but there were times when she questioned herself why this man loved her so. To be loved and needed in such passion without taking in regard to any other person, she wondered if it was because he was Leonard Carmichael or because it was how he felt for her. It scared her, yet at the same time, it made her chest feel full of fluff which she couldn't deny. How could she? Before she even knew about her lineage of being a pureblooded vampire, the man had dotted her from the beginning.

She felt special until her thoughts came back to the present when Leonard squeezed her breast when her hands had lowered down. A sigh of a moan escaped through her mouth.

"So soft," he whispered as his fingers rubbed and pinched the darkened tips of her breasts, "Didn't you say you wanted to do something for me? That you felt bad," he asked her and in a haze, Vivian who had her eyes closed, opened her eyes to look into his. As his words sank in, her cheeks turned redder by the second.

"I-I did b-but..." she was unable to finish her sentence.

"It is just you and me here. You don't have to worry about others," he kissed her cheek, "Won't you help me, Bambi?" He waited for her response by only playing with her breasts, once in a while tugging and using his mouth to nip the tips.

Doing things behind closed doors was different from doing things like these in public where one could hear. Vivian gulped her throat turning dry without needing to look down at his lower half of the body which was pressed to her body. He pulled back from her, his back hitting the other side of the mirror as he leaned back with his eyes not breaking connection from hers.

She looked at the curtains, seeing if it were closed and the door which Leo had closed behind him previously. Unlike her, Leo was well contained except for his wild eyes that gave her a peak of what he wanted from her. He didn't make a move and stood still. He didn't say anything at that time, waiting for her and surprising him as well herself, Vivian shyly let go of her hands to put it down and take a step close to him.


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