Bambi and the Duke
262 Time of return
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Bambi and the Duke
Author :ash_knight17
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262 Time of return

A few more years with Vivian and Leonard not knowing which world they were in as it felt real yet fabricated as if it were created by someone or something which they weren't able to find out. Time being something that never stopped to move, it shifted the winds and weathers, passing by like phantom. 

At the time of night where Leonard was still working in his study, Vivian had taken upon to walk through the corridors of the mansion. A lantern in her hand with the thunder and rain growling in the sky. Before coming to this world, she had been turned to a pureblooded vampire which only elongated her life. But before that, she was a human. A human who had dreams which were simple and not complex. Nothing much had changed when it came to those dreams except that instead of being a maid, she was Leonard Carmichael's wife. 

And as much as life was peaceful in here, there was something that lingered in her chest like air moving through an empty heart. She wasn't sad but it was the dissatisfaction in her heart that made this world grey and not beautiful. Because somewhere along those lines of understanding about this world, they had come to know that there were a few things that didn't make sense at all. Paul and the rest never aged and neither did they. It was a loop when it came to aging which made the people timeless and not bound to it. They were humans yet they didn't age and die. 

Sure people died in this world, but it was people who held least or no significance that died. People who Vivian didn't know of. Wasn't that strange? She had even spoken to Leonard about it which she learned that he had noticed it sometime ago. 

It only made more sense that they were supposed to leave this world. There were times where her mind drove to a point that had led her to locking herself in the room when Leonard wasn't in the mansion. 

She was happy to have people care for her but how real were they? Everything looked like a lie until Leonard came home to talk her out of what she was feeling. Leo understood her in ways maybe no one would ever have and she couldn't tell how happy she was to have him next to her side. She found solace in him and to make things better, she immersed herself in writing about things related to their childhood. Remembering the memories which had been built to form the base for their current loving relationship.  

Vivian didn't know why but today felt different. There was something in the air which she couldn't point out but her heart told her to take a walk to lighten her mind. 

Some of the candles on the wall had dimmed in time turning some places dark and some still continuing to hold the light. Looking to her right, she caught sight of the grey clouds that looked beautiful with the way the lightning struck over and over again. Placing her hand on the clean, transparent window she continued to watch them until a small distant sound made her tear away from her gaze from the sky to look at the empty corridor. 

Vivian's red eyes took in the view in front of her. The red carpet which was laid on the ground made the corridor appear reddish on the white wall. A maid appeared carrying a white sheet in her hand. Upon seeing the lady, the maid bowed her head. The maid was none other than Hana, a maid she had known from the world she came from. It made her wonder what happened to the girl. 

The last time she had seen Hana, she was being scolded by Jan for something but after that, she never came to see him. Jan wasn't here either. She was happy to see many of them here but she missed the people who lived on the other side. 

She would have taken it to be heaven, this place which was filled with tranquility. But to have both Leo and her to be the only ones to know about where they came from, it felt odd. Very strange, thought Vivian to herself. 

Often Vivian herself went to look for books in the library so that she could get anything related to this place that had a door. There was surely a door in here for a way out. She had been searching for it for many years. Day after day she had tried to find, now almost knowledgable with a lot of things. It was just that today was different but it was more than the air in the wind which felt light to breathe. 

Today when she was in one of the many libraries, Vivian had finished going through a book from the history section. It wasn't that she had found something in the book, it was when she was returning the book did she catch sight of the newsletter that was lying on the stack. 

The newsletter was the one published by the local town that read 'The lady of Bonelake returns back. Where was she until now?'

Curious she had picked it up, and as she read it her eyes had widened, a smile coming to form on her lips. She hadn't told it to Leo yet as she wanted to make sure about her suspicion. Maybe surprise him with good news? She had asked the librarian there, 

"When is the newsletter from?" 

"This is today's news milady," Vivian looked at the top left to see the date which was the same as today. 

"Yes, it is today," she replied back. Seeing that there was only one copy of it here, she asked, "Do you think I can borrow this one? Here," she opened her little purse to hand him a silver coin to his surprise. A newsletter didn't cost more than one penny of nickel, he bowed his head for her generosity. 

Finishing her walk in the corridor's she walked to Leonard's study room, knocking the door to peek slowly,

"You don't have to knock on the door, Vivi. You are my wife not a servant girl who has to wait," Leonard who had been writing a parchment for the new edict that had to be implemented in the town this week looked up to look at his beautiful who made her way to where he was. 

Vivian placed the lantern near the wall and walked to Leonard. He turned his chair so that he could have her in his arms but his wife had no plans for it as she never came to sit on his lap when he gave his hand. She chuckled. Her eyes filled with mischief, leaning forward she gave a small peck to his lips and pulled herself away from him to his dismay. 

"I found something," she stated gaining his attention to the fullest as always. Pulling the newsletter from her dress, she placed it on the desk. 

"Newsletter?" he raised his brow.

"Read it," she urged him. Bringing the paper close, he read the lines to frown. 

"It speaks about the Lord of Bonelake," he murmured as he continued to read it, "It speaks of Nicholas' wife stating- 'Lady Heidi died a few years ago according to reports but her sudden arrival at the celebration night that was held in the Rune's mansion has not only been surprising but shocking. Some of the council members are going through if maybe the Lord had locked the lady to keep her away from the word while announcing her death. The case of it is being looked upon by councilman Lionel and Reuben as it involves one of the lord's of the four lands.' Have we ever had any reports about Nicholas until now?" he asked Vivian for her to shake her head right away. 

"Not a word that was mentioned about him. Do think there was a mistake?" she asked him, "There must be something wrong."

Leo stared at the paper before asking her, "Where did you find this from?" 

"In the library. Why?"

"Let's go. Pick your coat," Leonard took the paper to put it in his jacket and left the study room. 

It took time to reach the library but the library as expected was closed as it was the time of night now. But that didn't stop Leonard from going to the man's house and knocking the door. 

When the man opened the door, Leonard spoke, "Excuse me for knocking at your door late this night but I have some questions to ask. May I?" the man wasn't happy that someone had come at this hour of the night but neither could Leo nor Vivian wait for more hours. It had been too long since they had been searching for answers. 

The man stepped away from the door, letting them in. Leonard then asked, "Where did you buy this newsletter?" The man with a slight frown, took hold of the paper as he couldn't see clearly at that distance and read it. 

"I found it in the local shop in the market. Do you maybe know who this person they are speaking of?" Leonard urged the man to read the paper. After the man read a portion of it, he looked up to meet Leonard's red eyes that were highlighted only after his wife who had appeared from the bedroom holding the bright lantern. 

Suddenly daunted by the man and woman's presence in his house, he shook his head, "I don't know what has been written in here. Who is lord Nicholas? Our Lord is Hammock."

"You bought the paper but didn't read it?" it was a simple question but as there were a pair of vampires the man started to stutter.

"I-I didn't notice it."

Leonard gave the man a nod and took Vivian out of the house. Protecting her from the rain as he held the umbrella for her. When they got into the carriage, Vivian asked Leo, "What do you think is going on?"

"The world is replicating and running in the same year as the real one. It just happens that the real world got spilled in here," he wiped the drop of water that had settled on her face, "Were you able to read anything?" she shook her head. Since the time she came here, her ability to heal as well as the memory of touch had been lost. She was a pureblooded vampire but without any ability.

Reaching the mansion, they got inside and started to head to their room when Vivian heard of this particular sound that sounded just like a twig being bent and broken. 

"What's the matter?" asked Leo when Vivian turned to look back. 

"I think he's here," answered Vivian, her feet carrying forward as she looked at the empty corridor. Leonard followed her closely behind, worried as to who she was speaking about. She looked left and to her right, the dark walls where the light of the lantern didn't reach. 

Her gaze fell on the floor to look at the wavering shadow. She could feel her hand turn cold and she breathed in before parting her lips, 

"Everest? Is that you?"

For the first few seconds, nothing happened and Vivian could feel her heart drop before she heard a small garbled voice that brought a wide smile on her lips. The dark creature who had been hiding in the shadow finally came forward in front of both Vivian and Leonard to stand tall with its ragged cloak. 

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