Bambi and the Duke
269 Need to tell you something- Part 2
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Bambi and the Duke
Author :ash_knight17
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269 Need to tell you something- Part 2

At the time of night when everyone had finished their dinner where they were joined by Leonard's uncle Sullivan who was happy, shocked and yet happy to have his nephew back alive though he was never given the details of what happened. Lord Alexander had also arrived to wrap another case with Nicholas. 

Vivian after helping Lady Heidi around the mansion while getting to know the woman, she finally went in search of Lord Alexander who was standing outside the mansion in the garden. The man was looking up at the sky, the weather of Bonelake much harsher than what they had come from that growled and threatened the lands with the oncoming raining which was nearby. Lord Alexander was handsome in a more haunting way as he was a man of few words when it came to strangers unless there was something to talk about. 

Unlike, Lord Nicholas where she had been acquainted by him closely, she knew Lord alexander not personally but with just the little bits and memories she had found. 

"Do you like the rain, Lady Vivian?" she heard him ask when she was still far behind wondering how to approach him. He sure had sharp ears, thought Vivian. 

"I love them. The thundering clouds are my favorite," she answered him, walking closer to him to stand beside where she wrapped her hands while looking at the sky ahead of them, "How about you, Lord Alexander?" 

"I don't mind them," the Lord gave a side glance towards the girl to say, "You should rest more."

"Thank you for the medicines," she thanked him, looking at him then the sky. Vivian wasn't sure if Lord Alexander was aware of the ghoul's presence therefore not picking the matter of it further, she continued, "I visited Carmichael's mansion in the evening today."

"How is its condition?" he inquired. 

"Lord Nicholas kept it well without letting anyone use it. We were on a vacation after all," she saw a rare smile come on Lord Alexander's lips which weren't there often.

"The man is good secrets," that he was, thought Vivian in her mind, "After Lady Heidi's public appearance and his declaration of how his dead wife came back from the dead many turned suspicious," he frowned at the joke which wasn't appreciated by the Lord of Valeria, "A lot of questions came up and then you and the Duke arrived after some time. If Nicholas hadn't told about it the councilmen would be having a field trip with all of you to only raise suspicion."

Vivian was still unsure if Lord Alexander was aware of what happened, "You don't have to look worried, Lady Vivian. There are only a few where secrets can be told and protected," she took by his words that he knew about what had happened.

From Leonard's words, their soul after passing through had picked up the empty shell of the body which had been waiting for them to take up. Though the soul had gone through, the ghoul was unsure and had finally gone to its master to relay the matter to what happened where even Lord Alexander was also present, sending both of them rushing to the scene.

She was also glad that it now appeared that both the Lords shared a good relationship between them since the last time she had seen where things had been cold. Not only that, the man who stood next to her appeared calmer and a little more approachable than what he used to be. 

"I heard about your marriage and son," she said for him to hum, a smile forming back on his lips this time which was much more evident than before. Taking in a deep breath she then said, "I actually had something to give you," the man looked at her, his head cocking to the side in question.

Pulling something from her coat which looked like a paper at first glance, she handed it out for him to take. Lord Alexander took it from her hand, looking down his eyes slightly widened in surprise, "Where did you find this?" 

"I-uh, took it from someone," she answered him. She had been contemplating over the years if she should have told about his mother as Sister Isabelle had not wanted her son to know but in the end, she had decided to do what she felt was right, "I took it from your mother..."

Leonard who had finished talking to Nicholas had come in search of his wife to find her standing outside talking to Lord Alexander about Lady Isabelle. 

He could hear her say, "I took it when the councilmen had gone to search through the items in the church. I thought to return it to the rightful owner," it seemed that Vivian had given out the last belonging of what sister Isabelle had saved of her and her family. It was a picture of Lord Alexander when Lady Isabelle was still alive before being killed in the councilmen and witches' politics. 

"Thank you," the man thanked her who was still staring at the picture in his hands, "I am sure she had her own reasons as to why she didn't let me know and I respect it. Do you believe life to be a circle, Lady Vivian?"

"I think I do," answered Vivian, her smile bright and warm like summer of Valeria, "I heard you found the parchments which belonged to your mother."

"Hmm. One of the ghost friends delivered it before dying."

"Ghost?" though Vivian had herself died and had returned back again, it didn't reduce the fear she held against ghosts. 

Lord Alexander chuckled, "He is a friendly ghost or rather the Lord of Mythweald right now." Wow, time did change. 

"It feels like a whole different world now," she responded over the thought, "Have a good night, Lord Alexander and thank you once again," she bowed her head. Everest had stolen the potions from Lord Alexander's mansion which previously belonged to his mother. If he didn't find the parchments maybe they would never come to where they were now. And she was grateful for his work, for continuing what his mother has paused. Her head held down for more than a second before she stood straight and turned around walking to where Leonard was. 

When their hands touched, two of their fingers linked together where they started to walk inside. 

"Do you need rest, Vivi?" and she shook her head.

"I want to explore all the places here with you," she suggested instead for him to smile. A smile that was meant only for her. 

"Let me take you to a quieter place. Follow me," he said without letting go of her hand. They walked through the spiral stairs which led up to open space. The wind blew making her tumble all around her face and she had to raise her hand to stop it. 

"So beautiful," she commented looking at the outstretched forest and the clouds that were grumbling with lightning and thunder. On the other far side of her left, she could see a village which looked developed that the ones she saw. How strange, she thought to herself. The fabricated world had continued to remain the same as the year of 1777 before they had died yet the details never came to change much. 

Leonard who had been staring at the forest before turned his eyes to look at his wife where Vivian felt him staring, "What happened?" she asked him to shift her own eyes to look at her husband's handsome face. 

"Admiring my wife," his reply made her cheeks warm, "I thought of visiting the graves of everyone here. Would you accompany me tomorrow?" she asked.

"Sure. I heard Heuren was buried in the Isle Valley on Lionel's word," Leonard let her know on their councilman who they once used to work who was a human. 

"I wonder how Lord Nicholas managed to tell the lie about our vacation without anyone doubting us," she murmured. It was hard to believe that no one suspected their absence in the council or in their house. But then, thought Vivian, when they had died, they weren't in Bonelake and were in Valeria on vacation. The Lord of Bonelake must have spun a tale about their extended holidays.

"I have been thinking about something, Bambi," Vivian waited for him to continue which he did, "We'll be going back to the mansion tomorrow but things might not be the same. I know we have lived the rest of our lives in the fabricated world so things will feel different," Vivian nodded her head understanding what he meant. The house would not feel the same with the absence of many people. But there are some who are still there and our friends...I was wondering maybe you wanted to have a wedding with everyone present. An official one. You in a white dress walking down the aisle as I wait for you in black-suited clothes."

She wondered why Leo had decided to bring this up after many years. She moved her hands and placed it flat on his chest, "I don't mind it, Leo. Big or small wedding. Even the one we had which was privately held that is a sweet wedding. I am your wife and you are my husband, nothing else matters."

Leonard being the gentleman he was, he picked up her hand and kissed the back of it, "I know, Bambi. But it is the right thing and to jog everyone's memories that we belong to each other."

"Now that you say about it I think it is a fine idea," Leo grinned.

"You look absolutely adorable when you are jealous. After all, it is very rare to find you jealous."

"Pardon me for my behavior, Duke Leonard," she replied back playful to see him smile. 

"Marry me again, Vivian. Will you?" he asked her.

"Yes. As many times as you want me to."


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