Bambi and the Duke
275 Interview- Part 5
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Bambi and the Duke
Author :ash_knight17
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275 Interview- Part 5

Leonard: Eleanor is married to a Duke in Woville. She moved out of the house on a trip and met the man there. 

Interviewer: How do you feel about Jerome Wells? Most of us cannot forget the first time you sent Vivian to get your non-existent pen from your room when he had arrived home.

Leonard: He's okay. I had to keep Vivian away from him but he knows we love each other and has come to an understanding. We see each other at times when we cross the same cities we are in. Both of us during our jobs that is.

Interviewer: That is good to hear. We respect that he respected Vivian's decision. 

Leonard: Hmm

Interviewer: Duke Leonard, there are some personal questions if you don't mind *seeing Leo nod proceeds* Is it true that your mother was the one who killed your father that night during the night of corruption. 

Leonard: Yes. Unfortunately, it is true. As you know, when the heart gets corrupted, a person loses the ability to think or perceive what is right or wrong. She was long gone before I could even reach her.

Interviewer: We sorry to hear that. Another question is, you loved Vivian from a very young age, yet when this happened you treated her as if she betrayed you.

Vivian: *takes the opportunity to speak* Those were tough times, Interviewer-san. 

Leonard: *places his hand on hers which was lying on her lap* Having to lose so many people in one night especially the ones you grew with was worse than shock. For a brief amount of time, I needed some time to gather my thoughts on what happened. I might have come cold but that didn't mean my love for her fell down. 

Interviewer: But the butler Jan-

Leonard: The butler is strict and does his job well. 

Interview: Thank you, Vivian and Leonard.

Now that we have spoken to our favorite characters of the three books in the series, let's moved to author-san. Author-san, there are some readers who want to know more about you. But before that, we have some more questions regarding your children *looks at the male and female leads*. Who do you think is stronger in the males?

Author-san: Hmm, I would say Alexander and Nicholas surpass their abilities. One is a dark witch with a pureblooded vampire while others use ghouls. 

Interviewer: Would you be able to give us a short Christmasy special for the characters maybe? In the future, of course, knowing you have books lined up at the moment. 

Author-san: Sure, why not. We can have all the characters there. The best I would advise to not remove any books from the library because I don't know when I will add another short story at the end of the books. 

Interviewer: The question has been raised if Sister Isabelle knew or had an inkling about what was going to happen to Leo and Vivi. 

Author-san: I think most of you miss the subtle hints. Maybe giving the book another read, that is all the three books would be much easier for anyone to understand what I left behind as the chapter progressed. Some of them complained it was filler but in truth it a mystery box.

Interviewer: You love to watch Masterchef!

Author-san: Oh, I love it. 

Interviewer: Do you think there's a chance for a vampire female to take up as the Lord to look after the land. 

Author-san: Maybe if these two and the other two died. Why not? *shrugs shoulders*

Interviewer: *Notices the subtle glare coming from the two men on the stage* I don't know why but it feels really hot in here.

Author-san: Must be the heat of death

Interviewer: Who started the Council and giving the lords to each land?

Author-san: The council was started by the pureblooded vampires in the beginning with the help of the few white witches. Though the white witches weren't welcomed, their powers and abilities were used to set up the council in and around. Something that took place centuries ago. 

Interviewer: One of the readers asks, how does it feel to put yourself in the shoes of so many characters? Don't you ever get confused?

Author-san: I do mix up names at times, that happens at the beginning of the books especially the female leads names but it is been getting better now. I sometimes need time to get into that zone which is a blank, clean slate. 

Interviewers: Where do you get your inspirations to write books on this theme?

Author-san: I have always loved the Victorian theme era, the clothes, the settings, their etiquettes have fascinated me always. I wanted to read a book which would contain the things that I would like to read in a book. A good amount of romance, suspense, and mystery with supernatural creatures who don't come off to be cliche. 

Interviewers: Any hobbies besides story writing, favorite color, favorite food, etc.

Author-san: Ah, coming to my hobbies I draw and pain at times. Or used to. It consumes a lot of time therefore writing has been the only constant hobby apart from daydreaming that is. I love the color white, red and blue. Food anything spicy salty. 

Interviewer: We have so many handsome, loyal, possessive maybe a little obsessive too whom we still love. Whom do you think you would like to go out on a date?

Author-san: *Didn't a similar question come up in the beginning? -thinks* It would be Alexander.

Interviewer: Wow, is that so? 

Author-san: Haha yes. Don't get me wrong all the others are extremely charming but Alexander appears to be more mature and calmer. 

Interviewers: One of the readers said that they feel you have the heart of a child, not because you are childish. Let me quote 'because of these stories who have kept me alive just like the way Disney and parable stories did to me when I was a child.' Also that she asked to lend her your brain. A few words about yourself. 

Author-san: *smiles* I just like to dream a lot I guess and write things I enjoy. Frankly, I never knew one day I would be writing stories and enjoy it to this extent. Let's keep the rest hush. 

Interviewers: *pouts* I am glad that we got to interview our characters. I hope you have enjoyed the show 'bloodyfangs'. Tune in to the next interview with the new characters *sends a wink*


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