mi amor
1 The beautiful wedding
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mi amor
Author :baby69226
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1 The beautiful wedding

one snowy morning, I wake up to the smell of flowers so I get out of bed and walk to where my lover was. we took one look at each other and we started to smile at one another. As I looked up at his handsome face I noticed a little twinkle in his eyes as he looked down at me he opened his mouth and told me that he loves me more than anything. Later in the day that handsome man comes up to me and as he asked me if we could talk as I turned around to duty down I had turned around to look at him and he was one knee and had a beautiful ring with the most beautiful diamond on the ring.Months pass and it is inching closer and closer to our wedding day I have the most beautiful dress.The dress is as white as snow the dress is designed with white roses and the vale is designed with white butterflies on it.Finally it is my wedding day as I walk into the venue I am blown away by how wonderful the venue looks. I move my way to my dressing room to start getting ready for my wedding. Finally it is time for me to walk down the isle,as I walk down the isle notice my husband start crying but I know why he is crying. My husband is crying because of how wonderful and beautiful I look in my dress. While I am walking down the isle I see everyone watching me as I walk closer and closer to my love. I notice my mother in the front row crying and before I step up next to my love she tells me that I made a good choice and that she loves me more than anything and I start to cry bc it makes me think that I did something right in my life. I take a step up to my husband and smile at him and then look at the minister and tell him that we are ready he nods his head as begins"we are gathered here today for this man and this women to unite as one" so the minister looks at me and ask"do you take this as your loftily wedded husband to have and to hold through sickness and in health"I look at my husband and smile and look back to the minister and say I do.Then the minister looks at my husband and ask his "do you take this women as your loftily wedded wife to have and to hold through sickness and in health" my husband looks at me and smiles and looks back at the minister and says I do. Then Then minister looks at my husband and says "you may kiss the bride" so my husband looks at me grabs me by the hand pulls me in and kisses me like he hasn't seen me in months while we are kissing I feel him smile as we pull apart we both smile at each other after that we both walk down the isle together while we are walking to the car to leave he stops me and tells me that he loves me more than anything and I say it back after that we kiss for about three minutes until we notice that its time to leave. We get into the car and look at each other and think about how much fun we will have throughout our lives together as we are in the car I fall asleep on him and tell him that I love him. That was the most amazing day of my life till next time.


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