A shy girl with a hidden talent
35 35.The matches were in full swing.
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A shy girl with a hidden talent
Author :Simmu23
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35 35.The matches were in full swing.

Football matches continued in the tournament. Their team was leading the pool. The rival team for contending the trophy was also leading the pool. The player who scored the most goals in a pool matches was from the rival team. Ryan was running second in this highest goal scoring trophy side. Ryan was dedicated to winning the trophy of the player who scored the most goals. Just one day left for the pool matches to end. The number two teams in both pools could make their place in the semifinals. The number two teams were going to be decided today. The last two matches of the pool matches were to be played today. Today's first match had started. It was a very good game in the beginning of match. No team could score a goal in fifteen minutes. With five minutes left in the first half, a team scored a goal. The number two contender team was ahead of their rival team by 1-0 until the first half was over. The first half game was over. The second half game was to be begin in a few minutes. From the beginning of second half, the competition seemed to be tough. The opposing team scored a goal after the fifteen minutes of second half game. There was no goal for the next twenty minutes. Two minutes left to end the match. In the last minute game the second ranked contender team scored a goal. The second ranked contender team had won the match by 2-1.The second match had to be held in the evening. Both teams of the second match were in the field. Right, from the beginning of match, the two teams were giving a tough competition to each other. No team was able to score goal in the first half game. From the beginning of second half, the number three contender team was ahead from the number two contender team. The third ranked contender team took lead of 1-0.Their team made this lead by scoring a goal in the middle of second half. After this, no other goals were scored during the game. The match was over, the third ranked contending team defeated the second ranked contending team by a lead of 1-0 in this match.After the match four teams participating in the semifinals were decided. Ryan's team was ranked first in their pool. His biggest rival team also stood first in their pool. Semi final matches to be held after four days. All the contending teams were busy in preparing for the semifinals.
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