Heavenly Dao Child
346 Holy Brirus Empire Part-5
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Heavenly Dao Child
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346 Holy Brirus Empire Part-5

"Take care of the right one and buy me sometime, I will deal with the portal.", Ryuu shouted out at the top of his lungs to his new comrades, the portal was churning more and more octopus like creatures by the time Ryuu had gathered the men to help him the enemy number had risen to 15 and now it was 55 excluding the 10 they had killed already, the Octopus that Ryuu had killed the other day was baby compared to them, as they were bigger faster and much much more deadlier.

"Zywia watch my back but move away if you feel like you might get overrun.", to which she simply nodded as she stood guard while Ryuu worked his magic with the portal.

Zywia gritted her teeth as she fended off attacks while protecting Ryuu, she knew that Ryuu already had a shield erected but they can be broken by brute force and all of sudden their enemies' attention had been drawn by a scream as they started converging on from where Ryuu was trying to close the portal.

"What the hell why are they converging on Daoist Ryuu?", one of the questioned as another spoke quickly, "Look he is using array on that portal may be he will be able to close it."

"Then we better help him, otherwise it would be nigh impossible for him to close it, keep the heat off him you bastards."
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Meanwhile Ryuu was completely concentrated on the portal as he tried to unravel its secrets in order to close it permanently even if he was in hurry he had to be discreet about it after all today's comrades can be tomorrow's enemies whom he cannot allow to know his secrets such as creation of an array without the usage of kind of writing instruments or talismans.

Ryuu frowned as he studied it while whispering to himself, "The sequence goes like this, so if I reverse it and then transmit it like this", before he let out a whoop of joy as the portal collapsed killing the octopus already trying to cross it.

His cheers were followed by shouts of joys of others as they had no longer have to worry about more enemy reinforcements though he noticed some of them did not as they were still wary that the octopuses might try something.

Ryuu looked at the reddish octopus that was glaring at him with intense hatred, as he looked at the beast he mentally disagreed that classifying them as octopus might not be a great idea as they seemed to be lot different than the one he had killed, it had at least 20 tentacles of various sizes with 4 pair of eyes and the tentacles seemed to have horns jutting out of them, not to mention the poison cloud they were emitting and the sound based attacks, they were a menace at their worst but nothing that he could not handle.

"Thundering Palm", "Gale Tornado", "White Tiger's paw", various attacks landed on them shredding them tearing them apart as the cultivators surrounded those creatures slaughtering them, all though they were not unharmed in the slightest as some of them had been afflicted with poison, some had deep gnashes and cuts on their bodies.

Ryuu looked at them as he whispered towards Zywia, "This group is a nice bunch of cultivators and if we can strike friendship with them we will be in advantage during future levels."

Zywia nodded at that as she whispered back, "So true but at the same time we run a risk of backstabbing."

Ryuu sighed at that as he spoke, "An unwanted risk we might have to take oh well let us finish them off, otherwise this cultivator might thing we were just using them."

Zywia nodded stiffly as she spoke, "So true."

Nuwa was staring into the pond with her legs dipped into the cold water various species of fishes the likes of Golden Dragon Medaka, Golden horned Koi, Five eyed Arowana, and many more each fancier and more rare than the other to the point it would make people green with envy and drool with greed to just touch it let lone eat them but Nuwa paid no mind to them.

"Thinking about our Ryuu?", came a melodious voice from her back startling her a but as she replied back with a smile, "Sister you startled us."

Celestia smiled at her as she spoke in a chiding manner, "You should never let your guard down sister who knows what might happen."

Nuwa snorted at that as she spoke, "Like there is anyone who would dare to harm us in our home."

Celestia would have agreed to her before but she let out a sigh as she spoke, "Sister did you forget about one who calls herself the 'Empress'."

Nuwa winced at that as she realized her mistake, 'a place where one cannot enter without our permission and yet she entered like she owned the place.'

Nuwa nodded as she spoke, "You are right sister we were careless."

Celestia looked up towards the sky as she spoke, "I worry for him too Nuwa, I worry for him after all he is at a place where I lost my brother all those years ago."

Nuwa looked at her with her eyes narrowed at her as she spoke, "Yet you readily gave him permission to let him go there."

Celestia gave her a wary grin as she spoke, "I know because it was needed for his growth even if I forbade him don't you think that he would have pulled an act similar to that child Zywia, in fact I know that at least he would be prepared, not to mention I would sound like a hypocrite after all I let my own children to venture forth into such a dangerous place."

Nuwa snorted at that as she spoke, "Nothing can prepare you for that place."

Celestia did not respond to her for a moment as she glanced down at the water before she spoke again, "You know you can borrow sister Veena's…"

Nuwa shook her head as she spoke, "No even if that plant gives almost accurate depiction of one self, we do not wish to use it my nerves are not as strong as sister Veena's , I cannot witness something untoward happening to him when I would be powerless to help him."

Meanwhile back with Ryuu and his new comrades who were invited by the Emperor for the victory feast recoiled in disgust for in front of them was a perfect example of cannibalism, the deceased whether they were the rebels or the loyalist they received the honor of being food of their living citizens of the Empire, even they were offered a handsome share which all of them politely rejected as all of a sudden most if not all had become vegetarian well a few who were spirit beasts originally but had gained human form were tempted but were heavily discouraged by their peers.

One of the people who was watching the eagerness with which Dewy's deceased children were eaten by the Emperor and his family could not help but voice out his concern, "Daoist Ryuu are you sure this people are not the evil one and those octopus were the nice ones."

Ryuu turned his head looking slightly green as he watched Hiro chew on his cousin's head with a smile on his face spoke with disgust in his voice, "If the madness and strong killing intent and that horrible foul KI that those creatures gave made me realize they were dangerous and evil I would have agreed with you, upon saying that I believe that it is another one of the reason for us to hurry and find the thrice damn gate and escape from this place."

Others nodded silently including Zywia who looked sick at the display as she watched a children happily feasting on the corpse of his species she wanted to throw up but decided to glare at Ryuu after all it was his idea to get involved with them.


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