My Reich
3 Chapter 3
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My Reich
Author :Blacksovo
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3 Chapter 3

@@I make my way inside the Hall and I see some people discussing something. They see me and ask " You new around here?" "Yeah I just got into the city today." " Well Take a seat with us and order some food and drinks". I take them up on there offer and I hear them discussing about Germanys failure in the War and how it could have been different if the people gave more support. I interject the conversation and tell them We would have lost regardless because the involvement of the USA. I get some angry stares and One Of the men tells me " Thats a Lie if the people weren't influenced by Capitalist and Marxists We could have won the war and not be in this economic downpour!" I started yelling as well 'Blame The Entente For putting that Horrible treaty on us like We're the ones that started the war, but Germany will have its revengeagainst the allies!!" The man looked at me with wide eyes and smiled 'You also believe Germany will have its revenge?" I smiled and said "Of course I do even if I have to Personally lead The Fatherland to Victory which I believe I could do. I took my hand out to shake his and Said " The names Wilhelm Krupp." He grabbed it " Im Adolf Hitler nice to meet Wilhelm!"



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