1 Polaroid
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Author :iwmhbaf
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1 Polaroid

(keep in mind that this isn't real)

Hi, my name is Pele. When I was around 5, my mom would take Polaroid pictures of us ( my family). I never really liked the result the Polaroid would give out since I would always notice some sort of blur. But, for some odd reason,no one else would notice that blur. As we grew up, my mom would start taking less Polaroids and then eventually stopped. At around age 17, my mom and I were cleaning out the attic when we noticed a box named "memories". Naturally, we took out that box and started looking through it when I suddenly said out loud, "hey Mom, remember when I used to see those weird blurs on the pictures and you took me to the doctor to see if there was something wrong with my eyes?"

"Yeah, I do" she replied. "Why?"

"Well, you remember the doctor said that my eyes didn't fully developed yet or something?"

"Yes I do. Please tell me why you're bringing this up now.'

"After looking through these photos, I realized what I saw was just something blurred out in the backround. Now I'm glad it was blurred out for me for when I was a kid".

"Honey. Please. Tell me what you see in these".

"I'm not really sure on how to describe it. Just imagine a filled potato sack with bugs crawling out of every tip in of the body. Now imagine red, glowing eyes with the most evil, twisted face possible. That's what I'm seeing".

"Please tell me you're joking".

"Why would I joke about this?"

My mom panicked for some reason, grabs the picture that was in my hand, takes a look at it, then sighs.

"Mom, why do you seems so relaxed?"

"Well,I just realized you were pranking me so~"

"What do you mean pranking you? I'm not pranking you".
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