4 A Chuckle In The Dark
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Author :iwmhbaf
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4 A Chuckle In The Dark

I break down crying. It's not because of relief. It's not because of the fact that I know my brother is still alive. It's not because I realized my mom will always be there for me even though it seems like she's not.

It's because I know. I know everything can come to an end. I know we all will die someday and no one will be there for me.

I know that I'm probably not going insane.

I know, that who ever did this, must have.lived in our house for so long, yet we never realized it.

Who ever this man or woman is, is living in my house, living off of our food and drinks and some how can mess with our brains and make us see things. Things no one should ever have to see.

Of course only I realize this. My mom would never believe me, my dad is always so busy and my brother would just laugh. So, why me? What did I DO to deserve this?

I climb back down the stairs, and I'm suddenly very paranoid.I look around as a climb down. If I hear a creak coming from a step on the stairs, I jump.

I eventually reach the bottom of the staircase and my mom is there waiting for me. Her ink black hair was held back in a messy bun as opposed to her usual casual loose hair. Her stormy grey eyes were squinted as her thick eyebrows we're furrowed. I could see the wrinkles around her eyes giving me that 'You're in trouble' look.

I cautiously look around because I've only seen that look once before. Trust me, you don't wanna know what for. I hear tap drip, which in turn made me jump which in turn, made me look away from my mom. Big mistake.

When I looked away from my mom, she fell behind the kitchen island and when she got back up, her face was twisted just like the one that I saw in the Polaroid. Except that she didn't have bugs crawling all around her.

Me, being the sensible person I am, ran straight out of my house and went to my best friends house, Hyacinth. She was my best friend since kindergarten 1 so obviously, I trusted her the most. By the time this all happened, it had some how turned night although this happened in less than an hour and last I checked it was 9:00 A.M. Little did I know, I would hear it. I would hear...

A chuckle in the dark again.
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