10 What“s that sound?
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Author :iwmhbaf
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10 What“s that sound?

"Your name was Pele, right?"

"Yup, that's me. Did you forget?"

"Sort of. I just found it weird."

"Why would my name be weird?"

"Because it's engraved to the entrance of the cave."

"Seriously? I don't see anything."

"How could you NOT see it. It's so big!"

"Are you sure you're not delirious from lack of sleep or anything?"

"I don't know, maybe. Maybe not. Anyways, let's just go inside."

"I agree."

After our little argument about whether my name was engraved on the entrance of the cave or not, we finally decided to go into the cave.

Of course, we had no idea where that slight hum and blue light was coming from, but we felt that it was better to sleep in a suspicious cave rather than on the exposed forest floor. Then, the cave decided to split up into 2 parts.

"Hey, the humming is coming from here!" Lukas shouted whiles standing in front of the first passageway.

"I think the blue light is coming from here! It's seriously bright!" I shouted back, while standing in front of passageway 2. "Should we split up?!"

"I'm not sure! Is it OK with you!?"

"I honestly don't mind!"

"Then I guess we're splitting up! Tomorrow though, because I am EXHAUSTED" said Lukas as we walked back towards each other. Just as we were about to sleep, and we were lying on the floor of the cave, a question popped up in my mind.

"Hey, Lukas?"


"Why did you tell me to run earlier? You know, that time we both said 'we need to go' in unison?"

"You're gonna think I'm crazy."

"Hey, people call me crazy. I have a feeling we'll be good friends for a long time. So you can tell me. Besides, I REALLY want to know."

"Fine I'll tell you. OK, so you might not believe me, but I think there's a supernatural being following me around."




"Akward. Anyways. As I was saying, the supernatural thing looks like a potato sack with bugs crawling all around it and-"

"The most twisted possible face ever with a smile so sinister it kinda make you wanna throw up?"

"Yup. That's the one. Wait a minute. How did you know about this..this...thingy?"

"Because that's the reason I ran away from my home."

"But if it was chasing you, how was it chasing me at the same time...?"
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