12 Screaming. Constantly.
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Author :iwmhbaf
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12 Screaming. Constantly.

I yawned. When I looked outside of the cave, the sun was just rising. I woke up very early. With my eyes still half closed, I wondered why there was a very loud, deep, humming sound in my ears. I hit the sides of my head thinking, for some reason, water got into my ears.

After trying that, about 20 times, I stopped because my ears were starting to hurt from being hit over and over again. Realizing that the hum was only coming from my left side, I looked to my left then screamed.


Lukas jolts up. In a panic, he starts shouting. Then he proceeded to scream after looking to his right."WHAT HAPPENED? WHY ARE YOU SCREA- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!"

The humming stopped.

We started to scream because there was a young boy, sitting cross-legged between my and Lukas and he WAS smiling playfully while watching us sleep, but after us screaming so much (at this point, we still hadn't stopped screaming) he was just covering his ears with a annoyed look on his face.


We both stop screaming. Just for a moment. Then, we look at each other's faces. We continue to scream. It turns out, both of our faces had mud and dirt all over it.

The little boy bent his back over so that it was touching his legs then, with his hands still over his ears, let out a blood curdling, high pitched, ear piercing, scream.

Instinctively, Lukas and I cover our ears and we were both so terrified of the scream that we continued to scream. I personally thought that we sounded like a choir, and that was the only reason I continued to scream.

We all eventually stopped screaming because we ran out of breath. After taking a few deep breaths, I look over at the little boy who was now sitting with his legs straight out and his arms on the floor behind him, helping his torso stay up.

"You guys," said the mysterious boy "can scream for an unusually long time." Only then did I take a good look at him and realize that the blue light was emanating from his eyes.

The little boy looked scrawny, with messy black hair, (obviously) glowing blue eyes and pale skin. His smile (prior to the screaming) was playful and seemed to big for his face. His eyes were sunken in like he hadn't gotten any sleep for the past 5 days although he didn't have baggy eyes or dark circles underneath his eyes.

Lukas and I look at each other while panting, nodded, then looked at the little boy who now had a confused look on his face after seeing Lukas's and my strange gestures.

We both poked him.

"Ouch! What was that for?!"

"Sorry, we just wanted to make sure you were real." replied Lukas.

"I mean, it's not everyday you come across someone with glowing blue eyes bright enough to be seen at least 20 meters away." I continued for Lukas.

The boy looked pissed.

"Anyways, my name is Flynn. I'm here because-"

The bush directly in front of "our" cave apparently decided it was alive. So it decided to move around and make alot of noise.

"Come on guys, follow me to my hideout. It's not safe out here." said Flynn in a rush.

We went through tunnel number one and reached to the other side.

"We're here!" said the very enthusiastic Flynn.

Woah. His hideout was
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