15 Flynn“s Backstory...
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Author :iwmhbaf
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15 Flynn“s Backstory...

(This is Flynn's point of view)

I was born into a wealthy British family that still went by the rules from the olden days, meaning, no elbows in the table, little kids must be seen but not heard, and stuff generally like that.

My father was especially strict with these rules but my mother didn't believe in the rules and believed that if the world has evolved and so should we.

I would get beaten if I didn't follow the rules, and, since I was still really young, I didn't understand these rules. So, as you could imagine, I got beaten up alot.

One day, when my parents thought I was asleep, my dad started to shout at my mother because she tried to convince him to stop beating me. I was watching through the crack in my bedroom door and all of a sudden, my dad pushed my mom down to the ground, took a bust and starting repeatedly hitting her in the head with it. I ran out of my bedroom and straight to the telephone. In a panic, I called the police and told them what had happened. I was in tears. When the police came, the held my father under suspicion of homicide. The investigators inspected the body and confirmed that my mother died of blunt force trauma.

Since my household was very strict, we had cameras around the manor and the police found footage of my mother.

My father was immediately arrested after they found the footage, I was all over the news, and all of the money, estate and things with in the estate were now mine. So, I took a bunch of money and credit cards, decked out a random cave I found, and hung, where no one knew me.

Now, I live in this place because I don't want anything to do with that incident and I DEFINITELY do not want to have to walk past the place where the homicide took place.
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