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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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1 Transmigration

It was one hell of a stormy night. A lone man stood dazed in an empty room. Sign of fatigue, accumulated over the past few days of sleepless nights, could be seen on his face. Grey streaks could be seen on his hair despite having fair smooth skin and a masculine figure; from which it could be seen that he was most likely in his early 40s.

He looked around the empty room and saw nothing there.

The man was dressed for sleep, wearing only a simple shirt and a pair of shorts, making it easy to his figure. Contrary to his tired face with dark shades under his eyes, his tempered, overflowing with muscles body was full for vigor.

"Huh…? Where is this? I was in my room a moment ago, how did I end up here?"

When he uttered those words suddenly three people appeared in front him consisting of an old man, a boy and a woman.

"Have you come to?" [Old Man]

"Is your mind clear?" [Boy]

"You know it would be nice if said something?" [Woman]

"Umm… Yes. I'm alright now. You suddenly came out of nowhere, so I was taken back a bit. My apologies . Let me introduce myself. I am Astra Takeshi."

"There is no need to be so formal. Let's talk over tea." [Old man]

The old man waved his hand and all of a sudden, a tea table appeared, atop which were cups filled with tea and pillows to sit on along the sides.

"Come take a seat." [Woman]

"Thank you!" [Astra]

The young woman smiled and implored Astra to take a seat, which Astra promptly took. The others took their seats as well; the woman sat on the right, while the boy sat on the left, and the old man sat opposite to Astra.

When they had all taken their seats, everyone, including Astra, took a sip of their tea.

"I hope you don't mind if I ask some questions." [Astra]

"Of course not. That's exactly what we're here for. But I already have an idea what you want to ask, so how about listening to our story first?" [Old man]

"Well, alright."[Astra]

After Astra nodded to show his agreement, the old man began.

"We are what you would call 'Gods'. I am Tsukuyomi, the God of Creation. The woman to your right is Aria, the God of Love, and the boy to your left is the God of Life, Ryouta. We are Gods of different world.

You might not know this, but you died. When your soul left your body, we took it and brought it here to the Divine Realm." [Tsukuyomi]

"I see. So that's what happened." [Astra]

Astra matter-of-factly accepted Tsukuyomi's explanation as he sipped his tea. The three gods were bewildered at his reaction, especially the youngest looking of them all, Ryouta.

"Umm…, wait, is that it!? Shouldn't you be panicking a bit more and going 'No way!' 'That can't be!' 'Why did I die?' or something?" [Ryouta]

"You know.. the others before you were all flustered when we talked to them." [Tsukuyomi]

"Oh, don't get me wrong, I am surprised, though I do admit that none of this feels real to me right now. Besides, if all this is nothing more than a dream, then I would eventually wake up, but even if it's not, well… everyone will pass away anyway.

And I've already expected this to some extent. My work, you see, is really taxing so taxing that my co-workers have had to retire early because their body broke down. Because of that I've always believed that I would die an early death. Being able to live up to 39 or 40, depending which way you count, is more than plenty, all things considered.

Not to mention, as embarrassing as it is to admit considering my age, I'm a huge otaku of games, anime and manga, so I'm quite fond of stories like this. I've have been single my entire life and don't have any family or relatives anyway, so this turn of events is a lot better than just burning away." [Astra]

Astra was really satisfied from the bottom of his heart, but that only caused the gods even more confusion.

"R-Really? Do humans really think like that? Hasn't anyone ever told you your way of thinking is very odd?" [Ryouta]

"I don't think it's got anything to do with your hobbies either. There were plenty of people with similar hobbies as you, and they were all flustered. So flustered, they wouldn't even listen. Just meeting someone who wasn't gloomy was a feat in itself." [Aria]

"Well, in any case, this makes things easier for us. Though this also leaves us with too much time on hand. Is there anything else you want to know?" [Tsukuyomi]

Astra become thoughtful for a moment before speaking.

"How did I die?"[Astra]

"Hmm? You're starting there?" [Tsukuyomi]

"Yes. I don't think there's anything odd about my question though. After all, I don't have any memory of dying." [Astra]

"Well, you did die like that, so of course you don't remember" [Aria]

"You died of brain hemorrhage after hitting your head" [Ryouta]

"Huh! Wasn't I just sleeping in my room?" [Astra]

"Yep, you sure were. But then something fell on your head, it was a very heavy object." [Aria]

"There was a small earthquake because of which the box filled with heavy things on the top of the cupboard slid off and fell on your head and your head slammed on the ground." [Tsukuyomi]

"The impact was so big that you couldn't even respond and died on the spot." [Ryouta]

"Oh, that's the reason for my death then. I knew that I shouldn't have kept that box over there, it was only due to lack of space that I kept it there. Well, never mind it was my fault that I died, so nothing matters anymore." [Astra]

The gods were stunned with the way he spoke about his own death without any sigh of depression on his face. They began to look at each others faces then stared at Astra in a dumbfounded expression. They had never met anyone like him, and couldn't help sigh at this unexpected way of thinking of his.

'cough', 'cough'… coughed Tsukuyomi and began.

"Right, well let me explain why we called your soul here. If I were to sum up the reason in one word, it would be: Cliché. Do you understand?" [Tsukuyomi]

"Cliché? Ah.. I believe I do. You wish for me to live in another world, yes? If so, will I be reincarnated or mearly transmigrated?" [Astra]

"You really are quick to pick up." [Aria]

Aria was shocked to see Astra so easily understand what was going on, but Tsukuyomi ignored her and continued.

"You will be transmigrated, in a sense. I will be creating a new body for you to inhabit in our world, so you won't have any parents." [Tsukuyomi]

"Your new body will be younger, so you could say it's like being reincarnated. If you have any requests, we could fulfill it for you." [Ryouta]

"It is a world where people live their lives cultivating, so if you have any requests don't hold back, but we can only fulfill five wishes at most." [Aria]

"Ok then, I won't hold myself back.

My first request is I want to have a Primordial Yin Yang Divine Veins set with cultivation techniques. The Qi cultivated from this set must be the purest in all Heaven and Earth, and the cultivation technique will also increase Qi Refining and Body Refining cultivation. And most importantly, it can be used in Single Cultivation as well as Dual Cultivation.

Secondly, I want Instant Mastery: whatever I learn will immediately become the highest level.

Third, I want Zhang Xuan's Library of Heaven's Path. Library of Heaven's Path has to be increased in level; the highest level possible, added library features will correct errors in book . and don't have to touch objects to produce books, just a glance at it would be enough to produce books in the library. Oh, and one more thing, the Library of Heaven's Path must have knowledge of that world, has a consciousness of it's own, and answer my questions.

Fourth, I want the power of the main character of the manga Customize Creator: can change anything in that world or related to that world.

Fifth, I want the Incubus ability of the novel Inma no Hado owned by Midou Kenichi at the Demon King level to be my Bloodline. And please change the butterfly tattoo on my penis later to become an Eastern Dragon, and every woman I have conquered, they will receive a butterfly tattoo below their navel.

Lastly, I want the ability of Aura of the highest level possible of the novel The Super Sex System that can arouse any woman I want it to arouse." [Astra (without any pause)]

After finishing mentioning his request Astra looked at the gods and say them looking at him with their eyes wide opened seeing as if going to pop out of their sockets, and say goddess aria blushing along with the mentioned emotion, then he asked.

"Can these wishes not be fulfilled?" [Astra]

"It's nothing like that, it is just that we're surprised by your requests. May we know what were your reasons for you requesting such wishes?" [Tsukuyomi]

"Ah… it's like this. I was an otaku back on Earth, which you already know as I've already told you earlier, I had read many such novels based on Cultivation and such, through which I came to know that the world of cultivation is quite brutal where the strong prey upon thee weak, at first I didn't quite pay attention to it but when I went through other such novels, they also said the same thing so I did some looking into it and found out that it all was true, so in order to ascertain my safety and protect the ones dear to me I asked those requests related to cultivation. While the one on creating anything is so that if I stay in the wilderness or am on some missions, I do need to build some place to sleep, or provide shelter to myself or my comrades if I am travelling with them. As for the last two, it is so that I don't have to live a life of a single and virgin my entire life, like it was in my past life." [Astra]

"Oh…! You've really thought it through. Ok, we'll fulfill all your requests, but don't go overboard there, cause I can already fell someone feeling jealous." [Tsukuyomi]

Astra didn't understand what he was saying at first but when he say Aria he slowly did start to understand, but ignored it thinking 'There's no way a goddess would have such feelings towards me.'


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