Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
2 Abilities Awakening
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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2 Abilities Awakening

After all was said and done the there was a blinding flash of light in front of Astra. When he opened his eyes he found himself in a completely different place, and the gods were nowhere to be seen, so he came to a conclusion that he had been transmigrated and thought of observing his new appearance given by the gods. He started observing himself, but could vaguely understand his appearance so he started to look for river or a lake to get a clear look at himself. After strolling around for some time in the vast wilderness for about half an hour or so he finally found a clear river flowing, he went to it and started observing himself.

He now had the body of someone around the age of 15 years of age, with a perfectly healthy and muscular body, the muscles were well defined. He had very beautiful, silky smooth skin which could make even the Goddess of beauty envy him, and have a very handsome face which could attract any woman who saw him and made him the target of jealousy from all the men.

"Not bad, the gods really did their best, they made my appearance the best. Thank you, all for what generous gifts you all have given to me.

Now, let's check the skills that I received." [Astra]

After saying all this in a loud clear voice, thinking that the gods might still be observing him. Then, he moved to checking his skills, but couldn't check it as he didn't know how to, while he was pondering on it, he heard a voice in his head, right after he heard the voice, he got startled and started looking around to see who it was, then he again heard the voice saying

"Master, I could help you on that matter if you'd like."[???]

Astra then understood that the voice came from within his mind, and he thought of Library of Heaven's Path with its own consciousness which he requested the gods, so he asked the voice.

"Are you the Library of Heaven's Path which I requested the gods for?" [Astra]

"Yes, master." [Library of Heaven's Path]

"Oh… but why is your voice like a cyborgs. Can't something be done about that, it really scares the heck out of me when you suddenly talk in that voice." [Astra]

"It can be change according to masters desire. I can change into the voices of either a male or a female, as master wishes it to be." [Library of Heaven's Path]

"Really, then I would like you to change your voice as that of a woman; an elegant but seductive at the same time." [Astra]

After hearing this the Library Of Heaven's Path became silent for few moments the it spoke in a womanish elegant tone, hearing this Astra was quite surprised but happy at the same time and thought.

'Wow! What an elegant and seducing voice, just the thought of talking to such a voice is like a dream come true. If only I could have such a woman by my side.'…sigh…

Seemingly understanding her masters thoughts, the Library of Heaven's Path spoke

"You don't need to worry about that master, if you reach the realm of True Spirit Realm then you can enter the library and be with me." [Library of Heaven's Path (with a blushing expression)]

Hearing this Astra was filled with over joy but he didn't know the different realms of cultivation that exist. So, he tried to ask the Library of Heaven's Path then something came to him, it was the name for the Library of Heaven's Path. He couldn't always call Library of Heaven's Path which had its own consciousness Library of Heaven's Path always so he pondered for a moment, trying to think of a perfect name which matches with her characteristics. And came up with a name. but still he needed the approval of Library of Heaven's Path

"Um… Say I can't always call you 'Library of Heaven's Path' so how about I give you a name that matches your characteristics?" [Astra]

"R-Really, master are you truly giving me a name?" [Library of Heaven's Path]

"Yes. Why not? Is there any problem with that? Do you not want one?" [Astra]

"No, of course not. It's just that I've never had any name before. I could only have this consciousness of mine that I have is all thanks to master. I had never dreamed of having a name so I can't think of what to say." [Library of Heaven's Path]

"Don't worry about it. If you really like it then how about I call you 'Leilana', it means 'flower that blooms in heaven'. Do you like it?" [Astra]

"Y-YES! I like it no, I love it. Thank you master." [Leilana (in a very excited voice)]

"Leilana, since it is decided then how about we move on. Could you help me with checking with the skills that I currently have, then later we can talk about the different realms of cultivation and their level." [Astra]

"Yes, master.

The Primordial Yin Yang Divine Veins, Instant Mastery, and the Aura, and create anything abilities that master received can be used at any time is always at your disposal. But about your Bloodline, this bloodline is present in your body but it is in dormant state, that is, it has yet to activate.

If you want I can help you activate it, but you will be unconscious for few hours before it fully activates." [Leilana]

"So, that's how it is. Ok then proceed with the activation of the veins but first help me create a shelter with a barrier where we can be safe from any danger that may come our way while I am unconscious. And we'll talk about the cultivation realms after my veins activate." [Astra]

"OK, master.

What should the house look like? What should be its dimensions? And what are the things that you want in the house?" [Leilana]

"Umm… The floor area should be about 12x10 sq. ft. in area and the height should around 8 ft. and it is a must to have a big and comfortable bed in the room, and don't forget to reinforce the wall along with a barrier so that no one can attack and damage the house from the outside." [Astra]

"Ok, master! Now I'll begin the creation." [Leilana]

The creation began, and within few minutes the house was ready. Astra looked both outside and inside the house and was really satisfied with it's sturdiness and the looks it had, despite being a temporary house.

"Now, Leilana let's begin the activation process of my Bloodline." [Astra]

Then began the activation process during which Astra lost his consciousness. Seconds, minutes and hours passed by but Astra showed no sigh of consciousness. After a day, he finally gained his consciousness and opened his eyes along which Leilana spoke.

"Congratulation, master on awakening the Bloodline." [Leilana]

Hearing this Astra was overjoyed and started observing his body again to see the changes that had occurred in him after the awakening. To his surprise he say that his blood had become more dense and was full of vigor and when he checked his little brother down there, he was more surprised to see that it had increased in its size and was thicker than ever which could give any woman a ride to highest level of heaven, the dragon tattoo on it was also seemed like it was alive and could leave at any moment and soar in the sky.

Seeing Astra's thing, Leilana fell in daze and gulped again and again, was blushing like crazy. Seeing this in his consciousness, Astra started teasing her.

"Don't worry I'll quickly reach the True Spirit Realm you'll have a taste of it and I won't leave until I make you the heavenly pleasure, and make you mine and mine alone." [Astra]

Hearing this Leilana started feeling crazy emotions and covered her face with her hands as she couldn't take it anymore.

At the same time, somewhere in a dark cave a woman (Demoness) was sleeping on a massive bed in the middle for the cave. The moment Astra Awakened his bloodline at the demon king level, the woman (Demoness) felt immense pleasure and climaxed while panting.


"Finally, someone who truly qualifies to be my man has come." [Demoness]


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