Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
3 Cultivation Realms of The World Riclite
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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3 Cultivation Realms of The World Riclite

After teasing Leilana for sometime, Astra finally focuses on the main topic at hand, about the cultivation realms of this world.

"Now that everything is settled, Leilana can you start explaining about this world and the cultivation realms that exist here this world." [Astra]


This world is called Riclite. This planet is divided into four continents named after the four direction; East, West, North and South. The people of this world are all cultivators and their cultivation base and talent and divided into 8 different kinds from worst to heaven gifted.


«Black Gold»


«Dark Blue»





The average cultivators of this world are born with minimum talent between «Green» and «Red», but there are some really unfortunate people that are born with the lowest grade talent «Grey».

The cultivation methods of this world are of two types one is Qi cultivation method and the other is body cultivation. Master's Primordial Yin Yang Divine Veins helps master with both Qi and Body cultivation at the same time, but the people of this world don't practice both. In this world, Riclite, Body cultivation is considered the hardest while Qi cultivation is the easiest. If the body cultivators successfully cultivate the initial realm of Body Cultivation in 1 year, the Qi cultivators will have succeeded in cultivating 2 to 3 of the initial Qi Cultivation realms in that amount of time, but the strength they possess is on par with the Body Cultivators of the 1st Layer of Initial Body cultivation realm. The other difference they have is that the Qi Cultivators can extend their lifespan through cultivation but Body Cultivators remain ordinary human with limited lifespan with only strength. And if someone cultivates both Qi and Body at the same time then that cultivator could battle someone who is 1 entire major realm above him equally.

The Qi Cultivation realms are classified as:

«Spirit Qi Gathering Realm»

«Spirit Qi Foundation Establishment Realm»

«Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm»

«True Spirit Realm»

«Nascent Soul Realm»

«Void Spirit Realm»

«Heavenly Sage Realm»

«Divine Sage Realm»

While the Body Cultivation Realms are classified as:

«Body Refining Realm»

«Acupoint Realm»

«Dragon Body Realm»

«Dragon Transformation Realm»

«Eternal Divine Body Realm»

Each of these cultivation realms are further divided into 4 sub-realms namely 'Early', 'Middle', 'High' and 'Peak'. The cultivation realms are called the Major realms while the sub-realms are the Minor realms." [Leilana]

" So, it's like this. Leilana, what's my talent level and how can I begin cultivating?" [Astra]

"About master's Talent level, it can't be determined unless you start cultivating. As for the things regarding cultivation, you'll need cultivating technique which master doesn't have to worry about it as your Primordial Yin Yang Divine Veins has the ability to provide you with cultivation technique from your Divine veins and I'll also be there to help you, I can correct the errors if there exists any, and master can cultivate the most flawless cultivation technique and be the top in the world." [Leilana]

"I don't know what I would have done without you, I'm really grateful for having you with me. When I reach the True Spirit Realm I'll surely reward you and give you the most suitable gift I can gift you." [Astra]

Hearing this Leilana gets really happy and blushes at the same time.

Seeing her cute and happy face you make up your determination to cultivate full heartedly and reach True Spirit Realm so that he can make Leilana happy.

"Listen Leilana, how do I access the cultivation techniques?" [Astra]

"Master just has to think about cultivation and cultivating either Qi or Body Or both Qi and Body, then the cultivation technique will appear in your consciousness and you will have to cultivate on the method written on the manual in your consciousness." [Leilana]

Hearing this Astra sits in the lotus position on the bed and starts concentrating on cultivating both QI and Body.(TL: Astra still hasn't left the temporary house he asked Leilana to create to awaken his Divine Veins)

After some time of concentration a manual appears in his consciousness and written on its cover is Primordial Yin Yang Divine Veins Qi and Body Cultivation Technique. When he turns on to the first page, all the information in the book start gushing into his mind turning all the pages itself, he reads through the manual and confirms that he can use this technique for both single and dual cultivations. After that he withdraws his consciousness and asks Leilana.

"Leilana, are there any spiritual Qi rich area nearby?" [Astra]

"Master, it will take some time to analyze the area, but if one exist then your cultivation will soar through the heavens." [Leilana]

Listening this Astra asked Leilana to increase the strength of the barrier so that they could spend the rest of the day there while he cultivates.

After Leilana strengthens the barrier, Astra begins cultivating slowly circulating Qi through his veins and body parts (skin, muscles, blood vessels, blood and bone) at the same time both strengthening his body and filling Dantian. Slowly the time passed, after 4 hours or so he finally opened his eyes.

"Leilana, how do I check how much my cultivation has progressed?" [Astra]

"Master can check his progress in cultivation by immersing his consciousness in his Dantian and observing how many layers of pure Qi energy are there, which are surrounding Master's Dantian." [Leilana]

Hearing this Astra immediately immersed his consciousness in his Dantian and was surprised to see that there were 4 layers of pure Qi energy surrounding his Dantian. In bewilderment he asked.

"There are 4 Layers of Pure Qi energy surrounding my Dantian. Can you explain what it means?" [Astra]

After hearing this Leilana was shocked to the core, her eyes threatening to pop out of their sockets. Then she thinks 'Master has many heaven defying abilities so, it is normal to get this outcome.'

"Master, congratulations, on achieving peak stage of «Spirit Qi Foundation Establishment Realm»! the four layers of pure Qi energy surrounding your Dantian shows that you have achieved breakthrough to peak stage of «Spirit Qi Gathering Realm» and are on the brink of breaking through to «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm». Others would take years to reach this stage, but master progressed to this realm within merely 4 hours of cultivation. Truly spectacular! Master has the legendary Gold level talent in cultivation." [Astra]

Astra hearing this became puzzled, he thought was it really this easy to advance in cultivation. Then, he asked Leilana to explain.

"Master has be given many Heaven Defying abilities by the gods when transmigrated to this world. Other cultivators would have barely reached the early stage of «Spirit Qi Gathering Realm» in the amount of time spent by you in which it is required to nourish their veins, but since master had Primordial Yin Yang Divine Veins, master could skip this part and directly focus on building layers of pure Spiritual Qi to surround his Dantian and directly progressing on «Spirit Qi Foundation Establishment Realm» and due to the divine cultivation technique that came along with master's Divine veins, it was easy of master to progress from Early stage to Peak stage without any hiccup.

If master progresses like this then, master could reach «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm» within a month and «True Spirit Realm» in 2 months after that.

And since you have been cultivating your body together with your Qi, it also has broken through the «Body Refining Realm». Now, your body is strongest among all the body cultivators who have been cultivating their body for not more than a year and are likely in «Body Refining Realm» Middle or High Stage" [Leilana]

Hearing this Astra thinks to test out his new found strength. He punches in the air followed by his punch the air starts howling. After that the house starts trembling and falling apart. Seeing this Astra shouts.

"Who attacked us? I think it must be the work of a giant animal. Leilana, do you know who did this?" [Astra]

"Yes, master. He is right in front of me." [Leilana]

"Where is it?"[Astra]

Seeing her master anxious and panicking, Leilana couldn't help but laugh.

Seeing her laugh Astra Felt dumb. And Leilana couldn't laugh at her CUTE master. Then, she teases him some more.


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