Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
4 Encounter with a Woman
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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4 Encounter with a Woman

After Leilana teases Astra for some time and seeing her master's face blushing with embarrassment, she finally stops teasing him.

Then Astra asks Leilana to recreate the house with even more reinforcement and the highest level of barrier, and talks to Leilana in the house about how it would be nice for him if he could satisfy his desire by dual cultivating with someone from opposite gender and also thinks that if only he had reached «True Spirit Realm» then he could spend his time with Leilana. Both Astra and Leilana agree with it. Astra falls asleep while talking to Leilana.

Seeing her master asleep Leilana looks towards Astra's crotch and blushes then she herself takes rest.


Next day, Astra wakes up and is greeted by Leilana.

"Good morning, Master!" [Leilana]

"Good morning to you to , Leilana." [Astra]

"Did you have a good night sleep, Master?" [Leilana]

"Yes. I did.

You might have been very lonely and you were all alone a night with no one to talk to." [Astra]

"No, master, I didn't feel lonely. It was really nice to see your sleeping self. I was so captivated into it that I didn't even feel the night passing as it felt like it had only been few minutes since you went to sleep." [Leilana]

"Oh really. Don't worry soon you'll be in the arms of this one who captivated you to such degree that you couldn't feel the time pass by." [Astra]

Hearing this Leilana blushed and said.

"Ok then, I'll be waiting for that day to come." [Leilana]

While both Astra and Leilana were talking with each other, Astra's stomach growled. Then he asked if there were any animals or beasts nearby that could be hunted by him and he could quench his hunger.

"Leilana, can you search the surrounding if there are any beasts or animals that I can hunt down for breakfast." [Astra]

"Ok master, wait a moment. ...…

Master, I found rabbits around the 50m radius with our current location being the center of it. With master's current cultivation and body strength, it'll be a piece of cake for master." [Leilana]

Hearing this Astra immediately rushed out of the house and went on the hunt for rabbits. After hunting around for half and hour, Astra had caught 2 rabbis and had also collected some wood to make a fireplace and cook the meat.

After breakfast, Astra went for a bath in the crystal clear river. There while he was bathing he started teasing Leilana while showing his penis to her and saying how this little thing of his will be the to take her first and show her the bliss of pleasure.

After all the teasing during the bath Astra came out of the River, got dressed and sat down to cultivate. During cultivation he could feel the spiritual Qi layers that were covering his Dantian trying to merge with the core, it was the premonition of breaking through. After trying for a breakthrough which he still couldn't reach even after cultivation till noon he left it and now was roaming in the jungle to find the exit that leads to the human settlement.

While he was searching for the route to exit, he suddenly Leilana calling him which startled him.

"Master, someone is coming this was or more likely a woman is walking in our direction." [Leilana]

Hearing this Astra was really happy and excited for encountering the first human after his transmigration and to top it all that person to be a woman who could potentially be his.

After that he rushed towards her direction. After running possibly for an hour or two he finally saw someone.

The person whom he saw was a woman, as said by Leilana, who was wearing a crimson red dress. She had snow white skin which were smooth, she had a very beautiful face, had curves in the right places, her bottom were firm and peaked toward the sky as if looking at the heaven, while her breasts were so big that any man would do anything to just get to touch those bosoms, as if the heavens had spent years perfecting her.


Seeing someone coming out from deep within the jungle, the woman took a defensive stance and approached the person coming from within the jungle cautiously.

After the person came in her view, she started observing the man from top to bottom.

The man seemed to be around 15 years, with a masculine body, there seemed to be quite dense and pure Qi surrounding his body, and on top of it all there was a manly charisma on his face. On looking more closely the man seemed to have been cultivating his body along with his Qi and not just any beginner Body cultivator but someone who has already reached the peak of the «Body Refining Realm» and on the brink of breakthrough.

When the woman saw this she was really surprised, she couldn't believe that such a young man could be a heaven gifted genius with the talent for cultivation in both Qi and Body at the same time. After deciphering this from his characteristics, she had an urge to invite him in her sect with the thought that it would benefit both her sect and her.

"Umm.. Excuse me. May I know who you might me? Where have you come from? And why are you coming from deep within this Jungle." [Woman]

Hearing this Astra was quite happy seeing that the woman showed advancement in bringing up the conversation.

"I'm Astra. You could say that I have come from a very far place. While I was on my journey to enroll into sect I got lost and have been staying in this forest trying to find my way out until I met you. It truly must be heavens doing for me meeting you here.

May I know what this fine lady's name is?" [Astra]

"Oh.. Sorry for the late introduction. My name is Nanea. I'm a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect. If you want then I could help you out and take you to the city." [Nanea]

"Of course. It would be my honor to be led by such a beautiful lady. Please lead the way." [Astra]


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