Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
5 Reaching The City
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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5 Reaching The City

Saying this much the woman, Nanea, led the way. But throughout the way there was an awkward silence. So, in order to break up the silence Astra thought of starting the conversation.

"Umm… Nanea you just said you were from the Heavenly Sword Sect, could you tell me more about this sect of yours." [Astra]

"Heavenly Sword Sect has been standing on this continent for thousands of years. One could say that it has existed since the beginning of this world. And since then it has been standing among the top sects, because of this a lot of people come from all around the continent to join this sect.

Like all other sects out there the disciples of Heavenly Sword Sect are also categorized as Outer Sect Disciple, Inner Sect Disciple and Core Disciple. The people who are admitted in the sect naturally become the part of Outer Sect Disciple but there is a strict rule for the selection of disciples, and that is they should all be the under the age of 16 and at the same time possess the cultivation of Middle stage of «Spirit Qi Foundation Establishment Realm». In short, you could say that they should at the least have «Dark Blue» level of talent. But outer sect disciples are not much valued and are provided very few resources to cultivate. And are made to carry out manual labor works along with cultivating if the daily quota of work is not completed then the punishment of no food is given to that particular disciple.

After they have become the part of the Outer sect you can advance to the Inner sect if you reach the minimum cultivation of Middle stage of «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm» and you will be provided with resources for better improvement of your cultivation base, the resources are more that those given to outer sect disciples but still they are limited. The advantage is that they are free from doing manual labor.

Next are the Core Disciple, they are given the most attention, be it regarding cultivation resources or guidance form the elders or the sect Leader, they are provided with everything. One could say that they are the Elite of the Elites in the sect.

Looking at your level it is clear that you have quite high level of talent perhaps «Purple» so, you don't have to worry about being rejected. And if you work hard on cultivation then you could reach «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm» within the next 3 months. (TL: this duration is for the average «Purple» level talent disciples. But our MC has «Gold» level talent.)" [Nanea]

Hearing this a smile appeared on Astra's face while Leilana was laughing holding her stomach. They knew that Nanea was the truth but it was not entirely true and Astra's Talent was among the top and he would have already reached «True Spirit Realm» in the time that Nanea estimated. But still Astra didn't say anything. And walked behind her closely.

After walking through the Forest for around half an hour, they finally exited the forest.

After exiting the forest, Astra could see a long pathway that leads to some place surrounded be huge walls.

"Nanea… What is behind those walls?" [Astra]

"Oh.. behind those walls is the city. It there so that the city is protected it from Savage Beasts." [Nanea]

Astra, in seeing the wall made for the protection of the city, appreciated the leader of the city for showing his affection towards the city and its residents by protecting them from threats like Savage beasts.

They walked through the pathway for around half an hour till they reached the gates of the city. There were two men guarding the city gate.

"Welcome back, Miss Nanea!" [Guard 1]



This person here is a friend of mine whom I found lost in the forest. He was on a journey to get enrolled in a prestigious sect. so, I brought him here to show him around the city as well as the sect." [Nanea]

Hearing this the guards took a look at Astra and then opened the gate that led into the city. After walking through the gate Astra was quite stunned by the beauty of the city. The houses and buildings were similar to those found in Edo Period. The streets were well decorated and the market was busy as hell.

The moment they walked into the city Astra was looking around the city like a curious person brought in an entirely different world where everything around him is new and a first experience.

Seeing Astra's such expression, Nanea asked.

"Is it your first time in a city." [Nanea]

"Yes as well as No… I've seen small cities but I've never seen such a city that I came across during my journey." [Astra]

Astra said it with shining eyes. Nanea was surprised and happy seeing Astra's childish expression and behavior.

The people in the market seemed to buying and selling goods with money that seemed like copper, silver and gold. While looking around in the market, Astra could some what guess that 1 copper was similar to 100 Yen and 100 copper made 1 silver and 100 silver made 1 gold.

After roaming around the market for sometime the duo finally decided to book a lodging as it had taken them the entire day to reach the city and roam around the market and the sun had set. So, they walked around searching for an Inn. After searching for sometime they found an Inn with name Silver Wings which was decent that the other ones they had seen so far. They went in and booked two rooms, but since Astra didn't have any money on him Nanea had to pay for his lodging and this really made him feel disappointed in himself 'So much for the first impression towards the first woman I just met.'

As soon as the booking was done, both Astra and Nanea had their dinner and went towards their room.


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