Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
6 Heavenly Sword Sec
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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6 Heavenly Sword Sec

As soon as Astra entered the room, he sat down to cultivate for some time before going to sleep, as he hadn't cultivated for the entire day until now. He cultivated till midnight before going to sleep.

But the Hours of cultivation wasn't in vain, during this time Astra was successful in merging the layers of Spiritual Qi and form a core and successfully reaching «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm». This made him one step closer to his goal, to get strong and to reach «True Spirit Realm» to meet Leilana in his consciousness and be with her. Feeling satisfied with his progress, he stopped cultivating and slept, after greeting 'Good Night' Leilana.

The next day, early in the morning Astra woke up before anyone else and exchanged greetings with Leilana. Seeing there was still some time before others woke up, Astra sat down to stabilize and consolidate his cultivation.

One and a half hour later, there was a knock at the door. Astra stopped cultivating and gave permission to enter into the room. It was none other than Nanea. Immediately after she entered the room Nanea was Quite shocked to see that the young man, Astra, in front of her had a breakthrough to «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm» and not only that the Qi surrounding him was stable and solid which felt like the person had been in this realm for quite some time now. After some time she finally spoke.

"Congratulations!! You achieved breakthrough to «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm». Only yesterday you were «Spirit Qi Foundation Establishment Realm» but today you are already in another realm. It seems you really live up to your talent level." [Nanea]

"Umm… Thank you. Yesterday I was on the edge of achieving breakthrough, so immediately after entering the room yesterday, I sat down to cultivate. It was only at around midnight did I breakthrough to «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm».

Since you have come, let's go get something to eat then we'll head to Heavenly Sword Sect. Are you fine with it?" [Astra]

"Yeah, sure. Let's go with that." [Nanea]

After that both Astra and Nanea left the room and walked around the street to find a restaurant where they could get good food to eat. After walking along the streets, Nanea took Astra to a restaurant which look exquisite from the outside and some interior decorations could also be seen from the outside, Nanea took Astra in the restaurant. According to her, its cuisines were the best in the city.

After the food the duo left the restaurant with a satisfied expression on their face. Then, Nanea led Astra to Heavenly Sword Sect. It took them around half an hour to reach there from the restaurant.

The entry gate of Heavenly Sword Sect was huge in size and was being guarded by 2 guards. On seeing Nanea both the guards bowed to her and opened the gate for her while she simply nodded at their gesture and called Astra to follow her. Immediately after walking through the gate, the duo were greeted by a huge castle like building which was built in Pagoda like appearance and there were dragon sculptures on the corner edge roofs of every floor. There were many more sculptures throughout the ground of Heavenly Sword Sect which were of a person wielding a sword. Just a look at the statue gave one a feeling of looking at a Supreme being.

The land that the Heavenly Sword Sect covered was similar to the size of small city back in Astra's world. Seeing this Astra was quite surprised. He also saw many people walking around the grounds of the sect, they all wore Silver White colored dress with an imprint of a sword on the back of their dress.

Looking at Astra, Nanea was really happy to see his expressions while Astra was looking at the Heavenly Sword Sect and thought that he would join the sect if he was pushed a little more. So, she started guiding Astra around the sect while telling him about all the good things of the sect.

First, Nanea showed around the Outer Sect to Astra, taking him to the dorms then the different facilities of the Outer sect. Then, she took him to show him around the inner sect, but unfortunately she couldn't show him the area where Core Disciples lived or taught as that was out of her limit of authority. So later she took him to the library and the Elder Hall so that Nanea could ask an Elder to admit him in the sect.

At the Elder Hall, Nanea asked a guard to relay a message to the Head Elder that she had brought with her someone to join the sect.

Later an old man came out of the Elder Hall. Seeing him come out, Nanea bowed to the old man, so Astra also bowed. Seeing them bow to him, the old man nodded. The old man was none other than The Head Elder. He had shiny white hair and beard but had a masculine and healthy body full of vigor which was on par with someone who would be in his late 40s.

After that the old man started observing the young man besides Nanea. To him the young man seemed to have come from a very backward part of the continent, but still had a appearance of a handsome man. Then, the old man began accessing the young man's cultivation, he was too shocked to see such a young man probably 14 already at «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm». He'd never seen such a genius. He truly was a rare talent probably 1 in a million or even 1 in 10 million. He couldn't let such rare talent slip from his hand. If they groomed him properly then he could be the one to lead the sect to the top leaving all other sects and cultivators behind. He would be the pride of the sect.

"Young man, what's your name?" [Head Elder]

"My name is Astra Takeshi, Head Elder." [Astra(said with cupping his hand.)]

The elder nodded.

"Would you like to join our Heavenly Sword Sect? I can promise you great resources to advance in your cultivation without any obstacles, as well as I could be your master." [Head Elder]

Hearing this Nanea was shocked and envious at the same time. This was a rare thing to happen, for the Head Elder to take in a disciple, it was the greatest honor.

"I would like to join the sect. And really thankful and honored to be the Disciple of Master." [Astra]

Hearing his polite tone and the way of addressing the elder felt satisfied.

"Good. And since you are already at «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm» at your age so you have a very promising bright future. You don't have to go through being Outer Sect Disciple and can directly become Inner Sect Disciple. However, remember if you show unsatisfying results like slacking off during cultivation or learning, then you will be immediately expelled from under my tutelage and kicked out of the sect" [Head Elder]


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