Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
7 Looking Over Astra
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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7 Looking Over Astra

Astra immediately agreed to all the terms of the Head Elder.

The Head Elder was satisfied with the courage and confidence showed by this young man. It is to know that most would cower or hesitate before replying to the terms the elder had brought up, but a young man who was merely 14 had showed the courage to reply instantly without cowering.

"Since you are only 14 and still don't reach the age requirement to recruit new members in the sect, but I'll give it an exception.

Tomorrow early in the morning head to the Contribution Hall to receive your Inner sect clothes and token.

Disciple you may now go back and either cultivate or rest, I have some matters to talk to Nanea about." [Head Elder]

After being told to go back Astra looked at Nanea which was responded by a nod by her and then Astra walked back.

Seeing that Astra had left, Head Elder called Nanea to enter the Elder Hall with him as he had to something to talk with Nanea about.

With this response of the Head Elder, Nanea thought 'Perhaps he is calling me to reward me for bringing a rare talent in the sect.'

Then, Nanea followed behind the Head Elder, and walked with him to his study.

When inside the study, Head Elder sat on his seat and began to speak.

"About the Young Man called Astra, can you tell me more about him. How and where you met him? What is his personality like? And what is your opinion about him?" [Head Elder]

The head Elder showered questions after questions at Nanea but not even a frown could be seen on her face as she slowly started answering all of his questions.

"I don't know much about Astra since yesterday only did meet him. I met him when I went to the Beast forest (TL: The forest where Astra was transmigrated and both Astra and Nanea met is known as Beast Forest.). He came from deep within the forest. I was really doubtful of him at the beginning thinking that he might be someone related to the bandits but after our short introduction with each other I came to know that he was someone from a very far away remote place. He was on his journey to find a sect to join in when he got lost, since then he had been staying in that forest and surviving all on his own.

Even if I had any doubt against him, the aura that emitted from his body made me feel really comfortable, I tried to be on guard but my guts told me a person with such aura can never be of a bandit.

After all this I checked his cultivation and I was too shocked to even think, seeing someone so young to already be at «Spirit Qi Foundation Establishment Realm» made my mind go blank. I even asked his real age to be sure of it. Then, I came with the idea to recruit him I our Heavenly Sword Sect as he was still searching for a sect. At the end it was a win-win situation for both of us. Our sect got a rare talent, while Astra got in one of the top sects. And what happened after that, you know it all, Head Elder!" [Nanea]

Listening to this the Head Elder finally understood everything. He then passed a token to Nanea.

"Ok! I now understand everything. Here take this tomorrow morning you can go to the Contribution Hall to receive your rewards for helping the sect achieve a rare talent." [Head Elder]

Hearing this Nanea was delighted and about to jump in joy but controlled herself as she was in front of an important and well respected person, but she showed her delight by immediately bowing to the Elder.

"Now as That's dealt with. The most important matter at hand, is to look after Astra. He may be a rare talent but someone needs to monitor and look after him as he is still young and a bright future ahead of him. But if others come to know of this they might all pester him in his cultivation and because of their actions he might be forced to do something not warranted which may lead for his expulsion from the sect.

So, the main reason I called you here is to take on this task. You don't have to worry about anything about going on missions as this will be your mission." [Head Elder]

Nanea was surprised at being suddenly being given a mission and that mission to be to look after Astra. She hesitated of a bit the aske the Elder.

"Elder, it is rude of me to ask this but may I know the reason for me to be looking after Astra? And why me of all the people?" [Nanea]

"It is so that if he does anything that is in anyway harmful for the sect of the common populace, then you'll have to immediately report it to me. But still, you have to submit daily report to me about him, what he did the entire day? How's his cultivation progress going on? Or if there is any hindrance in his study?

As for why I chose you? It's quite simple, since you are the closest to him and he seems to feel more comfortable around you." [Head Elder]

Listening to elder's reasoning Nanea finally understood 'Astra might have been selected as an inner sect disciple but there is still some suspiciousness about him as how can he still progress in his cultivation in such a heaven defying speed since he'd never had a master to teach him before.'

After weighing all the possibilities, Nanea accepted the task.

The Head Elder nodded at her response.

"Now you may go, tomorrow bring Astra to the Contribution hall with you to collect his Disciple dress and token and your rewards. And I'll arrange 2 dorms next to each other for you and Astra to be as close as possible so, that you can carry out your task with much ease." [Head Elder]

After all was said and done Nanea left the Elders Hall and went back to the inn to meet up with Astra.



I could only complete this chapter when I got a suggestions from one of you to progress this story in this way. So, I really Thank You from the deepest bottom of my heart. I really mean it.

Shout-out to "WebCreature" for the suggestion.


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