Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
8 Preparation Before Heading to The Sec
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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8 Preparation Before Heading to The Sec

Meanwhile, Astra had reached the inn during the time Nanea and the Head Elder were talking about something, and sat down to cultivate as he had nothing else to do. It hadn't been too long since he returned back to the inn and sat down to cultivate when someone knocked on the door. Astra thought 'Who could be at the door? Perhaps could it be Nanea? It hasn't been that long since I left, have they already completed what they had to do?'

Then he stood up and went to the door, it really was Nanea at the door. Then she asked "Can I come in?" to which Astra nodded to come.

"Thank you!" [Nanea]


If I may ask, what did the Head Elder want to talk with you? I really wanted to go tour around the city with you as I've just arrived here and new to this city."

"The Head Elder asked me to look after you as you are new to this city and have recently joined the sect so you might not have any idea about the rules of the sect. so, from now on I'll be with you. And to make things easier our dorms will be next to each other in the Inner sect dorms area. So, if you have any problem or need my help in anything the tell me anytime you want.

But now I am free so, let's go around the market to tour and do some shopping. I can see that you don't have any spare change of clothes on you and you can't possibly spend your entire in that same cloth, can you?

And since you don't have any cash on you either so, I'll buy it for you. Later you can pay me back all the money you owe me. How 'bout it?" [Nanea]

"I think that sounds great, that way I can at least have someone whom I am close to and solve my queries. And gain some proper dress to put on, and later I can pay you back all the money that I owe you through completing missions.

Let's not waste any more time waiting here and go to the market. I want to see everything in this city as it's my first time in a city this big." [Astra]

Seeing this excitement in Astra Nanea couldn't help but chuckle at the behavior of Astra as if she was seeing a child's excitement to visit the outer world and see all those things that he hadn't seen before.

They both walked out of the inn and went towards the market.

On their way towards the market, Astra walked in almost all the shops that he came by to see all the things that the shops had for the selling. seeing this actions of his, Nanea felt quite awkward. But still bared with it as it was his first time here.

While Astra was going through all the shops, Astra stumbled upon a Alchemist's Store which was crowded with people but only small pills were in the store, about which he wasn't so sure so he turned to Nanea to ask about it.

"Nanea! What is so special about this store? All I can see are small pills and some bottles filled with liquid. Why are all the people so crowded in this store?" [Astra]

Hearing this query of his Nanea replies in a shockingly loud voice.


Hearing her loud remark Astra was quite confused. 'Are those small pills and liquids really that great? What are those in the first place?' Not understanding those pills and liquids were, Astra turned to Leilana to ask what those things were.

"Leilana, do you know what those things are? I don't understand why everyone in making so much of a fuss about it." [Astra (in his mind)]

"Master, those are no ordinary pills and liquid that you think them to be. They are very essentials for cultivators to cultivate. Some help in restoring depleted QI, while some help in healing injuries, while some help in breaking through to the next realm. The pills are simply called pills with their effect in their name while those liquids are called elixirs.

Master came from a different world and these things didn't exist there so it is no wonder that master doesn't know anything about it." [Leilana]

Hearing this from Leilana Astra finally understood about the importance of those pills and Liquids (elixirs).

"If master wants to learn to concoct those kinds of pills and elixirs, I can help master but master has to be in presence of the books or materials containing about concocting pills and elixirs for me to compile all those materials and form a flawless book about pill concoction and learn according to the information given in that book." [Leilana]

This part of the information that Leilana gave Astra made Astra's eye shine. 'If I can Concoct these pills and elixirs then I can make a fortune and live a life that I never could in my past life.'

"Thank you, Leilana!!" [Astra]

Then his focus returned back out of his consciousness and looked at Nanea, who was looking at him with a shocked expression. After some time she returned to her previous calm self and explained about it in the same manner as Leilana did.

After this ordeal, the both finally went to the clothes store and both bought some clothes for themselves, but the bill was paid by Nanea.

Seeing a lady pay for a man like him (technically a teenager but still a male) the people around the duo were looking at Astra in a strange manner. With this he made himself more determined, 'I will definitely learn to be an alchemist and never disgrace myself in this manner ever again.'

After shopping they both went back to a restaurant for dinner and then they went to the inn as it took them the entire day to roam around the market and do some shopping.

At the inn, in his room Astra tried out his clothes and was really satisfied with them, then he changed back to his old clothes 'I should wear one of these clothes tomorrow when I go to the sect tomorrow to get my Inner Sect Disciple clothes and token.', then he sat down to cultivate, he cultivated till midnight, further solidifying his current cultivation and refining his Qi again and again which made his QI so dense that his Qi could all alone suffocate any cultivator who was in the same cultivation realm as his.



Shout-out to "WebCreature" for the suggestion. More chapters are still to come. All thanks to WebCreature.


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