Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
9 Meeting of the Elders
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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9 Meeting of the Elders

After Nanea left the Elder hall, the Head Elder called for a meeting between all the elders of the sect.

He asked his attendant to send a notice to all the elders to gather in the conference room in the elder hall, where all the meetings between the elders is conducted, and he also said to the attendant to relay that the meeting was obligatory, if the elder didn't come to the meeting then a severe punishment would be given to that particular elder..

After sending the attendant to notify the elders of the meeting, Head Elder went to the conference room and where he waited for the other elders to come.

Soon after other elders began entering the conference room. They all were surprised to see that head elder had been waiting for them to come and all elders thought of the same thing 'What reason could it be for the Head Elder to be the one to wait for us elders? Could it have something to do regarding the sect?' but soon after bowed to greet him.

"Greetings to the Elder Zheng!!!" [All the Elders] (T/L: The head elder's name is Zheng )

All the elders have been wearing different colored robes but all the robes had one thing in common, they all had a special kind of seal on their back similar to the seal present on the Head Elder's robe but they were still less domineering then his. And not only that, there was another seal on their chest, which symbolized the factions they belonged to.

The head elder began.

"I thank you all for attending this meeting, today I gathered you all here to talk about a rare genius, who could be our sects pride and the one to take our sect to the top of the world.

Today few hours ago, I accepted him in the sect. while he is only 14, not even reaching the mark to attend the outer sect, but is already at «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm» on par with Inner Sect Disciples. If it isn't rare talent then what is it." [Elder Zheng]

Hearing elder Zheng talk all the elders were shocked. They all had a sudden urge to meet this talented genius and if possible take him under their own tutelage as personal disciple. But it didn't dwell anymore on their mind on the next remark of elder Zheng.

"That young man's name is Astra Takeshi. Meeting a talented person like him, I could leave him to waste so I immediately took him under my tutelage. Tomorrow he'll be visiting the contribution hall to collect his inner sect disciple robe and his disciple token.

But that's not the main reason why I called you all here. He is too young to walk around the sect as everyone will try to pick up a fight with him and if not he might get full of himself and get in trouble other disciples. So, I called you all here to help me nurture him properly to be the pride of the sect. But that's the case when he's in the sect, if he is on missions to other cities then there might be a spill mud on the name of our sect, while Astra could lose his life, because of his arrogance." [Elder Zheng]

All the elders were in deep thoughts after the Head elders remark about the young man. There had been many cases like the mentioned by elder Zheng, so it wasn't new to them but if it happened to their sect then their names would be sullied as the elders of the Heavenly Sword Sect couldn't even nurture a disciple properly and the worst case the sect would lose its value.

Then, an elder spoke up. He was an elder of martial arts faction.

"Then, if I may ask why did head elder Zheng decide to immediately accept him as the inner sect disciple. Wouldn't it have been better to let him go through the tests of selecting of outer sect disciples and making him stay in the outer sect to slowly but steadily building up his character?!" [Martial Arts Faction's Elder]

"Who said he wouldn't have to go through the tests? I immediately accepted him as the inner sect disciple to not miss out on the talented boy, if we did he could go to other sects that are higher than ours and would be selected there. But to not let his talent go to his head and make him arrogant, in 5 days' time we'll conduct series of tests for him, which will test him and bring out the best in him.

I have a request to all of you to prepare a series of test on your respective expertise but only the basic knowledge on all of them, then we'll all gather together on the assigned date and conduct the test and you all will be the judge of your respective topics and judge his results. If he passes on all your tests then he'll be under all of our care and will learn under us but if he's unable to pass then he'll have no choice but to be an outer sect disciple as if he is kicked out of the sect then, he'll be assets to another sect and our sect would later regret it.

I am well aware that this test is the hardest of all the tests conducted till now in the sects entire history, but it is worth it, as we all are trying to nurture a genius, a sovereign. So, it's all worth it.

Now you all may leave to prepare for you're the tests that you'll all be conducting. And I'll relay the message to the young man about the tests and that he'll have to go through all the basic knowledge on all aspects available in the sect.

Now, if you'll excuse me." [Elder Zheng]

Saying this elder Zheng left first to his study, following him the others also left the conference room and headed to their respective factions as they had to prepare a lot.

Elder Zheng after reaching his study took out a special token and poured a surge of Qi in it, the token shone for a brief moment then he spoke about the test that Astra had to go through to be a full-fledged inner court disciple.


At the inn, Nanea was in her room done with cultivating for the day and was about to sleep when her token. She took out her token and poured a strand of Qi in it. Later, she heard a voice from it saying about the test that Astra had to go through. After fully comprehending the message, she understood that it was sent by the Head Elder and had to relay it to Astra immediately.

Shen then went to his room, and explained everything to him, about the tests he had to go through after the next 5 days.

He wasn't in the slightest worried about the tests as he had Leilana to help him with that, but he still had to prepare well if he wanted to pass and be the sovereign of the sovereigns, god of the gods.


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