Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
10 Preparation for the tests
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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10 Preparation for the tests

Before the head elder and other elders left the conference hall, head elder turned towards Contribution Hall's Elder.

"Elder Peng, tomorrow two disciples will be coming to the contribution hall. One of them is none other than Astra, the young man we all just discussed about, accompanied an inner sect disciple named Nanea. Astra will be there to collect his sect disciple robe and token while the lady, Nanea, will be there to collect the reward that I allocated for her, oh and she is the one who brought him to our sect and the one looking after him. So, give her a fitting reward for bringing a rare genius to our sect.

And give this token to the young man and tell him that can access the library and read the books on all the basic knowledge available in the sect's library to prepare for the test, as this will be the most hardcore test that has ever been carried out in the sect to access the talent of the disciple." [Elder Zheng]


The next soon came by, both Nanea and Astra first had breakfast then they both headed to the contribution hall Astra to collect his disciple robe and token while Nanea was going there to collect her rewards.

After reaching the sect gates, both the dui immediately headed to the contribution hall. There they both met with an elder who was in-charge of distributing the rewards to the disciples who had done some contribution for the sect.

Both Nanea and Astra greeted the elder on seeing him.

"um… For what reason have you both visited to the contribution hall?" [Contribution hall's Elder]

"Elder! My name is Nanea and I'm an inner sect disciple and this man here is Astra, yesterday he was accepted in the sect by the Head Elder. We've come here to collect his sect disciple robe and token, and the reward the Head Elder gave me." [Nanea]

Hearing this the elder understood that they were the ones the head elder spoke of to him yesterday. Then he began accessing the young man besides the lady, on assessing him for some time that all the things that the elder had told them about him in yesterday's meeting were all true.

Then he told them to wait there for some time, he went in the hall and returned after a short while. He reached to them, then waved his hand and a robe and two tokens came out in thin air which landed on his hand, he had a surprise expression on his face but after that he finally understood that this must be the Interspatial ring that he had read about in his previous life. Then, he took the robe and tokens given by the elder.

"Those are the robe and token for the sect disciple, as for the second token, it is to provide you access to the sect's library where you have access to all the basic knowledge and can stay in there of as long as you want till to the end of preparation of the tests." [Elder Peng]

After telling all this to Astra, elder Peng turned towards Nanea and spoke.

"Ass for the reward provided by the Head Elder, here are 1000 contribution points. With this you have a total of 2900 contribution points." [Elder Peng]

Hearing them talk about the something called contribution points which Astra didn't understand anything about.

"Sorry to interrupt, but what is this contribution points that you have been speaking about? And what is its use?" [Astra]

On this question of Astra's, Elder Peng turned towards him.

"Contribution point is our sects exclusive currency. If you have sufficient contribution points then you can buy anything within the sect ranging from the currency used outside the sect to spirit stones, weapons, medicinal herbs, pills and elixirs. Anything that is helpful for cultivation. Even to enter the library for an extended period of time one needs to pay a certain amount of contribution point but it's free to stay for brief moment.. But the token that you have to access library grants you free access to the library, but only for the time command specified by the Head Elder in the token.

Though they have such importance but they are still really difficult to earn. Even if you complete 10-100 missions assigned by the sect you'll hardly earn 10-20 contribution points, that is only if you complete middle to high rank missions which already have worst of the difficulty. One can get a lot of contribution points if one completes peak ranked missions, but they are the missions of the worst of the worst difficulty." [Elder Peng]

Having his questioned answered by the elder in a calm detailed manner, Astra understood the use and importance of Contribution points.

Then the elder told them they could go but he told Astra that it would be better sooner he started his preparation.

Then both Nanea and Astra walked towards the library, as Nanea was guiding Astra to the library. Walking for about 10 minutes they both reached the library.

There was no one at the gate of the library, but only a kind of device on the gate.

On reaching the library, Nanea began to explain.

"Our sects library has a magical device installed in it, which scans the student token and deducts the required amount of contribution points needed to access the library for the amount of time required. As for the token given by the elder to access the library, you just have to put the token in front of the glass like panel on the gate and the door to the library will open.

As you might be thinking why go through all the trouble to secure the library, it is all in order to protect our sects exclusive cultivation manuals and martial arts to get leaked out of the sect.

And now on the important mater, our sects library is nine storied as you can already see it from the outside. Each floor is divided into seven segment; Alchemy, Beast Taming, Martial Arts, Blacksmithing, Formation master, Demonic Tunist, Terpsichore.

The first 3 floors contain basic knowledge on all those, then the next 3 floors contain books of middle tier knowledge, then there is the high tier knowledge containing books in the next 2 floors after that and the last floor contains peak tier books on all those aspects." [Nanea]

After being fully explained about the layout of the library and where he could find the books of basic tier, he bade goodbye and entered the library. The moment he entered the library, he was greeted with large quantities of books on many shelves. According to his estimate, there were hundreds of thousands of books only on this floor and he had to read these many books not just ion this floor but 2 more floors.

Even though he had Leilana, highest level upgraded Library of Heaven's Path, but he still couldn't help but panic as he still had to go through all those books in his consciousness where Leilana was.

He then shook his head to clear all those thoughts and aske Leilana to start compiling all the books that he could see.

"Leilana, can we begin compiling all these books and do remove all the flaws that you can find in them and form book as flawless as possible, we are really low on time. We both have to work to our bones for the next few days." [Astra]

"Yes, master. Let's begin right away." [Leilana]

After that, Astra walked around each bookshelf and stood there for some time as Leilana compile all those books. They did the same thing on the entire floor and continued to the next floor, then the next. Then he stood there as Leilana compile a flawless book on all the aspects and began going through them one by one in his consciousness.


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