Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
11 Day of the Tests
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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11 Day of the Tests

Soon after 5 days passed by. During these 5 days of preparation besides eating and taking rest, Astra never left the library. The food was brought to him by Nanea as she was responsible for taking care of Astra, because of which Nanea and Astra grew closer. Nanea would stay with Astra in the library and help him with any problems or queries that troubled him. Spending those 5 days together made them become close.

On the day of test, Nanea went to the library to get Astra and go to the site where the test would be done. The elder had sent her the information about where and when the test will begin.

Nanea reaches the Library gate and enters the library. She sees Astra sitting at the end of the first floor of the library while he was going through a book. Nanea walks up to him.

"Astra! It's time. We should get going, we wouldn't want to be late, do we?" [Nanea]

Hearing himself being called, Astra looks at the person calling him and nodes at seeing Nanea was the one calling him. He stands up, places the book from where he took that book and follows behind Nanea.

"Astra, how was your preparation. In the last 5 days you haven't even left the library once except when you had to freshen up. I bet you will ace the tests that are to come in your way." [Nanea]

"I wouldn't be so sure of myself. I might have been keeping myself hold up in the for the last 5 days, but the elders are elders for a reason. If a mere 5 days of continuous preparation allowed anyone to pass in all the specialties of the elders then wouldn't anyone be able to join the sect.

I can only give my best and pray that everything goes well." [Astra]

"You're right. It's so silly of me to ask such a mater to you. Only the future knows what's in store for us." [Nanea]

They walked for quite a long time before reaching a small arena in the edge of the sect. The elders had selected this place so that no one would disturb them and the test could progress without any hitch.

After reaching the arena, the duo could see all the elders waiting for the duo to arrive on the arena. The duo greeted the elders and stood in front of the elders.

"Good. I can see that you don't feel nervous, if it were any other disciple they would have started trembling the very moment they saw all the elders together, but it seems it doesn't faze you at all.

I hope you have prepared well, all the elders here will test you on the field they excel in.

I now announce that the test BEGINS!!!" [Head Elder Zheng]

After the head elder completed his part of speech, an elder came in front of Astra and spoke.

"I am the elder in charg of Martial arts Faction. You can call me Elder Cang. Your first test will be on your understanding of martial arts.

I'll be giving you a box filled with basic tier of martial arts technique. It may be weapon art, fist art, movement art, any, it will all depend on what martial art technique you choose. Then, you'll be given 30 minutes to learn that technique till the stage of minor accomplishment.

If you succeed in reaching this point you pass my test, but if you can't you'll fail. No then, let's begin." [Elder of Martial Arts Faction, Elder Cang]

Saying this much elder Cang pointed towards a box on a table.

Seeing the elder point at the box, Astra understood that the techniques were in the box and he had to draw one from it. Astra walked up to the box and put his hand in the hole present in the box. Inside he could feel many scrolls and manuals, he searched around for some time then took out a manual.

After he took out the manual, he read the name written on the cover of manual Raging Dragon Fist. He then took it to the elder to show him the technique he chose, and handed it to the elder.

The elder was shocked to see the technique chosen by Astra. One could say that it is the toughest technique to master, mastering it to novice accomplishment was a great feat in itself. Seeing elder Cang's shocked expression, head elder asked him what the mater was. On head elders statement, elder Cang handed him the technique manual, and he too was surprised. Both the elders exchanged glances and then head elder Zheng spoke.

"Astra, if you'd like you can choose another technique to master. This technique that you have selected could be aid one of the most difficult technique in basic tier to master, it's difficulty is almost on par with mid tier techniques. Only because of being simple fist art it is ranked in basic tier if not it would have been placed in peak mid tier category." [Elder Zheng]

Hearing elder Zheng's remark, Astra was surprised of learning of a basic tier technique being on par with mid tier technique.

"Elder Zheng, I appreciate the offer but I'd like to cultivate this technique. There seems to be some kind of familiar connection between this technique and me, so I would like to cultivate this technique." [Astra]

Seeing Astra confident and resolute, the elder nodded then gave him the technique manual.

Astra then started gong through the book while Leilana was compiling the book ang fixing the flaws in the technique through the reference of the books collected while they were in the sect library.

After around 10 minutes of going through the manual, Astra finally began practicing the technique according to the compiled book in his consciousness. He executed the fist art according to the compiled book for 4 to 5 times, adjusted his breathing, Qi circulation, blood flow and body movement as written in the compiled book. After doing all this, from the 6th try onwards he finally showed progress in the fist art. He kept on continuing the fist art again and again, each try showed some progress.

After I don't know how many tries perhaps 30-35, when he executed the Raging Dragon Fist, the air around the arena started trembling, and when Astra's fist preyed forward there was a heaven trembling roar that could be heard along with which the ground shook threatening to rip the heaven and earth apart. This scene to the elders seemed like a Dragon's raged roar.

This entire happening made the elders minds to go completely blank. What shocked them the most was that, the result that Elder Cang wanted was surpassed, Astra didn't only reach minor accomplishment in Raging Dragon Fist but he reached major accomplishment in it.

Then, elder Cang spoke.

"Congratulations! Astra, you have passed my test my test by reaching major accomplishment in Raging Dragon Fist." [Elder Cang]

Listening to Elder Cang's word, Astra was dumbfounded. He thought 'is it really this easy to master the hardest Basic tier technique within 30 minutes'. Then, he finally remembered that it wasn't this easy to master the technique, he could only do it because he had a cheat ability of Instant Mastery of any skills he learned. If he'd take some time to practice this technique, then he would reach the peak consummation accomplishment in this technique without any problem.


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