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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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12 Alchemy Tests

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After the Martial Arts test was over Elder Cang went back to join the other elders. Among all the Elders another elder from among the group of Elders went to the testing arena. He was an old man wearing a robe that signifies that he was a part of the Alchemists. Everyone knew this old man to be Elder Chen.

"It's really remarkable that you passed the martial arts test. But don't let it get to your head cause there's more tests to go through. And now you have to pass my Alchemy Test.

Are you ready for the test?" [Elder Chen]

"Umm.." [Astra]

Nodding at elder Chen's word, Astra readied himself for the next test.

Seeing Astra ready for the test, Elder Chen began explaining about the test that he would be conducting.

"Ok then, the test that you'll have to go through is that you'll have to go through two kinds of tests. First will be writing test, then the concoction test. In the first test, there are two parts. In the first part you'll be given a set of 20 questions and you'll have to answer them and the se, if you get over 85% of the answers correct then you pass if not you'll fail, then in the second part you'll be given some herbs, you'll have to write the herbs name, their characteristics, what are they used for and can be used in. And as for the second test, you'll be given a random basic tier concoction formula and you'll have to concoct the pill or elixir according to the formula, if successfully concoct the pill you'll pass that test both the test and as well as the entire alchemy test. Do you understand that?" [Elder Chen]

"Yes, I understand that elder. But elder I do have a small problem. I can go well with the writing test but as for the concoction test, can't anything else be done instead of it, there has to be another kind of test, as I don't have any clue about concoction nor have I ever seen anyone." [Astra]

"Umm.. that is a problem. Though there is another method to pass the test but it's the most difficult test, even for a veteran alchemist. Outside the sect in the Alchemy Guild such test is carried out by gathering 10 alchemist elders of the Alchemy guild against one candidate. And the candidate has to debate against them on alchemy and have to correctly answer every answer that is 10 questions each in total, but if you can't answer even one then you fail, along with which the candidate is severely punished.

But since we are conducting this test for only your disciple selection I'll make an exception. You'll have to answer every single one of my questions. Though I'll be asking 10 questions." [Elder Chen]

"If it's that then I'm totally fine with it." [Astra]

Hearing Astra say this Elder Chen began his test. He first proceeded to the writing tests.

He handed Astra a stack of papers which had set of questions on them and gaps left for the answer. Astra took the stack of sheets and started answering each and every one of the questions one by one. He first went with the easiest ones which he knew the answers of while for the rest of the difficult questions he took the help of Leilana and the books on Alchemy compile by her when they were in the Sect Library.

After 1 hour, Astra handed in the paper to Elder Chen then Elder Chen proceeded with the second part of the test where he flicked his wrist and dozens of medicinal herbs and plants appeared on the table wrapped in cloth in front of Astra, and handed Astra a Paper to write the names, characteristics and the uses of the herbs on them.

All the herbs that were place in front of him were all mentioned in the basic tier books that Astra had gone through in the Sects Library, so it was quite easy for him to name them out, but still to confirm whether all those names were correct or not he took the help of Leilana confirmed them all along with their characteristics and uses. Some of the characteristics and uses were so potent and invaluably important that they weren't even mentioned in the books so he wrote them down as it was obvious that the information given by Leilana ( The Library of Heaven's Path) were all true in all sense.

While Astra was going through the second part of the written test, elder Chen was checking his papers from the first part of the written test. On every questions' answers he checked he was shocked more and more. All the answers to the questions were much detailed but explained in the simplest manner so that even a kid would understand. It is to know that all the questions were on Alchemy so if even a kid could understand it then it was to prove that the kid could understand alchemy related to the questions without any flaw just with a small guidance. And not only that, all the answers were flawless. When he finished checking the papers and was counting the score that Astra had Scored, he couldn't believe his eyes. It was a full 100% score. It is to know that all the questions that were in the paper were similar to the questions asked in the Basic Tier Alchemist selection test and of the most difficult category at that, even an intermediate tier Alchemist couldn't answer all the questions correctly forget 100% it would be a great feat even if they had just scored 75%.

Seeing this shocked expression on Elder Chen's face Elder Zheng went to him.

"What's the matter, Elder Chen? Is everything alright?" [Elder Zheng]

"oh… ah.. yes everything is alright. It's just that I was too shocked with the score scored by Astra in the first part of the written test. Look at it, even you won't believe it." [Elder Chen]

Hearing elder Chen's words elder Zheng was now really curious to know what Astra had scored. So, he took the paper and looked at the score, his eyes widened with shock when he saw those score and started laughing while saying "he's Truly a Genius."

On the other hand while this was going on with the elders, Astra had completed the second part of the written test and was heading towards Elder Chen and handed him the paper of the second part of the written test.

Both Elder Chen and Elder Zheng checked his answers in the sequential order as the herbs were placed. At the end of this test, Astra yet again scored 100% score in the test.

"What a remarkable talent in the Dao of Alchemy, you'll surely are a genius alchemy.

Now that we are done with the first part let's begin the second part of the test." [Elder Chen]

"Right now Astra what I am going to do is bring up a topic which is highly debated within our society of Alchemists. The question being what is the best way to successfully create a even more potent Rejuvenation pill that can provide better results than the current Rejuvenation pill which contains about 75% potency. Now know this you do not need to successfully find a formula to do so but, you are required to bring a theory that may bring better results whether right or wrong.[Elder Chen]

Elder Chen brought this up because he thought there was no way someone as new as Astra to be able to provide better results than Alchemists who have studied in the field for dozens of years. After Astra was given the task he thought about it for a moment before he answered Elder Chen." Sir with the current formula it's only able to provide a result of 75% potency is because of one small difference which makes a huge impact on the rejuvenation pill. You are just missing the fire-ice flower. If you were to add that to the formula it would be a guaranteed 100% potency for the Rejuvenation pill." [Astra]

The Elder was shocked hearing how quick Astra answered the Elder. Then Elder Chen asked Astra:" What makes you so confident that it will be so effective because the Fire-Ice flower is not known to have many uses at all [Astra]

Astra just smiled and then told Elder Chen to please check for it themselves if they questioned his answer. Elder Chen then got a Senior who did not believe a word Astra said so when he did everything according to the formula and then added the Fire-Ice flower his mouth dropped. Elder Chen seeing the Seniors reaction questioned home and then saw the Rejuvenation pill that was just made and he couldn't believe his eyes. It was as Astra has said it did bring it up from the 75% potency to 100. This was huge there was no doubt this would shake the world, who knew how much this would even cost! While trying to maintain a calm demeanor but his voice said otherwise how excited the Elder was about this breakthrough.

"You pass the test. You really are a genius among genius when it comes to Alchemy. I accept my loss.

I still cannot believe that you have successfully created something that we were trying to solve for at least a generation! But when the tests are over whether you become the inner sect disciple or not it doesn't matter to me, if you need anything, be it my guidance or knowledge, I'll always be there to help you with it." [Elder Chen]


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