Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
16 Benefits of the test.
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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16 Benefits of the test.

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Nanea knew that sooner or later if anyone had to show Astra around the sect and the city, then it was without a doubt that this task would befall in her hands. And the incident where Head Elder Zheng tasked her to be the one to look after Astra made this reason more solid. So, without wasting any time she replied.

"I'm very glad and honored to be given the task to show Astra, this generation's most promising disciple of Heavenly Sword Sect, around the sect and the city. I'll fulfill this task with my very heart and soul. I assure you that Astra here would not have any complaints." [Nanea]

Hearing Nanea's reply and assurance, Elder Zheng nodded with a look of satisfaction on his face. Then he turned to Astra and spoke.

"Listen here Astra, if you ever have any problem or issues with anything then do not hesitate to look for any one of us, we'll be always there to help you.

It is a pity that I do not have the full authority to promote you to be a core disciple, given your talent, you are more than qualified to be selected as a core disciple but, without the Sect Patriarch's approval and the test conducted by Patriarch himself, it is nigh impossible for use to promote you to become a core disciple. But after this I will personally seek audience with the Patriarch and bring this matter to light along with all the elders present during this assessment. So, cultivate well till then Astra as once Patriarch learns of this there is a high possibility that you'll be tested by the Patriarch himself on all of those aspects but the most important ones would be your martial and cultivation talent that are the key factors in determining a cultivators future achievements.

Take this token and go to the Contribution Hall to collect you Inner Sect Disciple robe and Student token. The robe you're wearing and the student token that you have are Quasi-inner sect disciple robe and student token with this you can go collect your complete official inner sect disciple robe and student token.

Till next time, farewell!" [Elder Zheng]

He handed a token to Astra and after saying all that he had to say Elder Zheng disappeared from the arena, and the other elders agreed with Elder Zheng's words and also disappeared and headed back to their works. And the other reason was that, once this matter regarding Astra was brought to Patriarch's sight all the elders were sure to be called and inquired about it. And if not then they would have to follow the Patriarch when he looks for Astra to assess him.

Once all the elders left the arena, Nanea turned to Astra and spoke.

"Now that everything is over, Astra if you are fine with it we can begin your tour around the sect and the city." [Nanea]

"Um… I'm fine with it. Let's begin our tour, it'd be easier for both of us that way. But first let us head to the Contribution Hall so that I can collect my Inner sect disciple robe and student token." [Astra]

"Umm…" [Nanea]

After Nanea nodded, both Astra and Nanea headed to the Contribution Hall where Astra could collect his official Inner Sect Disciple and Disciple Token.

Soon enough, both of them reached the Contribute hall where Elder Peng had been waiting of them. On seeing Elder Peng, both Astra and Nanea bowed and greeted elder Peng.

Elder pend nodded at them, then

"Seeing as you are here it seems that your test has been completed. Give me the token that head Elder Zheng gave you." [Elder Peng]

After elder Peng asked of the token, Astra handed it to elder Peng, as he was told to do so. Upon seeing the token, elder Peng stared at it with wide open eyes which seemed like they could pop out of their sockets anytime. After a long time only did Elder Peng regain his composure.


Elder Peng coughed a couple of times to clear the awkwardness caused due to his stunned expression, he spoke.

"Congratulations! On clearing all the tests with flying colors. It seems that you are capable of quite a few things despite such young age.

Wait here for a moment, I'll go get the things you've earned." [Elder Peng]

Elder Peng went in the contribution hall and after some time he came out with a folded rob, a token on the robe and a small bag, all kept on a tray.

The robe was silver in color with golden trims. But the token had some kind of majestic feeling to it, and from the bag one could feel quite an amount of spiritual qi flowing from it.

"Here is your official inner sect disciple robe and token, and take this bag, it contains a 400 Years old Blood Lingzhi." [Elder Peng]

On seeing this both Astra and Nanea were shocked. Astra knew about it as it was widely mentioned in all those cultivation related things that he had researched in his old world. And as for Nanea it was a common knowledge in this world but rare to come across one. Not giving any attention to Astra and Nanea, Elder PEng continued.

"Take these robe and disciple token, make sure to never loose it. And as for this Blood Lingzhi, you can use it in your cultivation. Once it is consumed by anyone, it reinforces the internal organs, increases the density of the blood, reinforces ones life force and increases immunity. And this grade of Blood LIngzhi that you're getting is more than sufficient to help you in strengthening your body, so that your body can sustain the vigorous amount of Qi that one has to store in their body, if not then there is always a possibility of eruption of Qi that could damage the meridians or in the worst case, one could be a cripple for life.

Take this and cultivate well. Your future is in your hands, only you can decide how you'd progress in the future and what path you walk. Also take this as a token of appreciation from me for the talent you posses." [Elder Peng]

Saying this Elder Peng handed him the robe, the disciple token and the Blood LIngzhi and also a Spatial Ring.

Astra received all of them humbly and didn't show any signs of greed of conceit. Seeing how humble this young man in front of him was, unconsciously made Elder Peng nod at him with satisfaction.

"The spatial ring I gave you has a dimension of 7x7 m2 and volume of 7x7x7 m3 that's a lot of area to use but I think it will be really handy to have one. Why don't you store those things in that spatial ring of yours. That way you don't have to carry it back to your dorm or walk around carrying anything physically."[Elder Peng]

Astra's eyes lit up once elder Peng explained about the characteristics of the spatial ring and the area it had where he could store his belongings.

"Elder, I am really grateful for being such high standard goods despite my inadequacy. I promise you that I will do my best to keep up with your expectation. Elder if I may ask, may I know how to use it?" [Elder Peng]

"This should be your first time seeing a spatial ring, and that's probably the reason why you don't know how to use it. To use it you can just pour some of your qi in it to gain access to it and you can retrieve or store anything you want in it with just the thought of it, but you have to be in contact with it, and be sure to never loose it." [Elder Peng]

Following elder Peng's instruction, Astra poured some of hi Qi in the spatial ring and immediately after which a part of his consciousness seeped inside the spatial ring where he could sense nothing but emptiness and the flow of time in it was negligible. After that he thought of storing the items that he got, and in an instant all the items, disappeared from in front of him and when he immersed his consciousness in the ring he could find them in it. This phenomenon really ignited the fire of curiosity in him, he wanted to know how it worked, but he held himself back and made a mental note that he would be sure to uncover this mystery himself.

After he took care of the items he received, both Nanea and Astra bowed to the elder Peng before they left.



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