Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
17 What feeling is this?
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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17 What feeling is this?

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After Astra received his reward and the disciple robe and token, he along with Nanea and Pulchera began making his way to the city where Nanea would show him around to make him familiar with the city.

After walking for 10 minutes, both of them reached the city. Last time when Astra had been to the city, he hadn't had the time to properly look around the city, but now that he had enough time to look around the city, he could appreciate the grand feeling that the city gave of.

After they reached the city, Nanea thought that it would be better to show some of the popular places enjoyed by locals to Astra.

Nanea knew that Astra hadn't had the time to look around the city and since the day he came he had been completely busy with the tests, so it would be a good idea for him to relax a bit. She wracked her brain to think of any place where they could relax a bit, after a bit she remembered a place in the city. It was a garden, neither too grand nor too unimpressive, not too far away from where they currently were.

Nanea asked Astra to follow her with Pulchera, after walking towards the centre of the city for about 5 minutes, they reached a garden.

There are many pavilions, a library, and ponds scattered inside the garden those ancient architectures were in harmony with nature. The garden features more of trees than flowers, however just imagining how beautiful it would be on a perfect autumn foliage. In summer season, there are a lot of lotus flowers in bloom on a pond. When one visits the garden, they would feel like they found a hidden place surrounded by a bustling big city. The best thing is that unlike other gardens located in remote areas, this garden is located in center of city. Many people can easily access and make them enjoy a tranquil and beautiful scene. This place is helpful to get rid of stress and to recharge one's stressed mind. At the centre of the garden, there was a mid size fountain where on could see a never disappearing rainbow, during the day time.

Nanea, Astra and Pulchera after reaching the garden felt like they had walked to another world, this was so especially for Astra and Pulchera as it was their first time being here. They couldn't believe that a place like this existed in a bustling city like this. They looked for a place near the fountain to relax.

After finding a place, Pulchera was let to play as she would like. When Pulchera was let go, she walked upto the fountain and began playing with water, splashing it all over as if trying to gain attention, this scene was too captivating that Astra couldn't take his eyes off of her.

After resting for a bit.

"Do you have any preferences, where you'd like to visit first?" [Nanea]

Astra pondered for a bit, then said.

"If you're fine with it then, could you show me the way around to the Apothecary Store. I want to have a look at the products that are sold there. And from there I would like you to guide me around the city and show me more of the popular and majestic places." [Astra] {AN: I've used Alchemist in the previous chapter but now Apothecary will be used instead of it.}

"I had a hunch that you'd say that, since the last time we came here you had said you'd never seen a grand city like this. Ok, let's begin with visiting the places you want to go. First of let's go to the Apothecary Store.

Umm… before we go there, do you have any amount of coins on you?" [Nanea]

"Umm.. No. Why do you ask?" [Astra]

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY 'Why do you ask?'. If something catches your eye or you want to buy something then of course you need money to by those things, if not you can only watch as if gets away from you. Sigh…. Leave it. It can't be helped, you haven't been here for that long to gave enough money on you. Sorry for yelling at you. I'll lend you some money, but be sure to return the amount that you owe me when you can." [Nanea]

Saying this Nanea took out a pouch from her spatial ring and gave it to Astra. Astra received the pouch humbly.

"This pouch contains a total of 50 gold coins. Be sure to use them wisely." [Nanea]

Astra thanked her and smiled with gratitude at her.

When Nanea say the smile, these was a sudden increase in the rate of her heart beat. And her face flushed red. Nanea didn't know what was happening, she felt a warm sensation inside her welling up in her heart. It happened exactly at the moment she say Astra smile. This was totally new to her.

When Astra saw how red Nanea's face had become, he asked out of worry and concern.

"What happened? Are you not feeling well? We can leave today's looking around the city for some other day. The most important thing is for you to be well." [Astra]

Nanea had tried to calm the feeling in her, but when Astra expressed his worry and concern towards Nanea, the emotion and feeling intensified in her. She couldn't take it anymore, to her the world in front of her seemed spinning, she was about to collapse, when Astra hurried forward and caught her, preventing her from collapsing.

Though it was uncalled for but for some reason, Pulchera felt somewhat uneasy, as if not wanting her master to be so close to any female. A feeling of jealousy built up in her.

Astra checked her pulse and vitals and had also asked Leilana to check for any anomaly in her body that had resulted in her collapsing and sighed with relief upon realizing that it was nothing serious.

It was a good thing that, they were not to far away form Silver Wings, the inn in which they had stayed on the day Astra first walked to the city with Nanea. Astra hurried towards the inn and within a short time he reached the inn. After reaching the inn he quickly entered the inn, and rented a room at the reception desk. After renting that room, he placed Nanea on the bed, adjusted her posture so that she wouldn't feel uncomfortable, then he walked out of the room and went to the reception desk.

At the reception desk a lady in her early 20s was sitting. When she saw Astra, coming towards the desk, she asked.

" How is the Lady whom you brought?" [Receptionist]

The receptionist was the same person who had been responsible for registering rooms that Nanea had rented when Astra was first brought to the city.

"She should be fine, she only collapsed and there's nothing to worry about. and Thank You." [Astra]

"That's good to hear. Do you have anything that you'd like?" [Receptionist]

"Not yet at the very moment, but I'd trouble you to make something to eat, neither to heavy nor to light when Nanea wakes up. Till then I'll be in that room looking after her." [Astra]

After saying this Astra handed some money that Nanea had given him ans the rent amount and walked to the room, where Nanea was resting.

He walked in to the room and sits in one corner of the room watching over Nanea. While he was waiting for Nanea to regain consciousness, Astra without himself realizing began cultivating the cultivation technique which he had got when he first reincarnated in this world.

The Spiritual Qi in the surrounding began to gather around Astra's body. The sipritual Qi began started revolving in a specific pattern and entered in Astra's body and began accumulating in his Dantian. Astra was only in Early stage of «Spirit Qi Core Formation Realm» and hadn't yet fully solidified his cultivation at this realm. The only reason others didn't notice this was because he cultivated a heavenly cultivation technique and the Qi in his body was so pure and dense that no one could truly fathom the strength he possessed. But now that he began cultivating, his strength started soaring up. Though his progress speed had decreased a bit form earlier due to his rise in cultivation, but it was still a very speedy cultivation that others would call monstrous.

Time flowed, a total of 6 hours had passed and it was getting dark, but Astra had no idea about it. At this moment, Nanea began showing some movement. When she opened her eyes, she was on guard on seeing an unfamiliar roof. She slowly began observing the room. While observing, in a corner of a room she saw a shadow, she focused her gaze at the shadow, and recognized the shadow to be Astra. While she was looking at him she noticed that he was cultivating and was amazed upon noticing the dense amount of Qi that had gathered around him.

While she was looking at Astra and took a closer look at his concentrated but calm and serene face, the same feeling that she felt earlier resurfaced. She still couldn't understand what was the feeling she felt and why she felt. She understood that she ever only begins feeling every time she looked at Astra, but the this that that she couldn't understand was, why she felt like that. The more she looked at Astra, the more the feeling built up and faster her heart raced. She tried to calm herself down but couldn't and the fact that they both were alone in a room intensified the feeling even more.

She began pondering over it to find why she felt so. She began pondering over why she felt it?, what was the cause of it?, Who was Astra to her to make her feel so? And all such queries. She kept on pondering over it for quite a while but still couldn't figure out answers to any of her own queries.

The room was complete silent for a long time, one busy with cultivating while the other was pondering over her queries. The sun set and night began, the streets were slowly getting deserted. Only then did Astra opened his eyes. When he saw the time, he was shocked that he'd spent so long staying ideal but hadn't noticed the time pass by at all, then he shifted his gaze towards the bed on which he'd lain Nanea, there he saw Nanea sitting and a look of confusion and pondering could be seen on her face. Not being able to hold himself back, Astra, called out to Nanea and walked up to her.

"When did you wake up? You could have called me out when you did. And is bugging you, that look of confusion and pondering doesn't suit you." [Astra]

Nanea got startled at the sudden call from Astra. But she calmed herself down and spoke.

"No, it's nothing really. Ah.. and I'm sorry, I couldn't withhold my promise that I made to you." [Nanea]

"Why are you apologizing? You haven't done anything that you need to apologize for.

How are you feeling?" [Astra]

"I'm fine now. It's all thanks to you. By the way where are we?" [Nanea]

"We're in Silver Wings. You know the inn in which we stayed on the first day we met and you brought me to the city.

Let's go downstairs, you've been asleep for quite a while, and you need to replenish your energy." [Astra]

After that both of them walked downstairs while Astra was full of energy as he had just finished his unconscious cultivation, Nanea was still weak, for not have eaten anything for the entire day. Though for a cultivator spending few days without eating wouldn't be a problem but for some unknown reason Nanea was too weak to even walk a few steps, so Astra was supporting he walk.

After they reached downstairs, Astra found a empty table for the two where he made Nanea to sit, then walked to the receptionist and ordered the food to be served. Immediately after which, the receptionist went in the kitchen and came out with quite a bit of food for the two of them to eat. The duo thanked the receptionist for her help, then they began eating their fill. They didn't leave a single grain wasted, but Astra had eaten the most as if he hadn't been fed for a week.

Once they were done with their food, they looked outside and saw that it was quite late at night and so Astra booked another room and both of them stayed the night at the inn.

Nanea was in her room thinking over everything that had happened, she remembered each and every moment of the day clearly, and the thing that she was constantly thinking over was that, despite she being unguarded and alone in a room, Astra didn't do anything ill to her, and was looking after her whole wholeheartedly. Unknown to her she had begun developing feelings towards Astra.



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