Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
18 The Shock the Elders fel
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Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend
Author :Dragon_Saint_God
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18 The Shock the Elders fel

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The night passed in the blink of an eye. Both of them excited their room almost exactly at the same time. This made Nanea a bit startled at the beginning, but she sobbed regained her calm.

Both of them then went downstairs where they were warmly greeted by the receptionist.

"Good morning! Hope you had a good night sleep" [Receptionist]

"Umm... We did." [Both spoke at the same time]

After exchanging greetings both of them ordered few things to eat as breakfast.

Once they finished their first, they began making their way towards the sect as it was a very important day for Astra. Today was the first day for Astra in the sect as an official disciple, and there was no way would either he or Nanea would miss it. Like the time in Astra's previous world where the first day for anything they were doing was really important be it attending school or first day at some job, no one would ever miss it. Same was the case here, in this world. Every child who were about to be introduced into the cultivation and martial arts world, they would never miss it, this day was also called COMING OF AGE CEREMONY by them. It was also the same for those attending the sect for the first time after they joined one.

That being the case, both of them hurried towards the sect. While the both of them were making their way to the sect Nanea kept on sneaking a peak or two at Astra every now and then, and had this bashful look on her face. While sneaking a peak at Astra, Nanea kept on remembering the emotions that she felt the day before, because of this there was an awkward silence between them the whole time til they reached the sect.

The duo on reaching the sect entrance were greeted by the guards. Then they entered the sect and headed towards the Elder Hall to greet the elders.

After they walked around for some time, they reached the Elder Hall. There they asked the guards to ask permission to the elders stating they have come to pay their respects to the elders.

The guard nodded then went inside the Elder Hall to notify then Elders that Astra and Nanea had come to visit them. Shortly after the guard returned and escorted the duo to the Elders' conference hall where all the elders had gathered to discuss some maters.

"Disciple Astra/Nanea greet the Elders!!" [Astra and Nanea]

"Umm.." [All the Elders]

"What brings you two here? We were just about to send someone to look for both of you.

Either way it makes our job a lot easier." [Elder Zheng]

After listening to that both Astra and Nanea were a bit confused for why the head would have looked for them but could somewhat guess that it was something related to Astra's grooming in the sect.

Both of them silently stood in front of the elders to listen to what they were meaning to both of them about.

"You do know that form today onwards you are one of the disciples of our Heavenly Sword Sect and it is our responsibility to groom you to be one of the best disciples of the sect as you are the most promising disciple of this generation… no probably the most promising disciple of the sect in the last half a decade. And it is also your duty to reciprocate by giving your best and work really really hard so as to not disappoint us." [Elder Zheng]

After Elder Zheng finished saying this all the elders nodded at his words and at the same time Astra stepped forward and said.

"This disciple swears on his name that he won't disappoint the Elders and work so hard that h will surpass your expectations. If I fail to do so may the heaven strike this disciple." [Astra]

He spoke all these words with a stern and confident look on his face.

When all the elders saw the confidence in Astra's eyes they were a bit amazed as this kind of look was very hard to see in a disciple of this generation. And they all nodded at him and his vow with a very happy and satisfied look. They were proud of themselves for having accepted a disciple like Astra but they didn't let it be shown on their faces.

They felt proud because it was rel hard to come by any one to take in as a disciple who had decent talent in cultivation if they manage to find one then there would be another difficulty of finding someone who wasn't arrogant while had a decent talent for cultivation. And even if they find someone with both these quirks it would be anther difficult task to fine someone who was hard working. And they had found a perfect disciple, Astra, who had all these qualities so, they couldn't help but feel proud for being able to impart their knowledge to him.

"We're really satisfied with the display of your determination, but we won't known until we've seen the results of your training. So, do not let the feeling that you've achieved something great by becoming the disciple being directly groomed by us elders get to your head 'cause if we don't see the results of all the training that we give you you will probably never be able to get our guidance again." [Elder Cang]
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All the other Elders agreed on Elder Cang's words. As it was true that some faked their act of confidence only to get someone's backing and later laze around and bully others using the names of elders only to result in sullying those elder's name.

"Elder Cang is right. You can only showcase the viability of your words through your actions only. If words meant everything then we wouldn't have to train at all.

Never-mind that, we call you both her for a reason. But first tell me disciple Astra. How much of the basic knowledge on all the seven major fields have you accumulated during your stay in the sect library before the test?" [Elder Zheng]

Astra after being asked such question pondered a bit then replied.

"Elder, this disciple has accumulated around 50 to 60% of the basic on each field accounting all the three floors." [Astra]

All the people in the room were flabbergast, it was already a huge feat to be able to accumulate 30 to 40% of the basic knowledge on one floor only but here stood someone who was able to accumulate 50 to 60% of the knowledge of not a single floor but all the three floors.

It took a very long time for them to regain their composer. Once they had regained their calm Elder Hao asked to confirm what he heard.

"Umm… I think I miss heard could you repeat what you said?" [Elder Hao]

"Elder this disciple has accumulated around 50 to 60% of the basic knowledge accounting all the three levels of the Sect library that contain basic knowledge." [Astra]

"Brilliant! What an astounding talent.  Amazing! It would have already if you had accumulated that amount to basic knowledge from on floor only but you managed to accumulate that vast knowledge on all the three floor in only th span of a week. Truly brilliant. Here take this token. With this token you'll be able to go till 6th floor of the library which is the limit of the peak inner sect disciple, and you can stay in it for as long as you want." [Elder Zheng]

Elder Zheng, who couldn't contain his feelings and excitement walked up to Astra and handed him a crimson gold token probably only one of it's kind in the entire sect to Astra.

Astra smiled wryly and politely received the token from Elder Zheng.


After the elders asked about hoe much knowledge Astra had accumulated, he had a look of pondering, but in his consciousness he was asking Leilana what he should reply with. Since he had accumulated complete 100% of basic knowledge on all the fields from all three floors as he possessed Leilana, The Library of Heaven's Path, but this thing was a secret that had to be kept from the world. So he had asked for Leilana for her opinion. After thinking around for a bit she told Astra to tell the elders that he had accumulated around 50 to 60% of the total on the three floors, this way he wouldn't embarrass himself despite being the possessor of Leilana and also would have a pretty decent evaluation by the elders.

But after what he said to the elders he wished that he had said something lesser perhaps around 20 - 30% or even 35%, but of all he had to say 50 - 60%. He sighed and let it go as there was no use fretting over spilled beans.


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