Lord Xue Ying
1075 Upper Honored Guest Flying Snow
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1075 Upper Honored Guest Flying Snow

xue ying naturally recognized this muscular male who was covered in blood-colored flames with a single glance. that was a cosmos god from the fan clan–'monarch andromeda', and was also the legs and arms of sky-rending great paragon. he was powerful and could fight against fiery zhao king and maple nest king on equal grounds.

"pu pu pu~" even as he stood there, the blood flames underneath his feet melted the surrounding mountainous rocks into ashes.

his ice-cold eyes swept across the five cultivators in front of him. even the three primal chaos experts from the fan clan were obedient.

"upper honored guest flying snow, honored guest sauron." monarch andromeda said, "even though the two of you have been chosen, many disciples within my fan clan are unconvinced. hence, we would like to have a simple trial for the two of you… if both of you were to pass, you'd naturally continue with the mission. otherwise, those disciples who have been push aside would be taking your positions. the two of you should have no objections to this right?"

"i don't." xue ying said.

sauron was instead stunned momentarily. he could not help but turn to xue ying, and only after that did he answer: "neither do i."

at this moment.

including king sauron and the other three absolute primal chaos realm experts from the fan clan, they could not help but turn to xue ying. shock and disbelief filled their eyes, including some slight unhappiness!

upper honored guest flying snow?

"he has become an upper honored guest?"

"he could become an upper honored guest at the primal chaos realm?"

before this, there were only a few who knew that xue ying had been conferred with the identity as an upper honored guest, though fan tian chong and the rest dared not boast about this. after all, this mission was critical, and the rules of the fan clan were strict. this was the first time the three core disciples of the fan clan hear of it that this xue ying was an upper honored guest.

'i am only an honored guest yet he is an upper honored guest?' the proud king sauron could not help but feel unhappiness at this moment. after all, he ruled countless tribes within the icy plains and was absolutely unparalleled at the primal chaos realm. he had even defeated several cosmos gods with one dying in his hands.

"since both of you have no objections, follow me then." monarch andromeda indifferently mentioned.


a grand burst of flame engulfed xue ying and the other four. monarch andromeda directly brought them along through the sky. with a teleportation, they arrived within a forbidden ground in the fan clan magic mountain.

"mn?" xue ying felt his surroundings blurred before realizing that he had arrived at another location in the fan clan magic mountain. there was a massive lake in front of him. by this lake was a grassy plains colored blood. there were currently two primal chaos experts standing there. one was the snow-white-armored male whom xue ying saw before, 'fan tian yun'. the other was a quiet male wearing black cape. even though he remained silent, he was like a volcano that was about to erupt, giving others a sense of endless suppression.

"sou sou sou sou sou!"

xue ying and the other four descended. fan tian yun and the black-caped male both turned to these five.

"gu gu gu~"

the next moment, enormous eyes began peering through the lake water.

xue ying and the rest trembled.



that large eyes coming from beneath the lake gave off a feeling of threat which xue ying felt had reached that from the 'sacred master', albeit slightly lesser.

'he is an existence on the same level with my teacher?' xue ying thought.

"great paragon."

monarch andromeda took the initiative to bow, "this time, we'll have to trouble great paragon for your help in determining the strength of these young fellows."


a black-robed male suddenly appeared on the surface of the lake. he indifferently stated: "my fan clan has been defeated five times consecutively. it is fine for the xia clan to grab victory thrice, but the cang clan has won twice! for us to be subpar than the cang clan, this generation of young fellows is truly such a disgrace."

the core disciples of fan clan present revealed a look of dismay and guilt.

"in the history of my fan clan, we have never lost six times consecutively. if we were to lose again, it'd be absolutely disgraceful. furthermore, our fan clan has not entered the 'origin realm god palace' left behind by yuan for five times already, causing master to be infuriated." the black-robed male coldly stared at the junior disciples, "this time, we have to win! alright, this is my incarnation. later on, you all will try to defeat my incarnation, and a newer incarnation with a stronger strength will appear. this will continue until you could no longer defeat me. the more you defeated me, the stronger your power will be."

"fan tian yun, fan lie huo, since the two of you are unconvinced, the two of you should come on first."

the black-robed male nonchalantly mentioned.

the snow-white-armored male fan tian yun and the other black-caped uncommunicative male looked at each other.

"i'll go first." fan tian yun stated.

and xue ying watched on by the side. nevertheless, a tsunami of emotion had formed in his heart: 'yuan? origin realm god palace?'

from what he had heard, it seemed this battle between the three great clans of the summer wind ancient nation should be for the rights of entering the 'origin realm god palace' left behind by yuan. and with the identity of xue ying, he had actually not heard of the origin realm god palace before.

'it is actually related to yuan.' xue ying thought.

what he relied on to reincarnate into this world was precisely the 'realm heart order' left behind by yuan.

and the many yuan god palace within realm heart great land which determined the level of strength cultivators had testified how extraordinary the status 'yuan' had in realm heart great land. this was a truly mysterious and frightening existence.


"hong, hong, hong."

fan tian yun fought with that black-robed male.

the black-robed male was merely an incarnation of the mysterious great paragon underneath the lake. xue ying was able to deduce from what the other party said, 'causing master to be infuriated', that he should be the 'devouring cloud beast' that tagged along ancestor fan when he was still weaker. the devouring cloud beast was also the mount that ancestor fan used as traveled across the realm heart great land, though now, ancestor fan would usually set off alone and had no need for this mount any longer.

the devouring cloud beast in the past was also a great paragon in the fan clan.

"hua." the black-robed male was hacked apart by a great ax. closely following that, another incarnation was condensed shortly on the surface of the lake.

once, twice, thrice…

the combat strength displayed by fan tian yun slightly astonished xue ying. the other party made use of an ax, yet was more tyrannical than xue ying with his . furthermore, the fleshy body of fan tian yun was powerful too! the surface of his body would be covered in a black aura during battle. gradually as the incarnation grew stronger, the revealed combat strength by fan tian yun startled xue ying even more. this strength was absolutely at the peak of the tenth level.

'i wonder what absolute art he cultivates that is stronger than my in close combat.' xue ying muttered inwardly. this was inevitable as there were quite a few secret impartation techniques the fan clan had on ax technique. furthermore, the 'summer clan' and 'cang clan' all had such secret impartation techniques. even though the three great clans competed with one another, it was possible to learn some secret impartation technique from another clan if sufficient price was paid.


fan tian yun was blasted away. he stopped and respectfully mentioned: "great paragon, i have already tried my best."

"mn, six times." the black-robed male nodded. he looked at the black-caped male this time, "you come."


fan lie huo walked forward. his black cape billowed with the wind. even at this moment, his expression remained calm.


a blade light that was serene yet filled with boundless death aura cut down on the black-robed male. one blade dissipated the incarnation. the black-robed male condensed another new embodiment.

one blade! eliminated!

one blade! eliminated!

the blade of fan lie huo was filled with death and brutality. just by looking at it made xue ying's eyes dilate. even though the fan clan had powerful secret impartation techniques, they were usually very hard to cultivate! the only benefit of belonging to these powerful organizations was that the cultivators would be given the most appropriate secret impartation technique according to their talent, allowing them to maximize their potential.

if one said that 'fan tian yun' had extremely high combat techniques–fan tian yun's ax technique was more profound than the scarlet cloud combat technique…

then fan lie huo specialized in one single special move–just one blade!

after defeating the incarnation five consecutive times, fan lie huo succeeded only after slashing out twice. as for the seventh time, fan lie huo was heavily injured. he sustained and let out a total of 13 blades before succeeding.

"pu." fan lie huo fell onto the ground with substantial injuries. he slowly climbed up; his injuries could be seen recovering quickly. he then articulated with a low tone: "great paragon, i've tried my best."

fan tian yun's expression became slightly ugly.

it seemed fan lie huo had destroyed one more incarnation than he did.

"it'll be the two of you from now on." the black-robed male turned to the two outsiders who were chosen this time.

"upper honored guest, there is no need to worry. i'll go first." king sauron gave xue ying a smile. those core disciples who were present turned to xue ying, looking at him with a peculiar gaze–upper honored guest! how did this primal chaos expert become an upper honored guest?

king sauron did not use any weapons. instead, he fought with his fists.

icy plains tribe...

was located in the territory of icy snow ancient nation. the three old ancestors of icy snow ancient nation had all reached an unparalleled realm with their body cultivation. hence, in terms of 'body cultivation', the icy snow ancient nation was best. as for the 'icy plains tribe', being a tribe located within the territory of the icy snow ancient nation, they had fantastic body cultivation techniques too. king sauron had grasped some unique opportunities, allowing him to refine his body to an exceptional degree.

naturally, even though the icy plains tribe was located in the territory of the icy snow ancient nation, the fan clan could still extend their reaches within. it was clear that king sauron had chosen to join the fan clan as an honored guest because the cultivation techniques of summer wind ancient nation were honestly too monotonous. the body cultivation techniques in the nation were terrific, yet they clearly lacked in other daos. the 'summer wind ancient nation' was more all-rounded, and that was what king sauron sought.

"hong hong hong~"

he extinguished six black-robed incarnations one after another. when the seventh appeared, he was clearly having a hard time. but at this moment, he emitted a laugh. this laughter reverberated grandly, producing a ripple that strangely struck the incarnation of the black-robed male, causing his strength to be affected. at that time, king sauron immediately struck out and defeated the seventh incarnation. he lasted all the way to the eighth.

only then did king sauron stop.

fan tian yun and fan lie huo were dumbfounded. eight rounds? no wonder the fan clan would invite this outsider over.

"it is your turn." the black-robed male cast his gaze on the distant xue ying. at that moment, king sauron, fan lie huo, fan tian yun, and the other three core disciples turned to xue ying. even monarch andromeda looked at him.

to gain the status of an upper honored guest at the primal chaos realm…

how strong was this xue ying?

xue ying moved forward. he strode to the side of the lake. looking at the black-robed male standing on the lake, xue ying bowed and greeted: "great paragon, pardon for the disrespect."
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