Lord Xue Ying
1078 Pinnacle of Void-ification
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1078 Pinnacle of Void-ification

"zhi ya." the courtyard door opened.

fan san yuan and fan mo zhu both looked inside the courtyard, only to see a green-armored and seemingly sluggish 'fan yi qian' swaying out. a blank look still hung on his face. following that, the door to the courtyard behind shut close.

"why did you leave?" fan san yuan felt puzzled, "did i not ask you to stay in his courtyard if he did not want to battle until he caves in?"

fan mo zhu also added from the side: "if he forced you out, you could make use of that opportunity to fight against him."

"we fought." fan yi qian looked ahead in a daze, muttering out.


fan san yuan and fan mo zhu felt their hearts trembling. they turned towards each other. both of them were just outside the courtyard. even though this courtyard contained arrays protecting it, isolating all sound and most disturbances, how could a battle between two tenth level experts not produce anything? it was entirely possible that people outside the place could feel it, much less when fan yi qian specialized most in using strength to break techniques!

but they did not feel anything just now, and fan yi qian came out too quickly!

he just entered recently, and should have only spoken a few words before coming out already?

and according to him, they already fought?

"what is going on?" fan san yuan asked.

"i lost." fan yi qian mumbled, "lost wholeheartedly. let's go, we aren't his opponent at all."

saying that, fan yi qian turned around and left. he headed towards his courtyard.

"what exactly happened that made him like that?" fan san yuan and fan mo zhu were both bewildered.

"yi qian has an extremely overbearing and unreasonable personality. he is extremely proud in his heart too." the eyes of fan mo zhu had a weird color as she looked at xue ying's courtyard that was by her side, "but if he were to lose the battle to someone at the same level pitifully, it might just impact him a lot. there is only big brother within the primal chaos experts in our fan clan who could barely suppress him. but this time, no disturbances were created during the battle, yet he came out shortly after. that means ying shan xue ying should have defeated him in one or two moves effortlessly! and it was truly a miserable defeat."

fan san yuan softly nodded.

fan yi qian's strength was extremely frightening, especially after using his forbidden techniques! but xue ying actually defeated him soundlessly?

"it isn't the five phases sealing technique." fan mo zhu said, "it should be some other secret technique that gave him the ability to easily defeat yi qian! and it should not be any weaker than the five phases sealing technique."

fan san yuan softly nodded.

there were still techniques that were not any weaker than the five phases sealing technique and were soundless. for instance, curses, prophecies, mirage and illusory realm, and others. even the extremely complex array lineage could generate a frightening secret technique that was entirely removed from the flow of time. these were all soundless. if one did not include soundless techniques, then there were even more secret techniques that could defeat fan yi qian.

ancestor fan, emperor summer, and many other unparalleled existences had created such secret techniques! that mysterious and transcendental 'yuan' left behind even more frightening secret techniques! but all these were theoretical, of course.

like the 'five phases sealing technique', other than the genius from towering sky ancient nation, there was only xue ying who grasped it. just these two existences!

fan yi qian had not cultivated his chosen technique to the pinnacle; currently, he could only use one of the three forbidden techniques.

"it seems within reason that the great paragons all agreed to make ying shan xue ying an upper honored guest of our fan clan." fan san yuan said. he no longer had the thought to battle with the other party.

"we'll find out how powerful he is when the competition between the three clans begin." fan mo zhu chuckled.

"mn, regardless, it is good that he is strong for our fan clan." fan san yuan softly nodded. even though he was prideful, if he were surpassed greatly by someone like xue ying, he would merely admire the other party and become more motivated.

that's the world of cultivators. the summer wind ancient nation held many other nations in disdain, but there were a minority few who could still win their admiration and respect! like 'southern cloud king' for instance.


"at least i have peace now."

xue ying softly nodded. he did not wish to make too many enemies within the fan clan.

because during his plan of cultivation, the fan clan was an essential part of it! when he became a cosmos god, xue ying would naturally send out an avatar back to his hometown primal chaos void, understanding everything which happened there in his hometown. but no matter if it were the 'destruction devils' who were getting stronger or 'sacred master', they were all forcing xue ying to become strong as fast as possible.

one had to know that the secret treasures in his hometown primal chaos void were refined more crudely! it was impossible for those back at his hometown reach his current level of combat power.

primal chaos realm… could only achieve the ninth level in combat power.

it was tough to battle against those of a higher realm at the cosmos god realm in his hometown too.

'it is very difficult to deal against sacred master. i have to rely on the scriptures which the fan clan has. only then could i grow stronger faster. the opportunity placed in front of me this time to earn contribution points is a rare chance. i must complete the task beautifully.' xue ying sat within the courtyard. after waiting for a moment, and knowing that nobody was knocking his door anymore, xue ying knew that the three core disciples would not be coming to disturb him anymore.

he immediately stood.

"magic dragon, if there aren't any important matters, don't disturb me." xue ying ordered.

"yes, master." the magic dragon's gaze towards xue ying was filled with worship. that fan clan core disciple who defeated king sauron was actually easily defeated by his master in a single move. his master was too amazing!


xue ying instead entered the cultivation room of this courtyard and began his meditation and cultivation.

the fan clan provided the best meditation rooms to these five experts who would be participating in the competition between the three clans. when xue ying sat cross-legged within, he could feel the energy from the surrounding array revolving about and nourishing his fleshy body and soul. this effect was tremendously good. it was much better than the void god pagoda constructed in flying snow city.

there was no choice. the fan clan naturally produced stellar things.

what a pity that he would not be staying here for long!


xue ying closed his eyes. he began recollecting some of the reflections he had of the past battles.

naturally, it excluded the battle with fan yi qian as it was too simplistic! instead, it was the battle with the incarnation of great paragon devouring cloud, especially during the eighth time when xue ying defeated the other party only after six consecutive strikes. facing the technique which great paragon devouring cloud used to defend himself, xue ying's five phases sealing technique also change accordingly. with the five phases operating together, xue ying sought to find the weakness of the enemy.

and these six consecutive palms, each was performed in a slightly different manner.

"five phases rotation…" xue ying recalled the battle, absorbing some comprehensions he had.

suddenly, he thought of the void-ification technique.


xue ying felt his heart moving.

at that moment, he was enlightened! xue ying had after all researched in the void-ification technique for far too long. in his previous life, he had reached the 50th level in the walker's hidden secret! xue ying even studied monarch nine cloud's four-diagrams absolute art inheritance until he could no longer improve further. he also remained comprehending and pondering over the scaled-armor of general mo gu. after reincarnating into the realm heart great land, he first reached the tenth level grand perfection stage in his southern cloud sacred body! after grasping the 'five phases sealing technique', this enabled xue ying to reach the pinnacle of primal chaos realm in five dao paths of the void lineage. xue ying even researched the profound mysteries behind the void-ification talents of the void lineage insects…

constant accumulations had long enabled xue ying to use the mysterious inscriptions of general mo gu's scaled-armor as the core and fuse his understanding of many techniques into it like ingredients in a furnace. xue ying merely lacked that final 'spark' to combine them together.

at this moment!

within the cultivation room when he recalled the five phases rotation, xue ying actually comprehended where the spark was.

'why the need to forcibly fuse them? i should just rotate and allow the strong or weak to change according to circumstances.'

xue ying thought in his heart.


as he sat there cross-legged, the void around him abruptly distort. many strands of colorful light warped, fusing together into a black hole. at the center of the black hole sat xue ying.

'i will not be extinguished even if the world is annihilated. unless there is a force which could break apart the cage of the origin world, harming the origin world along the way, otherwise, no attacks could injure me.' xue ying chuckled. that time, sacred master sought to deal against monarch nine cloud and shattering the primitive ancient sacred world during the final battle, yet all he could do was to heavily injure monarch nine cloud, allowing the other party to escape. in the end, sacred master could not acquire the third fire prison realm cauldron.

the reason monarch nine cloud survived was due to how frightening the pinnacle of void-ification was!

only when a technique could break apart the origin world could it injure the expert who cultivated to the pinnacle of void-ification! but it would only 'injure' the other party! killing the one who reached this degree was too hard!

like xue ying when he used the arch destruction, he could only shatter a few black fog spherical particles. such move, if it were dealt against xue ying, would only barely destroy a single cell! hence, 'pinnacle of void-ification' was something many experts sought after. even xue ying's teacher gu qi had not attained the pinnacle of void-ification. instead, it was the creator of the voidwalker lineage, 'void primogenitor' who achieved it.

this not an easy step to take.

some cosmos gods of the void lineage could not even create it when they did not have the secret technique!

but for a primal chaos expert to create this! it was truly unfathomable!

in the primal chaos void, the destruction devils could stealthily permeate through the void castle constructed by the cultivators precisely because they had the 'shadowless talent'. it incurred many disasters. hence, attaining the 'pinnacle of void-ification' was akin to enabling a qualitative transformation!

'since this is an undying technique produced by nine daos rotating, i shall call this void-ification technique, the .' xue ying smiled, 'who would have thought that after bitterly cultivating for so many years ever since i reincarnated until now, it is here at the fan clan magic mountain that i finally comprehended it.'

at the same time when he understood the 'nine rotation undying technique'.

xue ying immediately felt that if he continued researching down this 'dao of void' path, he would be able to break through to the cosmos god realm.

his accumulation was honestly too broad!

the 'five phases sealing technique' and the more challenging 'nine rotation undying technique'! furthermore, the nine rotation undying technique was created by himself!

with such a deep foundation, as long as xue ying cultivated slightly longer, he would easily break through to the cosmos god realm in the dao of void.

'no rush.'

'i still want to participate in the fan clan's competition between the three clans. if i were to break through to the cosmos god realm now, i would be disqualified.' xue ying thought, 'let's wait a bit more. in any case, the competition will be starting soon. i can simply break through after the competition ends. by then, i can send my avatar back to my hometown! jing qiu, yu'er, qing yao…'

currently, xue ying was reminiscing back to the past, thinking about his wife and children.

were they still good after xue ying left for so long?

'i'll wait. wait a little longer…' xue ying encouraged himself silently.


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