Lord Xue Ying
1091 Comprehending the Dao under the Burning Heart God Tree
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1091 Comprehending the Dao under the Burning Heart God Tree

summer wind capital, fan clan magic mountain.

xue ying was the guest, and sky-rending great paragon was the host. sky-rending great paragon stood up: "haha, younger brother flying snow, you should spend some time properly cultivating under this burning heart god tree and experience yourself how unique the burning heart god tree is."

"many thanks, great paragon." xue ying said.

"haha, it is a minor matter." sky-rending great paragon laughed before leaving. the female attendants left along with him.

sky-rending great paragon went back to his own palace and sat on his throne. he looked downwards.

"great paragon." monarch andromeda respectfully said, "i've already arranged for king sauron to return back to his hometown. should i arrange to send upper honored guest flying snow back to southern cloud nation too?"

"he is currently cultivating underneath the burning heart god tree, and would likely cultivate for close to a year." sky-rending great paragon gave a mysterious laugh. in his opinion, once xue ying experienced how unique the burning heart god tree was, he would definitely cultivate for the full one year! who knows, xue ying might even deliberately delay for more time, but by then, he would definitely appear and send the other party off.

"burning heart god tree?" monarch andromeda was shocked, "this, this… letting him use it, this…"

"his origin is extraordinary. that time, my teacher personally took the initiative to take him as his student, yet the other party rejected. initially, i thought he was too green, but now it seems he has something to rely on. since he owned a cultivation technique leading to the pinnacle of void-ification at the primal chaos realm, he should have some powerful secret impartation technique. i presume he should have a relatively high status in his previous life, and he would have learned some cultivation techniques that could be taught to outsiders!" sky-rending great paragon chuckled, "after experiencing the uniqueness of cultivating under the burning heart god tree, and the fact that he focuses on the 'mirage and illusory realm' lineage, i reckon he will want to cultivate for a long time here. hmph hmph, but as an honored guest, he is not qualified to cultivate under the burning heart god tree even if he has the contribution points! the only way is to bring out something that would sufficiently move the heart of my fan clan. even if we do not get anything, it is merely close to a year of cultivation."

monarch andromeda was enlightened.

yet sky-rending great paragon was very confident that xue ying would thirst for the burning heart god tree!

"this time, i plan on entering the origin realm god palace. go prepare well and let elder disciple brother lu tian feel my sincerity." sky-rending great paragon said.

"yes." monarch andromeda respectfully nodded.


the short but thick burning heart god tree seemed as if it was sculpted from a violet jade. its huge tree crown covered a vast area.

underneath the three.

a white-robed young man sat there.

xue ying naturally knew what sky-rending great paragon was thinking. the 'burning heart god tree' was a god item that had been hugely beneficial to even ancestor fan when he cultivated in the past. this tree was used one after another by the six great paragons in the fan clan during regular occasions! the reason why he had never heard of it before was likely because his teacher southern cloud king had not heard of it. of course, it was possibly because his teacher had never cultivated in a dao specializing in the soul. hence, the fan clan chose not to take the 'burning heart god tree' out as an 'enticement'.

since the other party chose to let him cultivate underneath the 'burning heart god tree' for close to a year, the other party would most likely have confidence in the tree.

"i would like to see how mysterious the burning heart god tree is." xue ying calmed himself down before starting his cultivation. as he absorbed the aura emanating from the burning heart god tree to nourish his soul, he would also ponder on the 'mirage and illusory realm'. likewise for his golden-robed avatar situated in the southern cloud capital.

even though he wanted to become a cosmos god.

he was not in a rush to do it this year! such a short period was fleeting to powerful cultivators.

he had to grasp the opportunity and maximize his time and experience here.


his soul felt really relaxed. he could even feel his soul growing stronger over time. even though it was slow, if it persisted for close to a year, the total improvement would be shocking!

gradually, as xue ying became deeper and deeper in his cultivation.

all sorts of profound mysteries in the mirage and illusory realm began floating in his heart. he also carefully pondered over them.


after cultivating for several breaths, xue ying felt how unique it was. under his total focus and the condition where his soul was nourished from the aura from the burning heart god tree, he started feeling 'his soul burning'. the more he tried to deduce, the more intense the burn his soul was! and as his soul burned excessively, xue ying felt his soul becoming vacant, causing many realizations and inspiration on the mirage and illusory realm to appear.

"the promotion of my spirit?" xue ying felt that at this moment, there was nothing he could not do. it appeared as if he knew so many stuff about his spirit.

because his soul had transcended beyond ordinary limits and reached perfection already.

xue ying's understanding of the spirit became deeper. correspondingly, the 'mirage and illusory realm' also fundamentally targeted the soul and the spirit! hence, as his understanding of the spirit grew more profound, he would naturally understand better in the 'mirage and illusory realm'.

"this is truly mysterious."

"unfathomable." xue ying felt startled.

this feeling felt intoxicating.

initially, xue ying thought that his heart realm that reached the third level, 'my heart as the world' was the highest level. that was indeed the highest level in regular cultivation even in the realm heart great land. but with the support of the 'burning heart god tree', his heart realm seemed to reach an entirely higher level. it felt transcendental. xue ying did not feel joy or sorrow. it was like looking down on the spirit from a higher dimensional point of view, dissecting it into pieces and deducing the dao of mirage and illusory realm.

naturally, this form of cultivation required past accumulations and experience in the dao.

furthermore, it was only most helpful in the soul aspect! even though maintaining this spiritual state might be beneficial to cultivating other elements, it would not be as useful as helping the cultivator in understanding the 'soul aspect'.

"it appears that my understanding of the mirage and illusory realm is still filled with deficiencies." xue ying grasped the devil heart bell earlier on and had reached the tenth level realm in the illusory realm. he had already known where to proceed. but breaking through still felt difficult to him. nevertheless, at this moment, many sparks of inspiration streamed in, allowing him to realize where he could improve on.


"this junior disciple brother of mine is truly amazing! formidable." monarch greedy peng and monarch chun yu walked side by side. after a few teleportations, they appeared outside the flying snow residence.

one of the guards of the residence came over. the moment he saw who came over, he immediately bowed with respect and great astonishment: "greetings, monarchs."

there would rarely be guests who visited this flying snow residence. monarch greedy peng and the others had come before, so these protectors naturally recognized them. furthermore, they were fed with information regarding some experts and knew many of them.

"where is my junior disciple brother?" monarch greedy peng asked.

"grandpa king has entered closed-door cultivation. he gave an order that he'll not be meeting anyone if there aren't important matters." the protector respectfully replied, "are there any matter which the two monarchs require me to pass on?"

in the opinion of the protector, even though flying snow king' xue ying' had a high status, the two who visited were cosmos gods. even if xue ying entered closed-door cultivation, he should come out and meet them.

"we should not disturb him." monarch greedy peng immediately roared.

"yes." this protector was shocked by it.

"let's go." monarch greedy peng looked towards monarch chun yu to the side, "it seems that when junior disciple brother is out, he is no longer a grandpa king but instead, a monarch."

monarch chun yu smiled and nodded. naturally, they isolated what they said from other peering ears.


fan clan magic mountain, underneath the short and thick violet, burning heart god tree.

the white-robed young man remained seated cross-legged there. in the blink of an eye, it had been nine months since he cultivated here! the nourishment of his soul had already reached a limit–it persisted for close to seven months in total, strengthening his soul for about 20%. to achieve this standard of promotion in soul strength, he would likely have to spend several billion cosmos crystals.

"hua, hua…"

there was the occasional gust of wind and the falling of violet leaves.



the white-robed young man suddenly opened his eyes. in his eyes, one could vaguely see the transformation of the myriad existences and the emergence of many beings. it was like the development of a cosmos.

with a blink, everything regained normalcy.

"initially, i wanted to break through using the dao of void, yet cultivating underneath the burning heart god tree is a rare opportunity. that was why i temporarily chose to focus my attention on cultivating the mirage and illusory realm. who would have thought that i actually broke through in the mirage and illusory realm instead?" xue ying felt both startled and joyful in his heart. of course, even though he had finally taken that step in the mirage and illusory realm, and that his understanding of the laws had reached that stage, he did not break through yet.

the required world energy for breaking through to the cosmos god was too high, and it would produce a considerable disturbance. hence, it was not appropriate for him to do so underneath the burning heart god tree.


xue ying stood up and headed out.

"upper honored guest flying snow, are you planning to leave now?" not far away from the burning heart god tree, several attendants stood up and asked him respectfully. did sky-rending great paragon not order to let xue ying stay for a year? it had been only nine months!

"i'll return to my place first." xue ying smiled. being an upper honored guest, he had his own cavern-dwelling in the fan clan magic mountain. he decided to first return and break through!

having said that, xue ying immediately flew across the sky.

he had waited far too long for this day!
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