Lord Xue Ying
1107 Infiltrating the Ancient Sacred World
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1107 Infiltrating the Ancient Sacred World

the chaotic origin energy was the energy present in a higher dimensional beyond the origin world. deep in that higher dimension, the chaotic origin energy was much denser. even cosmos gods did not dare to enter since they would die the moment they touched the chaotic origin energy!

currently, only those who grasped the 'great destruction realm teleportation technique' had the capabilities to penetrate through it. and even as they tunneled through it, they did not dare to touch the chaotic origin energy from a higher dimension as it was too concentrated and intense. even if the cultivator maintained the pinnacle of void-ification, he would still be corroded to death.

and this mysterious energy was rarefied closer to the origin world.

ultimately, the energy that rushed in through the tiny hole became even thinner, yet it still holds many properties. for instance, after the soul absorbed a slight amount of the chaotic origin energy, it would transform qualitatively, allowing the soul to employ avatar technique! and if the body of the cultivator absorbed sufficient energy, it would be thoroughly refined. emperor summer even confidently mentioned this as the apex cultivation technique at the same level, stepping over the .

the chaotic origin refinement body from the was even said to the most apex amongst all cultivation techniques created by unparalleled existences that had reached the final realm in body cultivation within realm heart great land.

hence, despite that it had only two levels, it cost 100,000 contribution points.

'using the 'chaotic origin energy' to nourish my body, the moment i succeed in grasping the first level, my body would be comparable to ordinary level-two cosmos god!' xue ying thought.

like , and the , they were termed as the apex cultivation techniques at the same level. those who cultivated these scriptures could fight against those of a higher realm.

it was the same with the chaotic origin dao scroll.

this technique was extremely difficult to cultivate.

one had to reach cosmos god realm in 'eight branches' out of the nine in the dao of the void. the cultivator had to attain the pinnacle of void-ification and break through the cage before he could cultivate it.


time passed.

xue ying felt waves of piercing pain on his body. after all, the 'chaotic origin energy' had a corrosive effect against the fleshy body and the soul. under the situation of maintaining the pinnacle of void-ification and relying on the profound mysteries from the as well as controlling the eight branches to fuse the essence of the void with the fleshy body as one, only then could the cultivator absorb strands of chaotic origin energy.

"chi chi chi~"

his body was just like the void–it was being altered using the chaotic origin energy! xue ying could feel his body possessing unfathomable strength. this strength was rising over time.

he could not rush.

the body wasn't a weapon. it had to be tempered gradually. only after tempering the body for 180 million years did xue ying finally stop.

'i succeeded.'

xue ying sat cross-legged on a large stone amidst the primal chaos void. he did not reserve the aura coming out from his body, causing the surrounding void to warp. opening his eyes, xue ying slashed down with his right hand–'si la'–a tiny void crack actually appeared! on the other side of this pitch-black crack was the higher dimension space. chaotic origin energy began spreading it.

'what an amazing power.' xue ying revealed a joyful look.

the chaotic origin dao scroll was powerful in its body tempering.

his current body could compete with ordinary second level cosmos god body cultivators. hence, even if the chaotic origin combat technique was only slightly stronger than the five phases sealing technique, with how frighteningly strong the fleshy body was, xue ying's combat strength could still reach the second level cosmos god standard. he could not be counted as the top amongst those at that level, but should be relatively similar to that with 'luo city lord'.

'it seems i could break apart a bigger region of the cage currently.' xue ying sent another fist out. at the point of the fist, eight spatial passage intersected, causing a finger-sized black hole to appear. this hole was comparable to when xue ying relied on the southern cloud sacred body to execute the 'arch destruction' in the realm heart great land.

'this cultivation technique is worth the price!' xue ying was delighted.

since he could break apart such a big hole, it would mean a considerable increase in the amount of 'chaotic origin energy' that could enter. hence, xue ying could certainly cultivate the second level of created by southern cloud king.

this time, it took a short time cultivating it.

very soon.

eight 'xue ying's appeared on this rock.

"hahaha…" xue ying revealed a grin, 'with eight major avatars, i should have a greater chance of success in the ancient sacred world.'

another avatar was left in the bright star planet.


after cultivating the chaotic origin refinement body, xue ying was able to break apart a bigger hole, evolving his avatar technique to the next level. that was something accidental.

'qing yao.''yu'er.'

qing yao was currently cultivating under swordmaster in the great void heaven temple. she was extremely diligent.

dong bo yu was similarly cultivating under ancestor sorcerer taking step by step. the two of them did not know of xue ying's return. that time, jing qiu was afraid that her children could not keep the secret. hence, she did not tell them the matter regarding xue ying's possession of the realm heart order! currently, qing yao and dong bo yu were both feeling grief and indignant. their father died, and mother had been captured by the sacred master, imprisoned in the ancient sacred world.

they were filled with extreme hatred towards sacred master. naturally, they had a greater desire towards becoming strong.

'very soon, i'll bring your mother together to meet you all.' xue ying relied on the destructive realm teleportation technique to observe his children.

"time to go!"

xue ying no hesitated. he headed towards the ancient sacred world.


ancient sacred world.

the current ancient sacred world was also the biggest remnant piece from the primitive ancient sacred world–approximately one-hundredth that of it. it was bigger than the other three sacred worlds, containing countless deities and primal chaos experts.


at the center of the ancient sacred world, there was a tall pagoda that emanated many rays of black light. this black light shone across the entire ancient sacred world, bathing all creatures under it. each and every one of them was filled with great loyalty coming from the soul towards the magnificent sacred master. for the sacred master, they could sacrifice everything. it was akin to living for the sacred master.

within the high pagoda, the ancient sacred incarnation was located there. even though it was entirely consumed during the previous battle with old monster stone, the current ancient sacred incarnation was gathering more origin source energy again.

"that is the ancient sacred pagoda."

at this moment.

a cosmos god had silently infiltrated the ancient sacred world. xue ying maintained the pinnacle of void-ification, becoming one with the void. it completely wiped out his aura–as if he was seemingly one with the void essence! after infiltrating the ancient sacred world, even though the ancient sacred world remained covered in black light, nobody discovered xue ying as of now.

"sacred master is there."

xue ying stealthily proceeded on. to the distance, there was a palace. the palace had strict security. on the surface, many protectors were guarding the place. there were even puppets keeping guard of it. xue ying had already guessed that security would be tight.

but he had to enter. the place where his wife was locked at is underneath the public square before the palace.


he rapidly flew over.

maintaining the pinnacle of void-ification, no arrays could discover where xue ying was. xue ying even bypassed several protectors without them perceiving his existence. they lived within the origin world, and xue ying was currently part of the most fundamental construct of the void. hence, nobody could discover him.

'sacred master.' xue ying arrived before the public square. with a glance, he could see through the opened palace doors, deep within, there was a black-robed barefooted figure seated on a black stone bed. his appearance was neutral and holy. sitting there, that region seemed to give off the feeling of being part of the supreme law.

xue ying felt fear in his heart.

he had gotten understanding of many secrets known only to the apex experts in the realm heart great land, significantly increasing his knowledge of third level cosmos gods. xue ying understood that the sacred master had reached the final realm of cosmos god. currently, he was just lacking that final step towards 'grasping the supreme law'. clearly, the other party had a slight comprehension of the supreme law.

'currently, he hasn't discovered me. but the moment i bring jing qiu away, i'll immediately alert him.' xue ying no longer hesitated. he stealthily went down.

the thick stone room underneath the public square before the palace was covered in many arrays. nevertheless, they could not hinder xue ying at all.

xue ying continued submerging downwards.

the space beneath the public square was huge. it contained many layers of prison. xue ying had gotten detailed information from 'saint cang fu'. that was how he understood that his wife and the two hall masters had been locked within the 'inferno prison' and 'sea of agony'. xue ying then relied on the destructive realm teleportation technique to finally locate where his wife and the two hall masters were locked.

otherwise, he would have to rely on the destructive realm teleportation technique to foolishly comb every area, and he did not know when he could discover where his wife and the hall masters were locked at.

saint cang fu had been killed. 180 million years ago, this news had reached the sacred master! to this, sacred master remained indifferent. he was merely startled slightly… startled that the eastern unicorn sacred world and myriad realm ancient sacred world had an existence who could kill an eighth level expert through the soul despite the far distance to ancient sacred world.

"inferno prison and the sea of agony.'

xue ying continued searching without stop.

the inferno prison had a total of 3,900 levels, of which 80 levels were in the region where the sea of agony was at.

why the sea of agony?

the sea of agony focused more on torturing the soul. this was primarily because jing qiu's strength was weak, and she could not withstand tortures that were abnormally powerful. hence, she was thrown into the sea of agony within the inferno prison by sacred master.

sacred master

"why torture me? i am merely refining my heart, the more you torture me. if you were to turn me loyal to you, sacred master, i no longer have any will, and everything would turn into a delusion." over at the 3,300th level, there was a messy-haired old man who was shackled. that old man sat cross-legged there. even as the guards tortured his fleshy body, he remained remarkably calm.

xue ying watched silently. he then continued going deeper.


for the sake of spreading his religion and to turn many experts loyal to him, the sacred master had used many methods. some were directly controlled by the soul, while some that had powerful soul and willpower and were not willing to give in, were cultivators the sacred master wasn't ready to kill. hence, they were locked up and were tortured in all kinds of ways to force them to give in.

'i've reached.'

xue ying saw it.

over at the 3,511th level, at the surface of the sea of agony, there was a figure floated there. there were layers of energy that rolled on the sea of agony. this was the weakest level of the 80 levels of sea of agony. jing qiu was one of the six figures floating amidst this sea.

as for myriad elephant hall master and the other hall master, the two were thrown into the deepest level of the sea of agony since they were primal chaos experts.

"jing qiu." xue ying came before jing qiu. jing qiu floated on the sea of agony. she seemed calm on the surface as if nothing was happening, yet xue ying knew the sea of agony targeted the soul.

'that time, i wasn't willing to hand over the destructive realm teleportation technique. who would have thought that the sacred master is so shameless that it implicated you.' xue ying felt guilty and helpless. even if he were given another chance, xue ying would still not hand the technique over.

"i have to be fast. time to move."

the entire battle plan flitted across his mind once through. this time, he had to succeed!
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