Lord Xue Ying
1132 Time
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1132 Time

the array diagrams on the second level pagoda were more profound. xue ying had to dissect them before he could analyze it. even though he met some difficulties, he could comprehend them after spending a little more time. 1,000 years after he entered the second level, xue ying had comprehended eight of the array diagrams. during the juncture when he was comprehending the ninth array diagram, he suddenly trembled.

'fusion of three branches?' even though xue ying felt joy in his heart, he wasn't surprised by his breakthrough.

one had to know, the dao of void contained nine branches. after stepping into the level-two cosmos god realm, most would progress really fast during the early period. it wasn't hard to fuse three or four branches together, though it would only get more challenging over time. at the final 'fusion between all nine branches', this stage had hindered many absolute talents in the world.

with how deep his foundations were, and given that he had experienced the entire process from the blossoming of a 'world flower' to its wither, and that it had been ten million years since his breakthrough, xue ying was able to smoothly fuse three branches together.


'it's the array diagrams! somehow as i studied them, i was able to get an inspiration that enabled me to cross the final bottleneck, fusing the sky phase, earth phase, and empty phase together.' xue ying looked with delight and astoundment at the array diagrams inscribed on the pillar before him, 'it seems that these array diagrams, other than being a form of test, they are in reality guiding me?'

the array diagrams were becoming more profound as xue ying proceeded upwards.

but precisely because of this, as he comprehended, his understanding of the dao of void would gradually deepen. his realm would also grow accordingly.

'the chaotic origin pagoda, other than being a trial, is also guidance for my cultivation!' xue ying felt ecstatic.

the nine branches of the void.

sky phase, earth phase, violent phase, mist phase, origin phase, empty phase, thread phase, poly phase, and nirvana phase.

like the for visiting.

undying underworld emperor depended on just himself, becoming enemies with many other unparalleled existences. he stirred up trouble in the entire realm heart great land, and that had been before the first war of the ancient nations.

"he had been acting so brazenly in the past. now that eons have passed, his strength has become even more unfathomable. how would it be possible for him to stay low-profile all the way?" southern cloud king shook his head. previously, he wished that undying underworld emperor would die in the broken teeth mountain range after visiting it! what a pity that undying underworld emperor had returned from the broken teeth mountain range alive, and even passing him a list of items.

asking him to collect these materials.

southern cloud king felt bitter in his heart! he had been tied to this huge ship. unless he was prepared for the consequences of disobeying the oath and to face the fury of undying underworld emperor, otherwise, he could only obediently listen.

but if undying underworld emperor chose to stir up another huge wave, with the strength of undying underworld emperor, he could survive all danger. but the entire southern cloud nation would be deluged by the shockwaves.

"i am truly annoyed."

southern cloud king felt sullen.

he was a proud person!

yet now, he could only endure it.


and in the realm heart god palace.

within the sixth level of the chaotic origin pagoda, the white-robed young man xue ying currently sat cross-legged here meditating.
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