Lord Xue Ying
259 Sorcerer God’s Saber
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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259 Sorcerer God’s Saber

a breath of time had already passed as xue ying spoke a few sentences with the spider queen and monarch qing yang in order to delay them.

"they’re here!" with a glance, xue ying spotted that in in the air about 150 kilometers away from razor wind city, space was suddenly torn apart to reveal a pitch-black battleship flying out of the crack. the battleship was imprinted with two special seals representing the characters ‘d9’. an indignant roar reverberated from that space, "ao lan! is your beast clan trying to exterminate my xia clan?!"

"hmph, hmph. all of these years, you humans have kept trying to exterminate my beast clan, have you not? such a pity you’re not capable of doing so!" elder ao lan sneered. he seemed to have meticulously made his preparations, since he finished setting up the final array as soon as battleship d9 tore through space to space to arrive at that location.

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edler ao lan suddenly split into two figures as an avatar condensed next to him. to be precise, i


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