Lord Xue Ying
338 True Meaning of Minute
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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338 True Meaning of Minute

within the mirage, xue ying was currently flourishing the spear in his hand. he was having a hard time trying to parry that weapon the indigo humanoids formed. he had even been forced to switch positions with one of his mirage avatars at one point. he only managed to dodge that killing move by using his ability to instantaneously switch positions.

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"the only slight troublesome thing is that mirage technique which lets him switch positions with his avatars. everyone, let’s close in and surround him. engage him once you’re within a hundred meters of his position. the moment any mirage avatars appear, destroy it instantly." those indigo humanoids might be simple constructs condensed by the array, but they still had some simple intelligence. they rushed forward, threatening xue ying with an even fiercer offense.

it was clear that xue ying found himself in a rough spot, since he kept having to switch positions with his


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