Lord Xue Ying
557 A True God Weapon Belonging to Me
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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557 A True God Weapon Belonging to Me

"break for me!"

the miniature man, 'xue ying's entire body was akin to ceramic glaze. it was currently emitting light. looking up, xue ying let out a roar, his eyes were revealing terrifying undulations of willpower!

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the undulations of willpower had been erupted from his true deity heart, and was much more vast than previously, more fierce and was of moving forward without looking back!

"ka ka ka~" the surface of the true deity heart had a blurred grayish energy forming. there appeared many cracks on this grayish energy. under the powerful willpower impacting on it, the grayish energy was finally torn apart. following that, it was like snow melting, disappearing.

seated next to the lake cross-legged, xue ying opened his eyes and looked ahead. a frightening willpower undulation was being released from his eyes. one could see the space completely distorting, sweeping across a few hundreds of thousands of kilometers in range. even the water on the la
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