Lord Xue Ying
827 Escaping without Trace
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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827 Escaping without Trace

the black-robed male and his subordinates were looking in panic as more than a thousand violet fishes came towards them. "shua shua shua", it was like arrows arcing through the sky; it happened too fast. even though those fishes had not reached them, these subordinates could feel their souls trembling. the gap in level was truly too big.

these fishes could kill unity realm experts like cutting melons and vegetables, much less them.

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"sacred master."

all of them were in despair. the voluminous violet fishes passed through their bodies with sounds of 'shua shua shua'. imbued with the profound mysteries of dao of slaughter, those fishes easily destroyed their bodies. it was practically a single strike kill, and other than the black-robed male and the mutated beast in his embrace, the other subordinates had been exterminated into nothingness, leaving behind their weapons and some treasures.

the black-robed male could not help but feel the c
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