Lord Xue Ying
939 Finally reaching the Primal Chaos Realm
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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939 Finally reaching the Primal Chaos Realm

great void heaven temple, ling yun peak, within the cultivation room inside the cavern-dwelling.

xue ying was cultivating by himself. he had built a great foundation. before creating the "destruction flower", xue ying was already 100% confident of stepping into the primal chaos realm. now that he had established the destruction flower, many flashes of comprehensions began surging in his mind just as he started meditating. his understanding in the dao of mirage was continually deepening.


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he slowly opened his eyes: 'who would have thought that i will step into the primal chaos realm in my ancient cultivation first.'

that's right.

even though he concentrated fully on the dao of mirage, xue ying had yet to grasp hold of the complete dao of mirage at the primal chaos realm. instead, he had reached the seventh transformation in the ancient cultivation inheritance "vermillion nightm
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