Lord Xue Ying
1148 Visiting the Fan Clan again
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1148 Visiting the Fan Clan again

hearing what xue ying mentioned, that monster became incensed.


many great tentacles began dancing in the air.

"this is so beautiful!" xue ying did not wish to battle. instead, he wanted to spend more time observing and studying those inscriptions–every time the tentacle struck out, the light emitted from its surface was filled with profound mysteries! dao of void, dao of flames, dao of lightning, dao of mirage and illusory realm… all kinds of profound mysteries existed. they were perfectly mashed on the body of this monster, and every action of it was filled with palpitating power.

this creature had totally eclipsed the cosmos god realm.

"peng peng peng."

the most perfect defense technique that xue ying spent 300 billion years to create, the 'myriad untouchable technique' that was part of the and his powerful fleshy body enabled him to survive five lashes before his injuries became grave. he wanted to escape, yet under the overwhelming tentacles, xue ying was suppressed in space; he could not escape using the great destruction realm teleportation technique.

"i've guessed that the three fire prison realms cauldron could be dangerous to me. nevertheless, i am not afraid of death as i still have my avatars. but dying here like this is really unexpected." xue ying felt helpless.

he could not do anything about it.

any casual strike from its tentacle was equivalent to the full-powered attack from eternal night primogenitor. how could he fight?


suddenly, a force engulfed xue ying, and he disappeared at the next moment.

when the monster sensed that energy, it could not help but roar out furiously! that was the energy coming from this prison. "yuan! yuan! yuan!" roars kept coming from it, transmitting all the way to the external world. at the same time, its voice caused endless gale to rise.


within his cavern-dwelling, in his palace hall.

xue ying appeared by the side of the cauldron.

"i, i am out?" xue ying was shocked.

"hehe, seeing that you can't hold on any longer, i naturally had to send you out." a figure flew out from the cauldron. he was a red-robed cheery old man. currently, he was smiling at xue ying, "i am the treasure spirit of the three fire prison realms cauldron."

xue ying was enlightened: "no wonder. previously when i tried to activate the three fire prison realms cauldron, i found that i could not sense the insides of the cauldron clearly. so it seems that i have never been able to grasp this secret treasure at all. i am extremely grateful to you, senior yuan. otherwise, this avatar of mine would have been doomed."

the red-robed old man laughed and explained: "the three fire prison realms cauldron is a special secret treasure that my master 'yuan' once refined. it is specially used to imprison the 'myriad tentacles dragon son'. it is impossible for this secret treasure to be controlled by you all. otherwise, if you freed the myriad tentacles dragon son out, all creatures in this origin world would be completely wiped. that is a major sin!"

"yes." xue ying agreed. with the power of that monster, who in his hometown could resist?

"he is called the myriad tentacle dragon son?"


the red-robed old man nodded, "the myriad tentacles dragon mother is extremely formidable. my master once worked together with other existences to kill her. as for the many myriad tentacles dragon sons she had, they are barely chaotic origin creatures and aren't worth mentioning before my master and others–they could casually kill them. the reason why it was imprisoned here had been to give cultivators an opportunity to breakthrough. those who could activate the three fire prison realms cauldron are existences who have sufficient comprehension toward the chaotic origin energy. most are peak cosmos gods with deep accumulations and comprehensions. with any of your current realm, you could battle against the myriad tentacles dragon son too, albeit i will protect all of you right before your death!"

"fighting against the myriad tentacles dragon son is really fighting against an expert. it is meant as a form of tempering exercise."

"the myriad tentacles dragon son is an innate chaotic origin creature and is different from cultivators. every part of its body is filled with various profound mysteries, and you could study them from outside."

"these are helpful to you."

the red-robed old man continued, "originally, this origin world of yours is governed by my master yuan. currently, it is being governed by luo city master. in the previous eras, master has announced all possible opportunities that would be given to cosmos gods that reached the peak, yet now, not many know about it."

xue ying was enlightened.

this origin world was previously managed by a chaotic origin expert, and now, it changed?

"but i have to remind you, even though the original intention of master is for this treasure to be used as a form of training for peak cosmos gods, you should have gotten a supreme secret impartation technique, enabling you to activate the three fire prison realms cauldron before reaching the final realm." the red-robed old man reminded him, "what is more important for you now is to reach the final realm. don't bother studying these profound mysteries on the myriad tentacles dragon son as they are too profound. it might instead become a hindrance to your cultivation."

"yes." xue ying was roused awake. that's right. this was originally meant for those at the final realm to break through to an entirely new level. it wasn't good for xue ying to study too much into it.

"you can enter frequently to battle and temper yourself. eventually, you would discover your weaknesses and cover them. this would improve your combat skills and deepen your realm, hastening the pace of you to reach the final realm." the red-robed old man suggested.

"i understand." xue ying nodded.

saying that, he had gotten help from two chaotic origin experts–luo city lord and yuan. nevertheless, with the regular opening of the 'realm heart god palace' in the realm heart great land, yuan clearly had helped many experts before, giving them supreme-graded secret treasures and others. it's just that nobody had heard of anyone jumping out of the cage to reach a higher level in the realm heart great land.

"despite being supported in various ways, it seems jumping out of the cage is still extremely difficult." xue ying understood this, "yet the myriad tentacles dragon son is an innate chaotic origin creature?"


in his hometown primal chaos void, xue ying would frequently send his avatar into the three fire prison realms cauldron to battle with the imprisoned 'myriad tentacles dragon son'. reaching the level of xue ying, it was hard to find an opponent who would pressure him sufficiently! but given the innate all-rounded talent of the myriad tentacles dragon son, it was an extremely good opponent for xue ying to fight against and understand more on the different types of techniques used with the different daos.

and at another place, on the realm heart great land.

xue ying came to the summer wind capital. he was enjoying good food and wine in a restaurant. nevertheless, his heart was pondering over the experience and reflection he had from fighting against the myriad tentacles dragon son.

"even if i bury myself in closed-door cultivation, it is important for me to battle too! only then would i discover the weaknesses in my comprehended cultivation techniques." xue ying was feeling extremely good.

"come here."

xue ying looked up at the distant attendant.find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click for visiting.

the attendant of this restaurant was a true god. he had been paying close notice to his surroundings. when xue ying beckoned him over, he immediately ran here.

"how much night xi wine does your restaurant keep? how much can you sell me?" xue ying asked.

"the night xi wine is brewed by my master. currently, there are still 3,000 jars. our restaurants have to keep 1,000 jars with us at least." the attendant immediately replied politely, knowing that he had met a wealthy guest.

"prepare 2,000 jars for me." xue ying laughed, "the wine is good."

"good, good!"

the attendant was in great joy.

xue ying was blissfully enjoying the wine, drinking by himself all the way until the sky darkened. only then did he pay for the wine and left.

he then came over to the fan clan magic mountain.

"brother flying snow, it has been a long time since we met." monarch andromeda welcomed him enthusiastically, "it has been 300 billion years in the blink of an eye right? i've never heard of you leaving the southern cloud nation during this period."

"aren't i here now? help me spread the word that i want to meet ancestor fan." xue ying said.

"ancestor fan?" monarch andromeda was startled. he then revealed an awkward look.

what identity did ancestor fan have?

was he someone anyone could meet?
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