Lord Xue Ying
1176 Playing Tricks on Eternal Night Primogenitor 1
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1176 Playing Tricks on Eternal Night Primogenitor 1

xue ying originally had an avatar refining the chaotic origin weapon and other avatars cultivating. he wanted to reach the final realm as soon as possible.

and whenever information was sent over by the southern cloud sacred religion intelligence network, he would casually send an avatar over to kill the devils.

before killing the devils, xue ying had covered the entire city with his senses, yet he did not discover eternal night primogenitor at all. clearly, as an owner of a 'supreme-graded secret treasure', eternal night primogenitor was quite formidable in certain aspects.

'he actually dared to plunder so many souls?' xue ying's body flashed before appearing within a dilapidated residence. that cosmos god had turned into ashes, leaving behind some items of his. xue ying's control was exquisite–he did not damage those items at all. he picked up a black bottle found amidst the pile and examined that a large number of souls were stored within. he could not help but frown; a strand of killing intent rose from his body.

'it seems that the devil i killed was from the primogenitor ancient nation.' xue ying frowned.

before he revealed his identity, xue ying was not afraid of eternal night primogenitor and extreme night primogenitor.

but if his identity was revealed, things would be disastrous!

hence, xue ying did his best not to provoke eternal night primogenitor and extreme night primogenitor.

'they are unparalleled existences. previously, it was his subordinate black sovereign king who brought calamity down on 19 cities. and now, it is this ordinary cosmos god 'naufal' who is viciously collecting so many souls. naufal is also a cosmos god who had avatars. i merely killed an avatar of his previously.' xue ying felt anger towards these devils, 'is eternal night primogenitor indulging his subordinates?'

nonetheless, xue ying did not have much time to think.

'not good!'

being a dao of void expert, he had an acute perception of every black fog spherical particles. at this moment, he felt frightening energy surging his way.

'eternal night primogenitor.'

this energy was too familiar.

by relying on his perception of the void, he was able to 'discover' eternal night primogenitor who was covered in his black cape.

'time to leave.'

xue ying was too lazy to fight. instead, he simply executed the great destruction realm teleportation technique.

"si la–"

a black crack was formed.

xue ying's body had already suffered from the impact of the frightening incoming energy, yet he still stepped into the black crack. one could see from this how difference the 'great destruction realm teleportation technique' and 'destruction realm teleportation technique' were. the 'great destruction realm teleportation technique' was much more stable! even under the pressure of such a violent attack, it could still tear a passage open.

after all, the great destruction realm teleportation technique was essentially a technique meant to open a passage in the more terrifying higher dimension between two origin worlds.

if it was not stable, how could it resist against the turbulent impact from the higher dimension?


despite xue ying's utmost control over the void, the surrounding area spanning several tens of thousands of kilometers away from where he was soon turned into ruins.

a figure soon appeared in midair. he was none other than eternal night primogenitor whose black cape was currently billowing in the wind. a layer of frost had currently formed over the face of eternal night primogenitor as he gritted: "he left? did he just leave after suffering from an attack by me? it appears his body could easily resist against this strike of mine. even if a dao of void expert is good at defenses, his fleshy body should not be so frightening!"

'void-ification', 'void control', and many techniques made a dao of void final realm expert good at survival.

but fleshy body? most dao of void experts did not have such strong bodies.

emperor summer had created the . and xue ying had integrated different methods of using the chaotic origin energy from the to improve the level-two chaotic origin refinement body. only these two existences had fleshy bodies that were sufficiently strong that they could be compared to final realm body cultivators.


"hua hua hua~"

xue ying appeared above the vast black prison yin sea. his expression was slightly pale. signs of blood could be seen trickling from the edge of his mouth.

even after losing much of its force through by diverting it using the dao of void, and given how powerful his fleshy body was, this supreme-graded technique still caused the blood in xue ying's body to flare up. nonetheless, his lifeforce remained perfectly fine. fortunately, he had brought along the top-graded secret treasure 'void fire lotus flower' with him. if he did not, xue ying would have been heavily injured from that sneak attack.

'by relying on the void fire lotus flower, i can survive against unparalleled existences. if my chaotic origin weapon is fully refined, why would i be afraid of that eternal night primogenitor?' xue ying felt confident.

he was currently comprehending a supreme secret impartation technique, fusing all sorts of profound mysteries from the scripture into his body. xue ying was perfecting his body cultivation technique while pondering over ways to create the flying snow combat technique, a style that suited him the most! and by relying on the void fire lotus flower, his strength was no longer weaker than great paragon fuyi's.

once he fully refined the chaotic origin weapon, he would most likely be stronger than great paragon fuyi.

he would most likely become the strongest paragon master in the history of the entire realm heart great land!

eternal night primogenitor


even though both parties merely exchanged a single technique.

or to be strict, it was eternal night primogenitor who sneaked an attack while xue ying resisted against it and fled! but firstly, eternal night primogenitor was indignant! the matter regarding the 19 cities previously had been disrupted by xue ying! black sovereign king was killed as well! and then, he was disdained by 'undying underworld emperor' without having any means of retaliating. currently, he started collecting a large amount of soul, yet xue ying came once again. how could eternal night primogenitor not be furious?

this sneak attack was naturally a full-powered covert killing move of his!

and such a killing technique could be felt by many unparalleled existences and final realm experts across the entire realm heart great land.

they turned their attention to this place.

"what is happening?"

"it seems like a battle at the supreme level?"

they were currently watching over.

xue ying also turned over. he wanted to see what eternal night primogenitor was doing. at that moment, he was able to 'see' eternal night primogenitor standing above that ruins which spanned across several tens of thousands of kilometers.

"damn." discovering that piece of ruins made xue ying frown. this eternal night primogenitor was really treating those lower-leveled cultivators as ants! he did not even care about controlling his technique.

eternal night primogenitor stood midair.find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

his gaze was cold as he looked around him. he broadcasted: "heaven's will daoist, i know you are hiding in the dark."

a sneer appeared by the edge of xue ying's mouth.

"you have been disrupting my affairs time after time. do you think your identity will remain eternally hidden?" the killing intent in the eyes of eternal night primogenitor became concentrated, "aren't you thinking of disrupting my affair? hmph hmph, i shall do it personally from now on and see how you could stop me from doing so."

even though one could not hear anything when scouting using the destruction realm teleportation technique, the cultivators could determine what eternal night primogenitor was saying through the spatial fluctuations and the movement of the lips.

"do it personally?" xue ying's expression changed.

he could kill ordinary devils.

but how could he kill eternal night primogenitor? even unparalleled existences had a hard time killing other unparalleled existences! even in that dangerous environment, 'realm heart god palace', eternal night primogenitor was able to easily escape from emperor summer in the end.

and the realm heart great land was so much bigger. without any arrays limiting the region, one could escape in all directions.

even ordinary final realm experts could easily escape from unparalleled existences! as for eternal night primogenitor? he could simply walk off if he wanted within the realm heart great land.

and even if he chose not to, eternal night primogenitor could easily suppress xue ying!


"eternal night truly doesn't care about his reputation." emperor summer shook his head softly.

"shameless." emperor cang became cold when he saw this.

the three unparalleled existences in summer wind ancient nation had always had a bad relationship with the two primogenitors in primogenitor ancient nation.


limitless city master was holding on to the railings casting his gaze far across the endless night to another location. when he spoke, his voice transmitted to another location in the realm heart great land, "underworld emperor, eternal night has dispatched his subordinates to bring chaos across 19 cities recently, choosing to collect souls. and now, he has threatened the heaven's will daoist shamelessly. i doubt he is required to do these in his cultivation dao path. is it because of you?"

"haha, i truly can't conceal this from you, my old friend." undying underworld emperor transmitted back.

"you have truly chosen a good helper. in the entire realm heart great land, the two most vicious and shameless unparalleled existences are both eternal night and extreme night. that moonflower king could barely be added into this category as well." limitless city master chuckled.

"it is merely a fair trade. limitless, are you willing to do another trade with me?"

"do a trade with you, underworld emperor? hmph hmph, i am not interested."


"he actually showed himself?"

both limitless city master and undying underworld emperor were chatting when they were slightly startled from what they saw.


it wasn't just them. all the apex experts across realm heart great land who were currently paying their attention over here watched in astonishment. not far away from that eternal night primogenitor, a black crack formed, and a white-robed male came walking out from it.

heaven's will daoist!

it's him!

"you actually dared to show yourself?" eternal night primogenitor looked over at xue ying who walked over. he was similarly startled.

"eternal night primogenitor, since you do not care about your reputation, i naturally have to come and have a good chat with you and advise eternal night primogenitor not to do so." xue ying chuckled.


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