Lord Xue Ying
1213 Great Rewards
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1213 Great Rewards

when this avatar of xue ying was exterminated, another infiltrated the elder hall.

after all, xue ying left behind several avatars when he decided on helping the natives. of course, there was only one major avatar.

'this gray eye.' when this avatar of xue ying arrived before the bizarre tree, even though that eye constantly emitted a grandeur in the elder hall, he did not hesitate to extend his hand towards it. but the moment his palm touched that gray eye–


xue ying seemed to see a vague towering figure. it was too big! way bigger than xue ying's imagination. its bulk seemed to be even bigger than a sacred world.

furthermore, this was an existence that could not be measured purely in terms of size. its existence seemed to encompass a myriad of laws. there were many bizarre spatial layers wrapping over his body as if it came from the past, the present, and the future. this was an incredibly frightening existence–way beyond the 'myriad tentacles dragon son' xue ying once saw.

if the myriad tentacles dragon son was an ant, then this towering figure was like a giant dragon! it stood beyond the nine heavens.

'it is–' xue ying could barely discern the appearance of it. this was a creature ten claws. on its body, there were many eyes.


the moment xue ying's finger contacted the gray eye, he vaguely saw that terrifying existence.

following that, an overwhelming force burst out on his body. it was way beyond the full-powered attack struck by the 'emperor' in anger. this avatar of xue ying silently dissipated.


the pitch-black 'emperor' appeared by the entrance of the elder hall. he snorted, "what a fool. he actually dared to touch the eye. if he was a native, he would definitely not be so foolish."

even though the emperor was not an expert in domain-related techniques, he was like a fish in water within the sky-floating island. an unseen energy had already covered the entire clans-ground! and he had discovered the avatars of xue ying.

"sou sou sou!"

even though he found out where the avatars were, he still had to teleport to each one of them before killing.

after wiping out the avatars, the emperor still felt furious. he did not care about the losses of his subordinates. ultimately, his own strength was more important. in most occasions, this 'spiritual yin fruit' was monopolized by him. nonetheless, one of the fruits was stolen this time, and the remaining one was half-ripened–it was useless to him at his level.

"this blood flame clan actually came with so many experts and even brought along their clan protection treasures. furthermore, they should have consumed the spirit leaf bestowed by 'great sage nine tails' upon them right?" the emperor muttered to himself. great sage nine tails was one of the eight great sages standing at the peak of the scarce lower-graded chaotic origin lifeforms living within the broken teeth mountain range.

"there is still that cultivator who uses sword." the emperor soon disappeared. he went to chase after swordmaster.


swordmaster who grasped a supreme secret impartation was versatile in all aspects.

he was good in all areas–offense, defense, survival, and fleeing techniques. without being held back by xue ying, insect ancestor or the natives, swordmaster could focus all his attention and strength on fleeing–he transformed into a dazzling ray of sword that traveled at a startling speed.

he traveled back the approximate route taken to enter.

he did not hesitate as he flew out of the place!

xue ying's primary avatars remained in the eden treasure brought by swordmaster. he casted the illusory realm on the outside world, influencing the grand elder who was pursuing after them! and the significantly weakened grand elder could not threaten swordmaster at all, especially so when his techniques were crude.


that terrifying black giant stepped across the void before stomping down on swordmaster.

his leg was seriously too big–in that instance, swordmaster could not get out of this area. he had to defend against it!

"peng~" many sword lights were sent scattering around. swordmaster was also forced backwards. even when grand elder was at his peak state, swordmaster had not suffered from such a huge disadvantage. he could barely hold back the grand elder.

but when facing the 30% weakened 'emperor', swordmaster was simply forced back! he could not fight against the other party. he could only focus on surviving.

"so terrifying."

"xue ying, is this as you mentioned earlier, the emperor who is weakened by 30%?" swordmaster transmitted while doing his utmost to escape from the emperor.

"i've seen him when he was at his peak–he isn't any weaker than an angered undying underworld emperor." xue ying replied from within the eden treasure.

"even after his strength is diminished, he is still more frightening than emperor summer–at least by a factor! fortunately, his techniques are all cruder and i could barely resist against them. otherwise, if his realm has reached emperor summer's and others, i would definitely fail to escape from this sky-floating island." swordmaster transmitted.

"how could there be such a powerful expert coupled with a profound realm? if such an existence exists in any sky-floating island, it'll not be a training for us cultivators!" xue ying transmitted back, "swordmaster, we'll have to rely on you now. if we fail to escape from the sky-floating island, it is fine if we lose our avatars. what's worse is that we would lose all our treasures."

"rest assured."

swordmaster was doing his best.

if there was no interference from xue ying's illusory realm, swordmaster was only 50% confident of escaping! but now, he was 90% confident of getting out of the sky-floating island alive.

after all, swordmaster who owned a supreme secret impartation was ranked at the forefront in survival and fleeing techniques amongst his peers.


traveling at high speed, after two hours later, 'sou', the sword ray finally rushed out of the sky-floating island.

"hou~" the black giant stood by the boundary of the sky-floating island roaring out indignantly. he glared coldly at the sword ray that was shooting out into the distance.

that moving sword light soon transformed back into swordmaster. swordmaster easily teleported away with a flash.


the emperor was furious.

those treasures stolen by the three cultivators were not worth much to the death destruction clan–which was why they were thrown around the clans-ground without being concealed deliberately. nonetheless, the emperor felt humiliated that he let those cultivators take away his treasures successfully.

still, the emperor did not continue pursuing since the other party could easily teleport in the outer world. it was impossible for them to reach up to them. hence, he could only return back where he came unwillingly.


in a void outside the sky-floating island.

xue ying, swordmaster and insect ancestor stood here taking stock of what they acquired happily!

"haha, our harvest is truly great this time! if only we could grab them so casually and easily, we would be earning a great deal!" insect ancestor sighed.

swordmaster softly shook his head: "it is all because of xue ying's killing trump card that swept away so many apex experts from the death destruction clan. at the same time, we met the team of natives. with their guidance, we were able to evade from the ambient dangers in the sky-floating island. in addition, those enemies were also pinned down by the natives! which was why we could have such a huge harvest."

"mn." xue ying nodded, "let's distribute the treasures according to the usual rule. let us first bring them back in case our avatars are killed and we lose all treasures."


"let's place them in the flying snow city." insect ancestor and swordmaster had absolute trust in xue ying.


a black crack appeared by the side. a white-robed avatar appeared. the great destruction realm teleportation technique was only restricted within the sky-floating islands in the broken teeth mountain range.

this avatar brought along the treasures and teleported back to the flying snow city.

"monarch flying snow!"

to the distance, his majesty blood flame ji and a group of figures flew over.

"after hearing that indignant roar from that emperor of the death destruction clan, we knew you guys have come out. after circling the place, we finally you. you guys have teleported really far away." his majesty blood flame ji chuckled.

"we teleported slightly further to prevent that emperor from pursuing us." swordmaster said.

his majesty blood flame ji thanked them: "it is all thanks to you guys and monarch flying snow. otherwise, we wouldn't have gotten the spiritual yin fruit. as i said before, my blood flame clan will definitely pay back this gratitude. these are some of the secret treasures which our blood flame clan discover from you cultivators in our history. they are all here." his majesty blood flame ji threw out a storage treasure filled with items.

the secret treasures of cultivators were things they could not use.

because powerful secret treasures were too complex, and the natives usually relied on the strength of their bloodline!

when that wristband came to xue ying: "oh?" he discovered all sorts of secret treasures. there were high and low graded ones–the highest were two peak-graded secret treasures.

"there are two peak-graded secret treasures." xue ying told swordmaster and insect ancestor.

"it's all because of you that he gave us these." swordmaster said. insect ancestor nodded.

"let us distribute them again later." xue ying added. reaching his level, he cared more about improving his realm. just like ancestor fan and the others, they could fork out many treasures for the sake of improving their realm.

he then arranged another avatar to bring those treasures back home.

xue ying turned to his majesty blood flame ji and the others: "your majesty, do you know about that gray eye situated on the top of that tree where the spiritual yin fruit grow on?"

thay gray eye was the biggest reward xue ying had in his trip to the sky-floating island this time!

even though he faintly saw that incredibly terrifying existence when he touched the gray eye! xue ying was clear how important this 'gray eye' was to him. he could see the structure of a unique 'illusory realm' on this gray eye! furthermore, it was incredibly mysterious and profound.

actually, it was likely that only xue ying could understand the structure of this gray eye in the entire realm heart great land.

those without sufficient realm would not understand a treasure even if it was placed before them.

xue ying was currently in the process to fuse the five branches of 'dao of mirage and illusory realm' together. he even saw the direction which he planned to take. even without external support, it was highly possible for him to reach the final realm! he had already reached the apex across many origin worlds with regards to his attainment in the 'dao of mirage and illusory realm'–xue ying was just a membrane away from reaching the final realm.

hence, when he saw this gray eye, under the interference from the complex structure of the gray eye, xue ying discovered part of what belonged to the 'illusory realm' within it!

and this illusory realm structure was even incomplete!

even if ancestor fan and others came, they could not discern it due to lack of experience.

"the illusory realm structure inside this gray eye is incomplete. it still require the integration with other gray eyes before it could be used!" xue ying thought. cultivating to his stage, yuan, luo city lord and many other chaotic origin lifeforms who stood at the apex could no longer guide him. but some innate chaotic origin lifeforms had bodies containing various laws.

and precisely on this gray eye was the existence of an illusory realm at the level of chaotic origin.

even though that terrifying chaotic origin lifeform did not comprehend this illusory realm–he could use it innately! it would still guide him significantly in his comprehension.

if one said that xue ying required a long time to fuse the five branches together when he cultivated slowly, understanding this complete 'illusory realm structure' would greatly reduce the time he might take to reach the final realm.

"it seems this unfathomable creature i saw faintly is dead?" xue ying thought, "that gray eye doesn't contain any life force. but even if it is dead, its grandeur remains. it could easily wipe away an avatar of mine when i touch its eye. that is truly frightening. according to legends, the broken teeth mountain range contains many corpses of terrifying chaotic origin lifeforms slain by yuan."

even though there existed several low-graded chaotic origin lifeforms in the broken teeth mountain range, they were so weak that yuan disdained them.find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

those who were frighteningly strong were left as corpses in the broken teeth mountain range.

"gray eye?" his majesty blood flame ji was surprised, "i know. i of course know about it. according to what i know, this terrifying eye exists in many sky-floating islands. it was said that those eyes were left behind from the corpse of a terrifying chaotic origin lifeform. it is very powerful and cannot be touched."
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