Lord Xue Ying
1214 Exploring the Sky-Floating Islands
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1214 Exploring the Sky-Floating Islands

"many sky-floating islands have them?" the eyes of xue ying brightened.

"right." his majesty blood flame ji nodded, "this terrifying eye is scattered in several sky-floating islands. just my blood flame clan alone recorded 522 of them. but monarch flying snow, i have to inform you that it is impossible to take those eyes away. touching any of those eyes would bring down punishment on you. those who are weaker will immediately be suppressed to death by the grandeur released from the eye."

"i wonder if you could sell me records regarding information on the sky-floating islands where those 'eyes' exist in?" even though xue ying felt that it was unreasonable for him to ask for it, he still chose to do so.

information on the sky-floating islands were absolutely core to the cultivators living in realm heart great land and the natives!

they were collected by the hard work of the seniors! even though the ambient danger might seem ordinary on the surface, only by experiencing them would one know how dangerous it was! generation after generation, those natives continued gathering more information. they would even trade with other natives. regardless, detailed information on each sky-floating island was precious and would not be easily given away.

"monarch flying snow, my blood flame clan owns you a huge favor." blood flame ji looked at xue ying. the other apex experts from the blood flame clan were also discussing this.

"it is natural that we can give you the intelligence you require." his majesty blood flame ji said. if xue ying asked the blood flame clan when they were powerful, it would be hard to obtain them. but now, the blood flame clan was left with just them. blood flame ji was even the sole commander of the entire blood flame clan! previously, xue ying had helped them tremendously.

without xue ying, they might very well be exterminated!

furthermore, the natives were segmented into many social groups, and the 'blood flame clan' was an outspoken and straightward clan–they would draw the lines between gratitude and grudges clearly! if they met some cultivators who were scheming and selfish, it would not be that easy for xue ying to obtain those pieces of information.

"but i have to state this clearly." his majesty blood flame ji said, "even though my clan knows that 522 sky-floating islands contain that terrifying eye! it is impossible for our blood flame clan to explore every sky-floating island so thoroughly. previously, that sky-floating island is very important to my blood flame clan because of the spiritual yin fruit. that is why we know that place so clearly. as for the 522 sky-floating islands, my clan is only confident of having absolute detail in 18 of them! there is also another 89 islands that we are slightly more knowledgeable of. as for the rest, we are only crudely aware of them."

"that's sufficient. i am thankful for your majesty already." xue ying replied.

"haha, there is no need for monarch flying snow to be as such. if not for you, my blood flame clan might not have survived through this ordeal." his majesty blood flame ji said. saying that, he flipped his hand before passing a scroll over to xue ying.

xue ying received it.

his consciousness scoured through the scroll; large amounts of information entered his mind.

"i originally wanted to invite monarch flying snow and the rest of you over to our blood flame world as guests. it's just that we are currently in a difficult situation. wait until we get back our blood flame world. i'll dispatch an emissary over to the realm heart great land to invite monarch then." his majesty blood flame ji said.

"i live in southern cloud nation's flying snow city! and i shall wait for your majesty to invite us over then!" xue ying laughed. at this moment, he felt gratitude towards blood flame ji. previously, xue ying chose to help the other party because they were his comrade, and it was a minor matter to him if he lost some avatars. hence, he did not hesitate to help. but now, he actually got precious information from them!

just casually helping the other party and he got repaid tremendously!

indeed, as they said, to give and to receive!

if xue ying had dark thoughts then and watched the natives fight with the emperor emotionlessly without intervening, or that he reckoned the natives could delay the emperor for more time! he would not have gotten away with such a good deal.


both parties bid farewell.

when the team from the blood flame clan disappeared, swordmaster said: "xue ying, you were mentioning about the gray eye situated on top of the tree that bore the spiritual yin fruits?"

"as you know, i left behind to help his majesty blood flame ji and the rest. that was why i saw the gray eye." xue ying said, "that was an incredibly mysterious eye that is of help to my cultivation. now that we have finished exploring this sky-floating island, where shall we head to next?"

"haha, big brother flying snow, you are planning to visit the 522 sky-floating islands where that mysterious eye is found in right?" insect ancestor chuckled.

xue ying smiled: "strictly speaking, we have finished exploring one and there are just 521 of them left."

"we do not have any precise objective actually." swordmaster nodded, "the main goal of exploring the sky-floating islands is still to temper ourselves and for the sake of finding more opportunities. xue ying, since those mysterious eyes are useful to you, we'll just visit those islands that have them. furthermore, with the information provided by his majesty blood flame ji and the rest, we would have an easier time in these islands too."

even though the summer wind ancient nation had collected very detailed information on some sky-floating islands…

those places had been explored by emperor summer, ancestor fan and others.

instead, the blood flame clan provided information on many sky-floating islands where the summer wind ancient nation did not venture deeply before.

"many thanks." xue ying said, "then we shall proceed according to the degree of danger. we shall first explore those islands that are less dangerous, and places where we have the most detailed information."

insect ancestor nodded.

"you decide." swordmaster said straightforwardly.


hence, the three of them began exploring the sky-floating islands based on the information they had.

these pieces of information were quite detailed!

and they chose to do it according to its level of danger!

the blood flame clan had given them information as payment for a debt of gratitude. hence, most of those places had never been deeply explored by experts from the realm heart great land.

the sky-floating islands were in varying shapes and sizes. there existed a myriad of things. for instance, the 'gray eyes' were helpful to xue ying with his dao of mirage and illusory realm. similarly, there were peculiar scenarios that were helpful to swordmaster too!

a tall blood-colored mountain towered on the sky-floating island. it emitted a destructive grandeur that brought chills down the spine of others. swordmaster became engrossed the moment he saw it. from thus, swordmaster discovered a new direction for him to move in.


"what treasures! so many scarlet bamboo fruits!"

there was a pile of red fruits swaying gently in the wind. it gave off an alluring scent which attracted many insects. these insects brought all the fruits away, while at the same time, they spoke: "big brother flying snow, brother bewitching sword, these scarlet bamboo fruits are greatly helpful for insects. i want them all."

"alright, you can have them." xue ying and swordmaster chuckled. the two of them did not have a use for things that were helpful for insects. they would only be used to exchange for other treasures.


"this is too amazing."

on a gray river where the water was galloping, xue ying sat cross-legged watching the river.

the environment was shaped by the river. it continued meandering over a vast distance spanning approximately 50 billion kilometers.

xue ying felt the revolution of a higher dimensional dao of void. that was a unique application at the level of chaotic origin level.

"xue ying, let's hurry up and leave! the death destruction clan is here."

"big brother flying snow, let us leave!"

insect ancestor and swordmaster abruptly shouted.

"go go go!"

xue ying who had stayed for a long time observing the gray river, immediately escaped with insect ancestor and swordmaster.find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


over the years, the three of them began exploring many sky-floating islands. they started exploring places that had more detailed information coupled with a lower difficulty. in these places, xue ying's illusory realm technique could easily sweep away all 'kings' and even influence 'emperors' of the death destruction clan. swordmaster was incredibly powerful. his techniques had been perfected over the years. as for insect ancestor, his insects had already begun probing in all directions.

and the result–they actually succeeded in exploring 32 sky-floating islands. there were differing harvests in each of them. some of the miraculous encounters that were helpful to cultivators were placed aside. just the treasures added could make unparalleled existences envious.

of course, the three of them would still distribute them accordingly.

within the three of them, xue ying and swordmaster focused more on cultivation. as for insect ancestor, he preferred exotic materials.

"this is mysterious."

the 32 sky-floating islands where they explored one after another were done according to the provided intelligence. hence, they were able to discover that mysterious gray eye in every island.

the structure of each eye had made xue ying feel engross as he observed and peered at the deepest level.

"currently, i have examined a total of 33 mysterious eyes. 25 of them are gray eyes, and the remaining eight are golden. the gray eyes are formed from a type of illusory realm, and the golden eyes are formed from another."

"the illusory realm of the gray eyes should be used to attract the enemies, causing them to lose themselves and be submerged into an illusion. as for the golden eyes, those are more of illusory realms that directly kill."

xue ying was able to memorize the internal structures of those eyes easily. after all, he was the cultivator who stood at the apex in the dao of mirage and illusory realm across many origin worlds! naturally, he was able to deduce that the original master of those 'gray eyes' and 'golden eyes' should be a terrifying chaotic origin lifeform. that lifeform could only perfectly execute these inborn techniques. instead, it did not understand the profoundness of those techniques.

as they entered the many sky-floating islands, xue ying would send his avatars to touch the eyes he discovered.

every single contact would cause his avatar to be suppressed and destroyed. and it was at that moment where xue ying could perceive that frightening chaotic origin lifeform.
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