Lord Xue Ying
1273 Chaotic Origin Ancestral God
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1273 Chaotic Origin Ancestral God

xue ying sat cross-legged in the wilderness. looking up, he saw that huge towering ship. the ship had two flags stuck to it with two different characters imprinted on each of the flag. even though xue ying only knew some speech characters here and did not know how to write, he understood the underlying meaning of the two characters on the two flags with a glance.

clearly, the way characters were inscribed would be filled with their profoundness once a particular realm is attained.

and the meaning of the characters on one flag was 'high mountains', while the two characters on the other flag represented the meaning of 'imperial wind'.

"what a strange way of scouting." on that huge ship, the cold and strict-looking old man opened a third eye on his forehead. when that jade green eye of his looked downwards, xue ying had a feeling of being seen through. naturally, his dao of mirage and illusory realm was completely unaffected. if xue ying wanted to, he could conceal his strength. nonetheless, he still chose to reveal part of it.

it was acceptable for him to hide his soul strength while revealing the degree of power his body had. because the body of the wild beast he encountered as well as those of the protectors and the cold old man seemed strong. for instance, that cold and strict-looking old man's fleshy body gave off an aura that was above his!


at the next moment, six figures flew down from the ship in the air with that cold old man leading the officers.

this cold old man stared at xue ying, lightly chuckling out: "the few of us are from the high mountain imperial wind clan. seeing that you are alone in this great wilderness seemingly injured, my clan's young lady chose to help you and bring you along. are you willing to head to the high mountain city with us?"

"i am currently in dire straits and am fortunate to reach where i am now. naturally, i am willing to follow you all." xue ying had already stood up.

he needed a quiet and safe place to meditate and regain his strength.

on another aspect, xue ying wanted to mix around with the experts of this world so as to understand this world better.

"what are you called? where are you from?" the cold old man asked.

"this one is called flying snow. i do not have any home and have always been wandering alone." xue ying politely answered.

the cold old man nodded slightly: "that's right too. the hometown you ascended from should be from a particular space from the lower realms. flying snow, you can call me housekeeper yun. now then, come with us."

saying that, the old man brought along the five officers up back to the huge ship.

xue ying immediately followed after.

after flying onto the ship.

"i am imperial wind qing yin." a girl in light blue robe came over with curiosity as she stared at xue ying. she chuckled, "i've heard from housekeeper yun that you are an ascendant?"

xue ying smiled.


what was that?

housekeeper yun had also previously mentioned this term ascendant, yet xue ying was clueless about that. now when this girl who clearly had a high status asked him about that, xue ying could only smile back.

"this is also our third lady." housekeeper yun's cold eyes looked at xue ying and continued, "it is also on the orders of our third lady that we came to save and bring you along with us."

"flying snow thanks third lady for saving me." xue ying immediately thanked.

"it's just a minor matter." this third lady 'imperial wind qing yin' continued with another question: "hearsay the hometown of you ascendants are completely different from our divine realm. could you tell me more about that? i have always been curious about this, yet it's a pity that i am unable to descend to the lower realm."

"cough cough cough." xue ying suddenly coughed a few times. his face turned red, and a strand of blood trickled down from the edge of his mouth.

he could only feign his injuries!

he did not dare to reply! after all, xue ying was clueless about what being an ascendant was. he was completely clueless about the entire divine realm. if he casually replied and revealed his identity, who knew what might happen? the origin of this team did not seem small. perhaps they might have ways of contacting with their clan. if xue ying revealed his identity, the other party might knew about that instantly. and once things became huge, it would no longer be beneficial for him.

hence, it was better for xue ying to remain low-profile and assimilate into this world.

"you are injured? do you require our help?" imperial wind qing yin hurriedly looked towards housekeeper yun, "housekeeper yun, could you have a look and see if there is anything you could do to help heal his injuries?"

"his injuries are quite special. i can't determine what is happening. i only know that his body is suppressing the injuries, yet he remains injured." housekeeper yun shook his head.

"it's nothing big. previously, i haven't been able to concentrate on healing my body. only when i am in a safe place could i spend more time and effort to healing my body." xue ying added.

powerful cultivators usually had strong life force and were tenacious. since xue ying mentioned that he was confident of healing himself, others naturally believed him.

"mn, then you should be careful." third lady 'imperial wind qing yin' reminded him, "housekeeper yun, hurry up and bring him to a safe place to rest so that he can recover properly."

"alright, third lady." housekeeper yun acknowledged.


"zhi ya.

within an unremarkable cabin, housekeeper yun pushed open the door. he nonchalantly said: "you can stay in this cabin. also, the personality of our third lady is kindhearted. she is unlike you ascendants who have climbed up step by step and are all cunning and ambitious. you better not scheme behind the back of third lady. perhaps you might deceive our third lady, but it is impossible for you to deceive me. and those who dare to deceive our high mountain imperial wind clan will die a terrible death, do you understand?"

"housekeeper yun, please be rest assured. i owe third lady a favor for saving me. why would i turn gratitude into enmity?" xue ying answered.

"hmph, there are so many cases of gratitude turn enmity. i've already mentioned what i should. it is best you remember them in your heart." housekeeper yun gave xue ying a final glance with his cold eyes before leaving.

he shut the door close.

only then did xue ying let out a sigh of relief.

he had just entered this world, and this was his weakest and most ignorant period! xue ying was afraid he might reveal himself, inciting a wave of enemies that would only spiral into a greater calamity for him!

'how could this place be normal! this is the location that yuan has chosen to send those who could enter the forbidden ground, 'snake tooth corridor' and have chosen to take the final gamble of cultivation.' xue ying shook his head, 'it should be a place that could threaten even the 'supremes' that have reached grand perfection emperor realm right?'

hence, it was better for him to remain low-profile when he just entered this place.


xue ying did not search the memories of others on the ship to prevent raising any suspicions.

he only relied on the 'mirage and illusory realm' and other techniques to gain the good will of others, deliberately attracting some people to share more stories with him. gradually, xue ying understood more and more. he also found out more about what 'ascendants' were.

'so it seems.' xue ying finally understood, 'this is the divine realm? and there are many lower-graded spaces that are termed as the lower realm by them? and only those who are the strongest could possibly ascend into the divine realm?'

"brother flying snow."

the person by the side who was currently chatting with xue ying was a protector who stood guard by the railings. the protectors were usually free and bored. he laughed, "i previously have only heard of ascendants only. you are still the first ascendant i ever met! in the legends, even though there were quite a few ascendants who entered our divine realm, they are all scattered in the realm and naturally, it is hard to encounter any of them. in addition, even if you stand before me, i would not be able to recognize you! this time, it is because of housekeeper yun. housekeeper yun's 'jade light god eye' was able to determine that brother flying snow has no bloodline from any chaotic origin ancestral god. that was how he ascertained that you are an ascendant."

"it is also thanks to housekeeper yun that i could come up to this ship." xue ying chuckled. he also etched down the words 'bloodline from the chaotic origin ancestral gods'.

those who did not have any bloodline from a chaotic origin ancestral god were determined to be ascendants?

then all the people in this divine realm would have a bloodline from a chaotic origin ancestral god?

this chaotic origin ancestral god should be a chaotic origin lifeform? was he alive or dead?

if he was a living powerful chaotic origin lifeform in this world, that would be quite terrifying!

"you have to thank third lady. it is all thanks to third lady. third lady is really a good person. she chose to help you." that protector added, "if not for third lady's suggestion, why would housekeeper yun spend his energy to observe you with his god eye?"
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