Lord Xue Ying
1327 Final Volume Ravenous Hunger
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1327 Final Volume Ravenous Hunger

the blood-red bubble wrapped around xue ying and was moving at a terrifying speed through the chaotic origin dimension.

"shua shua shua", it passed through many huge origin worlds. those origin worlds were also becoming blurred in the vision of xue ying––they simply flashed past his eyes.

'this is the second time, yet i still find this speed to be exaggeratedly fast.' xue ying had a feeling that if a grit of chaotic origin sand were to move at this speed and smash onto his body, he would likely turn into smithereens!

this time, he flew past a total of more than 1,200 origin worlds. it was much further than before.


xue ying was greatly shocked with his eyes wide opened.

previously as he advanced forward, there were connecting threads of cracks through the chaotic origin dimension. those cracks extended for hundreds of billions of kilometers––it was much longer than any single origin world. xue ying could not even see the end with his eyes. these void cracks looked savage and had been present across a huge region. it seemed to xue ying like they had divided the chaotic origin dimension into two.


the blood-red bubble continued flying over at high speed. as it got close to those void cracks, xue ying saw an unremarkably small world amidst it.

this world was so very small! it was like a lone island amidst the sea. xue ying only spotted it at the moment when the bubble rushed into this unremarkable 'tiny world'. xue ying did not have the time to discern the shape of this tiny world when he was already in it. he merely felt that this tiny world could be destroyed any time by the shockwaves formed from the void cracks left behind surrounding it.



at the moment he entered this world.

xue ying felt the scene change before his very eyes.

this was a relatively wide ancient palace. at the corner of the palace was an array.

he was currently standing at the center of this array.

"another cultivator is here again?" a tall and thin black-robed male appeared within the palace. he walked towards xue ying with a smile.

'not good.' xue ying did not have the time to speak when he found part of his fleshy body collapsing apart.

having experienced it the previous time, xue ying did not panic. he understood that it was due to the difference in the laws of this world as compared to the lightning world previously.

"haha, your fleshy body is unable to be maintained any longer?" the black-robed male chuckled, "this world has different laws as compared to yours back at your hometown. you have to adapt to the laws of this world. adapting to the different laws… is incredibly beneficial to the eventual step of breaking through to the chaotic origin level! after all, chaotic origin laws could be used in any region."

xue ying could hardly care about speaking. he directed all his attention towards adapting to the laws of this world.

he was currently altering his fleshy body according to the laws.

an hour later.

xue ying's fleshy body deteriorated to the 'middle stage god emperor realm'. but at least it was completely stabilized.

'seems to me that i'd have to spend at least a million years to recover my fleshy body back to its late stage god emperor realm.' xue ying thought, 'though i should be able to attain an unstable form of late stage god emperor body at a much faster speed.'

xue ying should be able to maintain a late stage god emperor fleshy body in about eight to ten years!

to this, xue ying was relatively delighted. this whole process of cultivating back his realm would allow him to deepen his understanding of the dao of void. it would also hasten the pace of reaching the half-chaotic origin lifeform body. as for 'becoming a chaotic origin'? xue ying was temporarily not in a rush. his first target was to attain a half-chaotic origin lifeform body using the dao of void first. as for his 'dao of mirage and illusory realm', xue ying planned on reaching the final realm first!

"dao friend, have you stabilized your fleshy body?" the black-robed male said when he saw xue ying open his eyes.

xue ying was momentarily stunned.

dao friend?

"this one is called flying snow. you are?" xue ying asked. he could not feel any strand of aura from this person before him.

"haha, i am the hall spirit of this guiding hall." the black-robed male chuckled.

"hall spirit?" xue ying nodded slightly. he then asked with some perplexity, "guiding hall?"

"guiding, to guide. it is naturally meant to guide all you ascendants that enter this world." the black-robed male chuckled, "i reckon that there should be some legends in your worlds! different worlds would have different legends. some say this is the 'cultivation holy land', and others mention this as a 'world of despair'. some even call this the 'exiled world' or the 'land of survival'. regardless, surviving here is not easy, yet it is relatively helpful to your cultivation."

xue ying was inwardly shocked when he heard that.

world of despair?

exiled world

these two names represented that this world would likely not be as comfortable as the lightning world he previously were. and what did he mean by 'surviving is not easy'?

"dao friend, please have a look." the black-robed male waved his hand after saying that, causing the illusory scene of a shrunken version of the world to appear.

"danger exists in every location of this world." the black-robed male pointed out to this shrunken world, "these five areas flashing with lights are also the five assembly places for cultivators! these are also the only safe places to live and cultivate in peace. once you are out of any assembly spot, you will find danger around you. there exists an innumerable amount of innate chaotic origin lifeforms, and all of them are seeking to hunt you cultivators down."

xue ying could not help blurting out: "innumerable?"

the broken teeth mountain range had a total of several dozens of innate chaotic origin lifeforms.

even though the lightning world had more, they were still absolutely inferior! the natives of the divine realm and ascendants living in the lightning world held absolute advantage.

but this world…

it seemed that there were a pitiful number of cultivators congregated in five different locations? and all other regions were filled with chaotic origin lifeforms?

"how many are there?" xue ying could not help but ask, "10,000? 100,000?"

"the gold devil river spans across the entire world. within this river lives around 30,000 chaotic origin lifeforms alone. have a look at this map, there are so many other areas bigger than the gold devil river." the black-robed male said, "as for how many are there exactly, i cannot give you an answer. oh right, this here––'sea of abyss', is an area you must never get close to."

the black-robed male pointed to a piece of black sea solemnly.

this sea did not seem to cover a huge region––approximately one-tenth of the entire map.

"the sea of abyss is the most dangerous place in the entire world. you must remind yourself never to enter the sea of abyss at all." the black-robed male said, "even after you become the strongest expert of this world, you still must not enter that place."

"why not?" xue ying asked.

"it's a forbidden ground! rest assured, once you go to the assembly locations, you will know. those who live for long in this world are clear how terrifying this sea of abyss is." the black-robed male said.

xue ying nodded.

following that, his expression changed. he felt his stomach grumbling.

"so hungry." ever since xue ying broke became a transcendent lifeform, he had never had this intense feeling of hunger before.

but at this moment.

he could feel a ravenous hunger carrying impulses from his stomach to his entire body, seemingly telling him that it needed food now! this ravenous hunger engulfed his entire body, making xue ying tremble.

this feeling of hunger was becoming stronger by the second.

"food." xue ying flipped his hand. he had some fruits within his storage wristband. flipping his hand, a huge red fruit appeared. he devoured it in two mouths, yet after it got digested, it did not seem to have any effects on resolving his hunger.

"i've said before." the black-robed male grinned when he saw this, "surviving in this world is not easy! under the laws, the stronger the sentient being, the more food he requires. otherwise, this feeling of hunger will only become stronger until he succumbs to it!"

"succumb to hunger?" xue ying was stunned.

it was possible for those at their level to die from hunger?

"ordinary food is useless. if you wish to satiate your hunger, there is practically only one option––to kill those innate chaotic origin lifeforms and eat their meat! there is sufficient energy held in the flesh of the chaotic origin lifeforms. only then could you ensure your survival." the black-robed male said.
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