Lord Xue Ying
1352 Great Banque
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1352 Great Banque

within the scarlet cloud hall.

a total of 47 cultivators including xue ying were gathered here. within the palace hall, many scenes were projected in midair. those were scenes on all the battles that happened in their hunt this time! clearly, the 'scarlet cloud hall spirit' could easily see through what happened within the entire sacred world.

the scarlet cloud hall spirit would also decide on the final distribution according to each cultivator's contribution.

"monarch flying snow will be awarded 50% of the total spoils of war."

"daoist hidden horizon will be awarded 5% of the total spoils of war."

"devil god xie fan will be awarded 4% of the total spoils of war."

the device spirit continued reverberating within the scarlet cloud hall.

everyone accepted wholeheartedly that xue ying was given half of the total spoils of war! in reality, this was considered quite low. it should be normal for xue ying to be distributed 80% to 90% of the total spoils of war. the reason why the scarlet cloud hall allocated 50% to xue ying is because according to the distribution rules set by the scarlet cloud hall, even if one contributed more, they would only be given half at most!

this rule would be enforced when employing the 'scarlet cloud hall spirit's help for distribution.

if one felt that it was unfair?

then the cultivators would have to prepare a better allocation strategy between them! it was fine as long as everyone agreed to it.

for instance, if xue ying chose to set up a new hunting team the next time, he could establish in public that 80% of the total spoils of war is given to him! the remaining 20% would be distributed among other cultivators. as long as everyone agreed, they would naturally implement it. actually… if xue ying chose to set up a hunting team, even if he fixed his own allocation to 90%! a large group of cultivators would still rush to join him!

"brother flying snow, you are truly admirable. brother flying snow did not show your strength on the journey there this time. instead, brother flying snow only chose to show your technique when we encounter a grave danger on the way back. even still, brother flying snow could easily be allocated with '53 grand perfection god emperor chaotic origin lifeform corpses'." daoist hidden horizon said from the side with respect.

primarily, the harvest this time consisted of the 82 grand perfection god emperor chaotic origin lifeform corpses. but there were differing levels between those chaotic origin lifeforms too. for instance, the 'mount primal chaos serpent' was equivalent to three grand perfection god emperor hidden devil hunters. or the 'white stone god' for instance, one of it was equivalent to two hidden devil hunters at the same level.

and it was due to this difference in value that the 82 grand perfection god emperor chaotic origin lifeforms in addition to some late stage and middle stage god emperors as well as the belongings left behind by the four deceased cultivators totaled up to an equivalent of 106 ordinary grand perfection god emperor chaotic origin lifeforms!

and xue ying would be distributed half of it!

"as we have agreed, this is what i owed you." daoist hidden horizon threw over a storage treasure.

xue ying received it. examining the storage treasure, he saw a grand perfection god emperor hidden devil hunter within.

"for the sake of acquiring the mount primal chaos serpent during this hunt, i have originally planned on getting some of my accumulated food to make up for the distribution to other cultivators." daoist hidden horizon sighed, "yet in the end, not only do i not have to make up for it. i still accumulated more food instead." he was allocated 5% of the total harvest. that was equivalent to slightly more than five grand perfection god emperor chaotic origin lifeforms. subtracting the mount primal chaos serpent, he still earned some.

'so much!'

xue ying checked through his harvest.

he was allocated a total of 53 lifeforms. daoist hidden horizon gave him one, and in addition to the five that xie fan would be giving him, xue ying had earned a total of 57 grand perfection god emperor chaotic origin lifeforms.

such a harvest…

other than xue ying, no other cultivators could earn so much this easily.

'even if the three city masters are strong, there is a limit to how much stronger they are as compared to other apex cultivators.' xue ying thought, 'hence, their ability to secure food is only several times better than daoist hidden horizon and the rest.'

even though they were slightly stronger than the others, the three city masters could secure more food precisely because they were incredibly powerful in certain aspects.

'let's not talk about direct combat strength. currently, i should be ranked first in terms of securing food in scarlet cloud city right? i might even be first in the entire sacred world.' xue ying thought.


xue ying suddenly saw a message, 'it's them?'

during the recent half a day, there were too many cultivators who had messaged him! the cultivators in his team and the other cultivators within scarlet cloud city…

but currently, the three cultivators that messaged him were existences xue ying had to treat solemnly.

'the three city masters are inviting me over at the same time?' xue ying nodded slightly.

it would be held at weather leaf's cavern-dwelling!

weather leaf, nine-headed snake ancestor, and wu xiao had arranged for a banquet inviting all cultivators in scarlet cloud city. of course, the primary guest would still be 'xue ying'. xue ying would also become the vip of this banquet!

"monarch flying snow is indeed amazing. the moment you returned, the three city masters have arranged a banquet for you."

"we could even benefit from the association."

"the previous time such a huge event was held had been done so by weather leaf and wu xiao for nine-headed snake ancestor."

the cultivators in the scarlet cloud hall began commenting about it.

"since the three city masters have invited us." daoist hidden horizon added, "let us hurry over then."

"mn, let's go." xue ying nodded.

xie fan followed behind: "let's go together!"


very soon, xue ying and the group of cultivators arrived before the cavern-dwelling of city master 'weather leaf'. there were already many cultivators who had arrived by the entrance of the cavern-dwelling. they were not in a rush to enter. instead, they were currently chatting with each other.

"monarch flying snow."

"greetings monarch flying snow."

at that moment, many cultivators began greeting enthusiastically. their gazes towards xue ying were passionate too. after all, to an absolute majority of cultivators, 'surviving' in this sacred world was too tough! for instance, a grand perfection god emperor chaotic origin lifeform would provide sufficient food for 30 billion years. to live for a trillion years, one had to secure food from 30 over grand perfection god emperor lifeforms!

killing a grand perfection god emperor chaotic origin lifeform was hard. most of them would usually hunt down middle stage or late stage chaotic origin lifeforms. and they would have to go out and hunt for them, relying on more hunts to secure enough food! but when their frequency of hunting increased, they would face more danger.

of course, if they were to go on a hunt with xue ying, it would be safer and easier. perhaps they might secure food sufficient for several dozens of billions of years.

'how long has it been since he arrived and he is already famous. this banquet is even organized by the three city masters for him.' standing far away, great emperor north river watched as xue ying was escorted by a group of cultivators into the cavern-dwelling. great emperor north river currently felt complex, 'as for me, i have to risk my life for food.'

after arriving at the sacred world for so many years, great emperor north river had already gone on several hunts.

most of the time, he could only secure food enough to last him for more than a million years! if he was lucky, he could gain enough for more than ten million years. of course, the team that great emperor north river joined would almost practically hunt in the neighboring regions around the city. if he were to participate in those hunts that headed far away, it would be much more dangerous. nonetheless, he could secure more food and it was normal for the food to last more than 100 million years to a billion year.

however, the degree of danger was simply too high the further they went!

for cultivators on the level of daoist hidden horizon, if they were unfortunate, they might encounter a 'prisoner going out on a patrol' it was fortunate that there was xue ying. hence, only four fell. otherwise, the entire team set up by daoist hidden horizon would be completely wiped!

"hu." great emperor north river soon entered the cavern-dwelling of weather leaf without raising much attention.


xue ying came to an elegant garden while crowded with cultivators. the garden had many tables and seats arranged, with many more female puppets serving the guests.


xue ying easily spotted the three cultivators standing not too far away chatting with one another. the aura from those three were the most dazzling and unique. other cultivators present had also joined their social circles.

'the three city masters?' xue ying swept his gaze across. he first noticed the city master 'weather leaf'.

it was genuinely tough to reach the half-chaotic origin level on any dao paths that involved grasping the laws and profound mysteries. this was much stronger than 'old monster stone' and 'sacred master' back in his hometown world.

yet weather leaf was someone who reached the half-chaotic origin level in two daos. that was simply unrivalled even in this sacred world.

'i wonder how many origin worlds and how many unique worlds must there be for the chance of such outstanding cultivator like weather leaf to emerge.' xue ying felt admiration for the other party.
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