Henan Zhong
79 Unexpected 7
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Henan Zhong
Author :_sha
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79 Unexpected 7

Prince got ready to reach the garden of the Second Court.

Concubine Dura was lavishly dressed and came before everyone else.

She looked at the Prince and lost in his manly demeanour, she even forgot to bow and greet him.

"Ahem, concubine Dura, you are here," this was enough to wake her up from her daze.

She bowed deeply.

Wei Lan was walking behind him.

He gestured her to draw and paint.

"My Prince, what should I draw?" she remembered his early morning mood.

"Let me think, okay you should wait for a while," he was looking at the entrance pathway which leads one in the grand garden, this garden was grand enough with several pathways.

Henan was also on her way.

Though she took a different walkway to enter in the garden.

She was completely absorbed in the site in front of her.

It seemed the taste of the designer of this Palace and its gardeners was same, the most enchanting ways to make rows of flowers and the idea to arrange fountains in them and then the small and huge flower vines decorated entrances.

The way the beauty of nature was presented was truly unique.

The fountains of Second Court exceeds because there were marble and crystal statutes along with every fountain just to increase the beauty of the view.

The murder of Concubine Yin Ya was not revealed to anyone yet the one who was keeping eyes on her was well aware of her tragic and useless death.

It was necessary to note that Yin Ya still not officially acclaimed as a Concubine of Crown Prince, less and less people knew her origin, it was mainly because everyone was working for self interests, in such scenario who would waste time to investigate the origin of a mere Concubine.

The one who sent her wished to collect all the internal news along with some national secrets, it would be easy for him to scold the king if he have some secrets of him.

She was the daughter of left minister though not a legitimate child but beautiful enough to be used as a tool.

Yin Ya was agreed because she had no choice else but then she started to go against her own father because she developed a liking for the Crown Prince.

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She wanted to live happily even if she could become his Concubine.

The real culprit and who helped Dura to kill Yin ya was not else than that man in the shade.

He thought that it was necessary to kill her because if she really cared for Crown Prince then one day she would tell him about everything and it was like a continuous threat.

If Crown Prince Came to know his plan then he and his legitimate family would be doomed so he planned to get rid his illegitimate girl this way.

She really don't deserve to be his legitimate daughter, he sneered.

But he also hate Crown Prince, just because of him, his own daughter disobeyed his orders.

He wanted to give him enough pain that he suffered when he decided to kill his daughter and suffered the pain.

Henan came along with her personal maid.

She was wearing veil.

"Diu, why are you wearing veil,?" he felt suspicious.

"My Prince since I live in a village so I follow the traditions of my village, today is the day for young unmarried girls to wear veil and distribute small girfts, if would brighten the luck of the unmarried girl and she would be able to get a good husband, I have prepared a gift for you too, if you accept the gift, I might be able to get a husband like you though no one can be compared with the kind and considerate Crown Prince,"

She took the small gift which was on a tray and bent down on her knees to present the Crown Prince, his eyes fell on her wrist and she was wearing her usual bracelet

He was confirmed that Diu was innocent.

And in fact, Henan played this all drama to show him the bracelet she was wearing.

Crown Prince accepted the gift.

It was a simple yet beautiful strip embedded with beads, he liked it.

The Crown Prince gestured her to sit on the couchant while he did not gestured Dure to sit.

"Where you been recently?" he asked his concubine who was once favored.

"I was in a very horrible conditions my Prince and I was asked to keep shut, and if I talked to you, someone will harm my poor family," she was slightly shivering, it was show off to prove her innocence.

The basic idea was designed by her actually, the 'someone' only approved it.

Prince furrowed his brows, "What do you mean and who someone?"

"Did you say that someone forced you to murder Yin Ya? Tell me who is that someone either I'll order my guards to take care of you and your family very well, you lived in the Palace and going against the Order of the King and Crown Prince?"

'Take care' was a threat to her and her family in actual sense.

She was horrified now.

She dared not to speak further.

"I am asking you this last," Prince stood up, Henan also stood up to see the tense situation.

Concubine Dura raised her arm and pointed her finger toward Henan.

"What are you trying to justify?"

"This young girl forced me to kill Yin Ya because she was jealous of her,"

"This is ridiculous, how can I force a women of the Palace to do something against the Palace?" Henan was flabbergasted.

How dare this outdated thing can openly put a false blame on her.

Wei Lan was keeping shut but the brush in her hand fell which was noticed by the Prince.

He was not ready to believe the accuse of this woman.

"Why are you trying to accuse an innocent while you yourself know it better," Wei Lan can not bear to see her mistress to get blamed for what she did not do, she pointed at the concubine.


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